XCI is an embedded client hypervisor. Using smaller libraries and software, giving a small memory and disk footprint than usual distribution.

Download It

XCI build system can be found in the build git repository; the build will automatically download everything needed to build the root image. The build requires that you have the following package installed on your host system:

note: For now, a 32 bits host environnment is necessary to build successfuly. building on a 64 bits host machine is not yet supported. It should be possible on any distributions when the packages mentionned has been installed, however since we can't test all distributions ourselves, we recommend building on a debian lenny chroot. we accept patches for build failures related to distributions differences

download the build repository:

$ git clone http://xenbits.xen.org/git-http/xenclient/build.git

build the image:

$ make

Have a look at the build instructions for getting more information and about troubleshooting.

Pre-Built Images

Not yet available.


the xen and ioemu repositories are images of the mainstream one (xen-unstable and xen-unstable's ioemu.git). We maintained patchqueues on top of both repositories, that we'll feed upstream at some point.

Repositories (through gitweb):