age author revision description
2012-11-14 Ian Jackson 21621:68d7b9cc8259 compat/gnttab: Prevent infinite loop in compat codedefault tip
2012-11-14 Ian Jackson 21620:c52d74b254dc xen/mm/shadow: check toplevel pagetables are present before unhooking them.
2012-11-14 Ian Jackson 21619:04462a8c7966 x86/physmap: Prevent incorrect updates of m2p mappings
2012-11-14 Ian Jackson 21618:6b9809dc1e86 VCPU/timers: Prevent overflow in calculations, leading to DoS vulnerability
2012-09-12 Ian Jackson 21617:1d1538beeada QEMU_TAG fix to refer to correct tree
2012-09-11 Ian Jackson 21616:512168f88df9 QEMU_TAG update
2012-09-05 Ian Jackson 21615:79444af3258c QEMU_TAG update (XSA-17 / CVE-2012-3515)
2012-09-05 Ian Jackson 21614:96b08706a0ed xen: Don't BUG_ON() PoD operations on a non-translated guest.
2012-09-05 Ian Jackson 21613:92334c7f577e xen: prevent a 64 bit guest setting reserved bits in DR7
2012-08-09 Keir Fraser 21612:228e6f382d5d Added signature for changeset 8ea28053de39
2012-08-09 Keir Fraser 21611:abf8c57178aa Added tag RELEASE-4.0.4 for changeset 8ea28053de39
2012-08-09 Keir Fraser 21610:8ea28053de39 Update Xen version to 4.0.4RELEASE-4.0.4
2012-08-09 David Vrabel 21609:2bd0027ba0d1 cpufreq: P state stats aren't available if there is no cpufreq driver
2012-08-09 Ian Campbell 21608:a51c86b407d7 xen: only check for shared pages while any exist on teardown
2012-07-30 Jan Beulich 21607:6d7ae840463c x86: fix off-by-one in nr_irqs_gsi calculation
2012-07-30 Yang Zhang 21606:58516d1a539e vt-d: fix wrong addr in IOTLB invalidation descriptor
2012-07-30 Keir Fraser 21605:79aaaf1e89ba Update Xen version to 4.0.4-rc4-pre
2012-07-26 Jan Beulich 21604:82fcf3a5dc3a x86/hvm: don't leave emulator in inconsistent state
2012-07-22 Keir Fraser 21603:a25160773a38 Added signature for changeset 9af8521e0411
2012-07-22 Keir Fraser 21602:f072ee634da9 Added tag 4.0.4-rc3 for changeset 9af8521e0411
2012-07-22 Keir Fraser 21601:9af8521e0411 Update Xen version to 4.0.4-rc34.0.4-rc3
2012-07-03 Andrew Cooper 21600:30c9bcaec782 xen: Fix off-by-one error when parsing command line arguments
2012-07-03 Andrew Cooper 21599:c9861d09dc81 x86/nmi: Fix deadlock in unknown_nmi_error()
2012-07-03 Andrew Cooper 21598:99bb81618bb5 x86_64: Fix off-by-one error setting up the Interrupt Stack Tables
2012-06-20 Keir Fraser 21597:ffd1f786a7b5 x86: Make asmlinkage explicitly a no-op, and avoid usage in arch/x86
2012-06-20 Keir Fraser 21596:78fa5ae882ff Update Xen version to 4.0.4-rc3-pre
2012-06-18 Keir Fraser 21595:e231998f4e3a Added signature for changeset fe1ae79f1a7f
2012-06-18 Keir Fraser 21594:9d62e52a2932 Added tag 4.0.4-rc2 for changeset fe1ae79f1a7f
2012-06-18 Keir Fraser 21593:fe1ae79f1a7f Update Xen version to 4.0.4-rc24.0.4-rc2
2012-06-12 Jan Beulich 21592:e35c8bb53255 x86-64: detect processors subject to AMD erratum #121 and refuse to boot
2012-06-12 Jan Beulich 21591:adb943a387c8 x86-64: fix #GP generation in assembly code
2012-06-12 Jan Beulich 21590:dd367837e089 x86_64: Do not execute sysret with a non-canonical return address
2012-05-14 Keir Fraser 21589:c6eb61ed6f04 blktap2: Fix naked unchecked uses of read/write/chdir.
2012-05-14 Keir Fraser 21588:c68a5b43fb44 Update Xen version to 4.0.4-rc2-pre
2012-05-07 Keir Fraser 21587:92c59e870d72 Added signature for changeset 94fddf2a1948
2012-05-07 Keir Fraser 21586:f17f0e8f7739 Added tag 4.0.4-rc1 for changeset 94fddf2a1948
2012-05-07 Keir Fraser 21585:94fddf2a1948 Update Xen version to 4.0.4-rc14.0.4-rc1
2012-05-01 George Dunlap 21584:d8fd425b60d3 svm: Fake out the Bus Unit Config MSR on revF AMD CPUs
2012-05-01 Malcolm Crossley 21583:b1a00a222eb9 x86-64: Fix memory hotplug epfn upper limit test for updating the
2012-04-17 Jan Beulich 21582:4e446ac2c6de x86/hpet: disable before reboot or kexec
2012-04-17 Andrew Cooper 21581:ff02605dd3e0 x86_emulate: Do not push an error code onto a #UD exception stack
2012-03-23 Jan Beulich 21580:cbe8948799bf x86/gnttab: fix asm() operand in gnttab_clear_flag()
2012-03-23 Keir Fraser 21579:7d704b95c0ef vMSI: fix ia64 build for 21577:c41ab909f08e
2012-03-23 KUWAMURA Shin'ya 21578:85312f3875b6 IRQ: fix ia64 build for 21530:0383662ea34c
2012-03-08 Jan Beulich 21577:c41ab909f08e x86/vMSI: miscellaneous fixes
2012-03-07 Jan Beulich 21576:c62e9965b395 passthrough: release assigned PCI devices earlier during domain
2012-03-07 Jan Beulich 21575:26bf0e10596e x86/emulator: workaround for AMD erratum 573
2012-03-07 Keir Fraser 21574:35ee60fe531f Fix build after previous changeset.
2012-03-07 Jan Beulich 21573:cf5751788c49 x86, amd: Disable GartTlbWlkErr when BIOS forgets it
2012-03-07 Andrew Cooper 21572:fef96d880430 KEXEC: fix kexec_get_range_compat to fail vocally.
2012-03-07 Tim Deegan 21571:32dbcf7567ea x86/mm: Don't lose track of the log dirty bitmap
2012-03-07 Jan Beulich 21570:e4c5791fb484 x86: small fixes to pcpu platform op handling
2012-03-07 Andres Lagar-Cavilla 21569:0cfc22ad014b Trivial fix for rc val in hap track dirty vram
2012-03-07 Andres Lagar-Cavilla 21568:d4c7fac37dcf x86/mm: change return code for log-dirty disabling
2012-03-07 Jan Beulich 21567:b5575d7e462e x86/vioapic: clear remote IRR when switching RTE to edge triggered
2012-03-07 Jan Beulich 21566:17992e40806a x86/IO-APIC: refine EOI-ing of migrating level interrupts
2012-02-23 Ian Campbell 21565:bf902d6661e3 xen: add missing unlock from gnttab_get_version
2012-02-23 Jan Beulich 21564:2fc9ae7ee752 gnttab: miscellaneous fixes
2012-02-02 Ian Jackson 21563:3feb83eed6bd Update QEMU_TAG, for CVE-2012-0029
2012-01-31 Andrew Cooper 21562:1b7e074ee1d6 vesa: flush lfb after zeroing