annotate xen/include/asm-x86/domain_page.h @ 3632:fec8b1778268

bitkeeper revision 1.1159.212.60 (41febc4bKKSkh9u-Zes9v2CmBuLZxA)

More bootstrap fixes for x86/64. Next thing to do is sort out the IDT and
get traps.c working; then we can get rid of a bunch of dummy labels from
end of boot/x86_64.S. We're also going to need some kind of entry.S before
we can safely enable interrupts. Also bear in mind that not all of physical
RAM may be mapped (only first 1GB) and no m2p table is yet allocated or
mapped. Plenty to be done!
author kaf24@viper.(none)
date Mon Jan 31 23:16:27 2005 +0000 (2005-01-31)
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kaf24@3632 1 #ifdef __x86_64__
kaf24@3632 2 #include <asm/x86_64/domain_page.h>
kaf24@3632 3 #else
kaf24@3632 4 #include <asm/x86_32/domain_page.h>
kaf24@3632 5 #endif