Hypervisor FS

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1 Basics

Status: Supported
Architectures: all
Components: Hypervisor, toolstack

2 Overview

The Hypervisor FS is a hierarchical name-value store for reporting information to guests, especially dom0. It is similar to the Linux kernel’s sysfs. Entries and directories are created by the hypervisor, while the toolstack is able to use a hypercall to query the entry values or (if allowed by the hypervisor) to modify them.

3 User details


xenhypfs ls <path>

the user can list the entries of a specific path of the FS. Using:

xenhypfs cat <path>

the content of an entry can be retrieved. Using:

xenhypfs write <path> <string>

a writable entry can be modified. With:

xenhypfs tree

the complete Hypervisor FS entry tree can be printed.

The FS paths are documented in docs/misc/hypfs-paths.pandoc.

4 Technical details

Access to the hypervisor filesystem is done via the stable new hypercall __HYPERVISOR_filesystem_op. This hypercall supports a sub-command XEN_HYPFS_OP_get_version which will return the highest version of the interface supported by the hypervisor. Additions to the interface need to bump the interface version. The hypervisor is required to support the previous interface versions, too (this implies that additions will always require new sub-commands in order to allow the hypervisor to decide which version of the interface to use).

5 Testing

Any new parameters or hardware mitigations should be verified to show up correctly in the filesystem.

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7 Known issues

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