age author revision description
2012-11-14 Ian Jackson 20028:b42c35f6369a x86/physmap: Prevent incorrect updates of m2p mappingsdefault tip
2012-11-14 Ian Jackson 20027:97f0909e11ad VCPU/timers: Prevent overflow in calculations, leading to DoS vulnerability
2012-06-14 Keith Coleman 20026:e3a406b7e7ab x86-64: fix #GP generation in assembly code
2012-06-14 Keith Coleman 20025:99eb99bf9179 x86_64: Do not execute sysret with a non-canonical return address
2012-06-14 Keith Coleman 20024:89c198373f68 Update Xen version to 3.4.5-rc1-pre
2012-01-25 Keith Coleman 20023:ac68ad6fe4b7 Added signature for changeset 4f003add869b
2012-01-25 Keith Coleman 20022:9e59e91c1eff Added tag RELEASE-3.4.4 for changeset 4f003add869b
2012-01-25 Keith Coleman 20021:4f003add869b Update Xen version to 3.4.4RELEASE-3.4.4
2012-01-04 Keith Coleman 20020:d0b8738f6e9f Added signature for changeset dda061bf71b6
2012-01-04 Keith Coleman 20019:23e78eaba11b Added tag 3.4.4-rc4 for changeset dda061bf71b6
2012-01-04 Keith Coleman 20018:dda061bf71b6 Update Xen version to 3.4.4-rc43.4.4-rc4
2012-01-04 Keith Coleman 20017:bb0f813e0fb5 fix for changeset 19997:985c41cd52da AMD OSVW for Xen
2012-01-04 Keith Coleman 20016:25a6060ebd66 Update Xen version to 3.4.4-rc4-pre
2012-01-04 Keith Coleman 20015:62dbbdb8dc99 Added signature for changeset fa0b63cdbedc
2012-01-04 Keith Coleman 20014:2c40f3ba8d03 Added tag 3.4.4-rc3 for changeset fa0b63cdbedc
2012-01-04 Keith Coleman 20013:fa0b63cdbedc Update Xen version to 3.4.4-rc33.4.4-rc3
2012-01-04 Keith Coleman 20012:606abc216dbb xen/libxc: set CPUID topology leaf as unsupported for PV guests
2012-01-04 Keith Coleman 20011:7b68af1f52e7 x86 cpu: Fix bug: unify cpu_dev attr as __cpuinitdata
2012-01-04 Keith Coleman 20010:2300742519c3 VT-d: always clean up dpci timers.
2012-01-04 Keith Coleman 20009:c96f1d6f98d0 x86/vmx: don't call __vmxoff() blindly
2012-01-04 Keith Coleman 20008:0a06336fd9f8 VT-d: fix off-by-one error in RMRR validation
2012-01-04 Keith Coleman 20007:46f133149343 x86/AMD: use correct shift count when merging model and stepping
2012-01-03 Keith Coleman 20006:165f252b04b8 x86/ucode: fix for AMD Fam15 CPUs
2011-12-20 Keith Coleman 20005:548923a4fcf6 Added signature for changeset 6b411577871d
2011-12-20 Keith Coleman 20004:1f64df43ac0f Added tag 3.4.4-rc2 for changeset 6b411577871d
2011-12-20 Keith Coleman 20003:6b411577871d Update Xen version to 3.4.4-rc23.4.4-rc2
2011-12-20 Keith Coleman 20002:ce915c35cd92 tools/blktap, blktap2: include <sys/mount.h> instead of <linux/fs.h>
2011-12-20 Keith Coleman 20001:2598a5ff535c tools/python: fix xm list for Python 2.7
2011-12-20 Keith Coleman 20000:356a5ea2e9fb x86: Add -fno-exceptions to list of possibly-supported CFLAGS for
2011-12-20 Keith Coleman 19999:22e8a72c5365 hvmloader: Switch to absolute addressing for calling hypercall stubs.
2011-12-20 Keith Coleman 19998:cff42b139dcc x86 svm: Disable intercepting CR3 writes when nested paging is enabled
2011-12-20 Keith Coleman 19997:985c41cd52da AMD OSVW (OS Visible Workaround) for Xen
2011-12-20 Keith Coleman 19996:a9e081fd41ae svm: Fix for AMD erratum 383 on Family 10h CPUs
2011-09-30 Keith Coleman 19995:0e3b875fd5fb Update Xen version to 3.4.4-rc2-pre
2011-09-30 Keith Coleman 19994:3af33208b73f Added signature for changeset 79eaab9de391
2011-09-30 Keith Coleman 19993:37744217e986 Added tag 3.4.4-rc1 for changeset 79eaab9de391
2011-09-30 Keith Coleman 19992:79eaab9de391 Update Xen version to 3.4.4-rc13.4.4-rc1
2011-09-30 Keith Coleman 19991:901a0c68af91 Passthrough: disable bus-mastering on any card that causes an IOMMU
2011-09-30 Keith Coleman 19990:6d780b6d4131 x86/HPET: bug fix
2011-08-30 Keith Coleman 19989:90a184da7b92 pv-grub: Fix for incorrect dom->p2m_host[] list initialization
2011-08-30 Keith Coleman 19988:60b3ca4d973a libxc: [CVE-2011-1583] pv kernel image validation
2011-05-09 Keith Coleman 19987:3b39c0fd26a6 mce: Replace BUG() with a console warning in the MCE handler.
2010-06-30 Keir Fraser 19986:14709d196e43 Fix #GPF injection into compat guests in vm86 code
2010-06-10 Keir Fraser 19985:79a6ae5fe5b9 hgignore: Modify *.d line to avoid fale trigger on tools/hotplug/Linux/init.d/
2010-06-10 Keir Fraser 19984:fb569acd6b94 x86: Force !in_irq() in machine_restart().
2010-06-10 Keir Fraser 19983:985dcbf87197 libxc: Remove obsolete xc_find_device_number() declaration.
2010-06-08 Keir Fraser 19982:c4b9a16c20a2 xenstore: Make sure that libxs reports an error if xenstored drops
2010-06-04 Keir Fraser 19981:2bbaf4e06c1d x86: Fix guest-pointer-array memmove in __pirq_guest_unbind().
2010-06-04 Keir Fraser 19980:754ae5d0077d VMX: add EPT 2M super page feature detection
2010-06-04 Keir Fraser 19979:d908c386a63d Update Xen version to 3.4.4-rc1-pre
2010-05-28 Keir Fraser 19978:9860a79a772e Added signature for changeset 635c48b8e646
2010-05-28 Keir Fraser 19977:554a3f81a549 Added tag RELEASE-3.4.3 for changeset 635c48b8e646
2010-05-28 Keir Fraser 19976:635c48b8e646 Update Xen version to 3.4.3RELEASE-3.4.3
2010-05-22 Keir Fraser 19975:8b42d6bf595b Added signature for changeset e6b740903b00
2010-05-22 Keir Fraser 19974:f162befa8f45 Added tag 3.4.3-rc7 for changeset e6b740903b00
2010-05-22 Keir Fraser 19973:e6b740903b00 Update Xen version to 3.4.3-rc73.4.3-rc7
2010-05-22 Keir Fraser 19972:e655245aa171 iommu: Gracefully fail to initialise iommu on generic x86 platforms.
2010-05-19 Keir Fraser 19971:a552edf3aadf vmx: Do not modify global vmx_vm{entry,exit}_control fields in init_vmcs_config()
2010-05-19 Keir Fraser 19970:4b52d8aad101 kexec: Fix dodgy use of cpu_present_map protecting percpu data access.
2010-05-15 Keir Fraser 19969:d542f7954a63 xend: Fix getStubdomDomid function