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xl: Perform minimal validation of virtual disk file while parsing config file

This patch performs some very basic validation on the virtual disk
file passed through the config file. This validation ensures that we
don't go too far with the initialization like spawn qemu and more
while there could be some potentially fundamental issues.

[ Patch fixed up to work with PHYSTYPE_EMPTY 22808:6ec61438713a -iwj ]

Signed-off-by: Kamala Narasimhan <>
Acked-by: Ian Jackson <>
Signed-off-by: Ian Jackson <>
Committed-by: Ian Jackson <>
author Kamala Narasimhan <>
date Tue Jan 25 18:09:49 2011 +0000 (2011-01-25)
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kfraser@15265 1 To build:
kfraser@11215 2
keir@18296 3 1. ./mkbuildtree [<arch>]
keir@16272 4 NB. You can override paths to Xen sources and a (stub) XenLinux
keir@16272 5 build tree via the XEN and XL environment variable.
kfraser@15265 6
keir@16272 7 2. make -C /path/to/kernel/build M=$PWD modules
keir@16272 8 NB. This is your native kernel build tree (or a distro provided
keir@16272 9 stub), not the XenLinux sources referred to in step 1.
keir@18296 10 NB. If you are cross compiling, you need to set ARCH and
keir@18296 11 CROSS_COMPILE too.
kfraser@11215 12
keir@18296 13 You get four modules, xen-platform-pci.ko, xen-vbd.ko, xen-vnif.ko and
keir@18296 14 xen-balloon.ko. Load xen-platform-pci first, and then
keir@18296 15 whichever of xen-vbd, xen-vnif and xen-balloon.ko you happen to need.