age author revision description
2012-02-12 Jaemin Ryu 24579:217d13003000 arm: implement basic interrupt handling mechanism.default tip
2012-02-12 Jaemin Ryu 24578:3f1e64a8f61a arm: implement miscellaneous stuffs
2012-02-12 Jaemin Ryu 24577:5488e4ff45be arm: implement get/put page functions
2012-02-12 Jaemin Ryu 24576:c3e7333eefc3 arm: add files that are required to support the Tegra2 harmony board.
2012-02-12 Jaemin Ryu 24575:6af8a89c99cd arm: implement ARMv7 tlb ops.
2012-02-12 Jaemin Ryu 24574:c6a412adfae7 arm: implement cache ops for ARMv7
2012-02-12 Jaemin Ryu 24573:15aaa20e14bf arm: implement do_set_trap_table function
2012-02-12 Jaemin Ryu 24572:334dfdebde12 arm: implement the functions which are required to create the dom0.
2012-02-06 Jaemin Ryu 24571:08f39a9da04f arm: allow access to the xenheap and the boot pages.
2012-02-03 Jaemin Ryu 24570:4d61f02fde37 arm: implement exception and hypercall entries.
2012-02-03 Jaemin Ryu 24569:28a6038da99f arm: implement xen init code
2012-02-03 Jaemin Ryu 24568:fb0815ba40a1 arm: implement startup code.
2012-02-03 Jaemin Ryu 24567:e6ac8b686aa6 arm: import the files required to "arm" port.
2012-02-03 Jaemin Ryu 24566:e701461b1251 arm: start working on ARM.
2012-02-03 Jaemin Ryu 24565:b3de82b35189 arm: revert 24564:9307976074b4 "arm: create the base files required to build the Xen for ARM arch."
2012-02-02 Jaemin Ryu 24564:9307976074b4 arm: create the base files reuqired to build the Xen for ARM arch.
2012-01-25 Keir Fraser 24563:4271634e4c86 docs: Remove outdated LaTex documentation.
2012-01-24 Tim Deegan 24562:a2a8089b1ffb SVM: Plumb NPT error-code bits into nested-fault access_X arguments.
2012-01-24 Doug Magee 24561:4cd3560aec0b libxl: rename is_assigned to is_pcidev_in_array
2012-01-24 Jean Guyader 24560:b7936bee33bf xl: Add missing trigger for the xl trigger cmd.
2012-01-24 Ian Campbell 24559:cae83bffe676 libxl: remove _libxl_json_internal.h from libxl_json.h
2012-01-24 24558:2c9b3b9da3b1 update MAINTAINERS file
2012-01-24 24557:d919b814d0f3 libxl: use new qemu at the location where xen-unstable installs it
2012-01-24 24556:d24509a987c3 Clone and build Seabios by default
2012-01-24 24555:277a1cde337f Clone and build upstream Qemu by default
2012-01-24 24554:905ecf8d6482 move the call to xen-setup after libxc and xenstore are built
2012-01-24 24553:f9e164f72615 Rename ioemu-dir as qemu-xen-traditional-dir
2012-01-24 24552:0bc51b1f2d74 Introduce
2012-01-24 Juergen Gross 24551:0f8f633dbe2d reflect cpupool in numa node affinity
2012-01-24 Juergen Gross 24550:455a50622fb2 switch to dynamically allocated cpumask in domain_update_node_affinity()
2012-01-24 Juergen Gross 24549:3df3a0a95551 introduce and use common macros for selecting cpupool based cpumasks
2012-01-24 Wei Liu 24548:d115844ebfbb Add a GNTTABOP to swap the content of two grant references under lock
2012-01-23 Keir Fraser 24547:370924e204dc Revert 24538:5bb22a6871f6 "xenoprof: Make the escape code consistent across 32 and 64-bit xen"
2012-01-23 Paul Bolle 24546:cc9105fa55e0 decompressors: fix string typo 'bufer'
2012-01-23 Sascha Hauer 24545:9920641d1116 unlzo: fix input buffer free
2012-01-23 Stefano Stabellini 24544:137c16a83e40 libelf-loader: introduce elf_load_image
2012-01-23 Stefano Stabellini 24543:d6cdbc4fe078 Introduce clear_user and clear_guest
2012-01-23 Stefano Stabellini 24542:37eefb79503c xen: implement an signed 64 bit division helper function
2012-01-23 Stefano Stabellini 24541:96e071fbefd7 A collection of fixes to Xen common files
2012-01-23 Stefano Stabellini 24540:ab0eab766edb Include some header files that are not automatically included on all archs
2012-01-23 Stefano Stabellini 24539:95e07258d189 Move cpufreq option parsing to cpufreq.c
2012-01-23 George Dunlap 24538:5bb22a6871f6 xenoprof: Make the escape code consistent across 32 and 64-bit xen
2012-01-23 George Dunlap 24537:3c0a533d3af0 xenoprof: Handle 32-bit guest stacks properly in a 64-bit hypervisor
2012-01-23 George Dunlap 24536:212cf37d50e1 xenoprof: Adjust indentation
2012-01-23 Jan Beulich 24535:fb81b807c154 x86/vMSI: miscellaneous fixes
2012-01-22 Keir Fraser 24534:eca719b621a1 x86/hvm: No need to arch_set_info_guest() before restoring per-vcpu HVM state.
2012-01-21 Keir Fraser 24533:80fdf2182bc6 tools/libvchan: Beef up the CPU barriers in libvchan.
2012-01-21 Keir Fraser 24532:475d73479663 libxc: Update rmb/wmb for x86.
2012-01-21 Keir Fraser 24531:7f71f0b4b8e6 libxl: libxl_qmp.c should use libxl's own list macros, since they
2012-01-20 Keir Fraser 24530:ef8374dfe9bf x86/hvm: Fix earlier hvm_load_cpu_ctxt() breakage.
2012-01-20 Dietmar Hahn 24529:87854d3bed93 vpmu: separate architecture specific PMU initialisation
2012-01-20 Keir Fraser 24528:3d58058fc7a2 x86/hvm: Remove unnecessary packed attribute from hvm_hw_cpu_xsave struct.
2012-01-20 Dario Faggioli 24527:028230eb2359 iommu: Move IOMMU faults handling into softirq for AMD-Vi.
2012-01-20 Juergen Gross 24526:d600a3d7faee x86/hvm: Allow wake up of offline vcpu via nmi-ipi
2012-01-20 Keir Fraser 24525:a3f67482c321 xen: Simplify callers of boot_vcpu(). In VCPUOP_up, check
2012-01-19 Tim Deegan 24524:2273ef2083d4 x86/mm: refine epte_present test
2012-01-19 Andres Lagar-Cavilla 24523:f5b366c6c4c6 Correct p2m unlocking during grant table map
2012-01-19 Andres Lagar-Cavilla 24522:2049e165b73c x86/mm: Don't ASSERT() for a valid mfn on paged p2m entries in guest_physmap_ad
2012-01-19 Andres Lagar-Cavilla 24521:06ffb6b41df9 x86/mm: Improve ring management for memory events. Do not lose guest events
2012-01-19 Jan Beulich 24520:9a967990b4d2 add NULL checks in code added by 24492:6c104b46ef89