Template for feature documents

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This is a suggested template for formatting of a Xen feature document in tree.

The purpose of this document is to provide a concrete support statement for the feature (indicating its security status), as well as brief user and technical documentation.

1 Basics

A table with an overview of the support status and applicability.

Status: e.g. Supported/Tech Preview/Experimental
Architecture(s): e.g. x86, arm
Component(s): e.g. Hypervisor, toolstack, guest
Hardware: where applicable

2 Overview

A short description the feature, similar to an abstract for a paper/presentation.

3 User details

Information for a user attempting to use the feature. Should include how to enable the feature (is it enabled by default? If not, how to turn it on?), and how to interact with the feature (typically via xl).

4 Technical details

Information for a developer or power user. Should include where to look in-tree for detailed documents and code.

5 Limitations

Information concerning incompatibilities with other features or hardware combinations.

6 Testing

Information concerning how to properly test changes affecting this feature.

7 Areas for improvement

List of enhancements which could be undertaken, e.g. to improve the feature itself, or improve interaction with other features.

8 Known issues

List of known issues or bugs. For tech preview or experimental features, this section must contain the list of items needing fixing for its status to be upgraded.

9 References

Relevant external references for this feature.

10 History

A table of changes to the document, in chronological order.

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