1 Dom0less

"Dom0less" is a set of Xen features that enable the deployment of a Xen system without an control domain (often referred to as "dom0"). Each feature can be used independently from the others, unless otherwise stated.

1.1 Booting Multiple Domains from Device Tree

This feature enables Xen to create a set of DomUs at boot time. Information about the DomUs to be created by Xen is passed to the hypervisor via Device Tree. Specifically, the existing Device Tree based Multiboot specification has been extended to allow for multiple domains to be passed to Xen. See docs/misc/arm/device-tree/booting.txt for more information about the Multiboot specification and how to use it.

Currently, a control domain ("dom0") is still required, but in the future it will become unnecessary when all domains are created directly from Xen. Instead of waiting for the control domain to be fully booted and the Xen tools to become available, domains created by Xen this way are started right away in parallel. Hence, their boot time is typically much shorter.

Domains started by Xen at boot time currently have the following limitations: