age author revision description
2011-02-03 Mukesh Rathor 22906:700ac6445812 Now add KDB to the non-kdb treedefault tip
2011-02-03 Mukesh Rathor 22905:842ff5b82889 Overlay the tree with C/S 22858 unstable
2011-02-01 Ian Campbell 22904:9a6458e0c3f5 libxc: maintain a small, per-handle, cache of hypercall buffer memory
2011-02-01 Stefano Stabellini 22903:74cd0f668546 The current libxl_set_memory_target function subtracts a negative amount
2011-02-01 Ian Campbell 22902:18807b89083d tools: disable linker --as-needed option.
2011-02-01 Michael Young 22901:923e60b7318c tools/Makefiles: install libvhd and libblktap with INSTALL_PROG
2011-02-01 Michael Young 22900:b84f33452d43 docs: Bring comments about NetworkManager and bridging up to date
2011-02-01 Michael Young 22899:5748a27b388d tools/hotplug: Fix proxy arp messing about to use correct device
2011-02-01 Allen Kay 22898:3edd21ffe407 passthrough/vtd: disable 64-bit MMCFG quirk on 32-bit Xen
2011-02-01 Andre Przywara 22897:0e2c8b75f7d2 xl: fix broken cpupool-numa-split (part 2)
2011-02-01 Andre Przywara 22896:0db82ae4b446 xl: output illegal option character
2011-01-31 Ian Jackson 22895:a69965e61ae9 Added signature for changeset e7b31cc0093c
2011-01-31 Ian Jackson 22894:a0a8a15f0b01 Added tag 4.1.0-rc3 for changeset e7b31cc0093c
2011-01-31 Ian Jackson 22893:e7b31cc0093c Update QEMU_TAG to xen-4.1.0-rc34.1.0-rc3
2011-01-28 Ian Jackson 22892:52e928af3637 libxc: Do not use dom0 physmem as parameter to lzma decoder
2011-01-28 Ian Jackson 22891:88cf07fed7d2 libxl: prevent creation of domains with duplicate names
2011-01-28 Ian Jackson 22890:29eaad8e388a libxl: during domain destruction, do not complain if no devices dir to destroy
2011-01-28 Ian Jackson 22889:5eaf9405ed51 libxl: internals: document the error behaviour of various libxl__xs_* functions
2011-01-28 Ian Jackson 22888:ccfa0527893e libxl, xl: fixes to domain creation cleanup logic (domid values)
2011-01-28 Ian Jackson 22887:c5a7a40cc4f4 libxl: fix error handling (xenstore transaction leak) in libxl__domain_make
2011-01-28 Andre Przywara 22886:3e928084336f xl: fix incorrect display of illegal option character
2011-01-28 Andre Przywara 22885:6d6465868420 xl: fix xl cpupool-list <poolid>
2011-01-28 Andre Przywara 22884:aab67c1c6b87 xl: remove unimplemented -l stub for cpupool-list
2011-01-28 Juergen Gross 22883:b58c9dd4ba90 xl: fix broken cpupool-numa-split
2011-01-28 Stefano Stabellini 22882:2831c5c08df9 libxl: when using pygrub, do not segfault if no blktap
2011-01-28 Ian Jackson 22881:4fea7664a6fb libxl: correct error path in libxl_userdata_retrieve
2011-01-28 Shan Haitao 22880:722f7b7678dc tools/libxc, hvm: Fix 1G page allocation algorithm
2011-01-28 Keir Fraser 22879:f68570fb0032 amd iommu: Fix x86_32 build.
2011-01-27 Daniel Kiper 22878:74fb7eaa6597 tools/security: Adjust secpol_tool.c for change to xc_interface_open
2011-01-27 Ian Jackson 22877:e429b133278b commented-out CONFIG_QEMU example now uses `pwd`/$(XEN_ROOT)