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xl: Perform minimal validation of virtual disk file while parsing config file

This patch performs some very basic validation on the virtual disk
file passed through the config file. This validation ensures that we
don't go too far with the initialization like spawn qemu and more
while there could be some potentially fundamental issues.

[ Patch fixed up to work with PHYSTYPE_EMPTY 22808:6ec61438713a -iwj ]

Signed-off-by: Kamala Narasimhan <>
Acked-by: Ian Jackson <>
Signed-off-by: Ian Jackson <>
Committed-by: Ian Jackson <>
author Kamala Narasimhan <>
date Tue Jan 25 18:09:49 2011 +0000 (2011-01-25)
parents cb94dbe20f97
line source
1 #ifndef LIBXLU_CFG_I_H
2 #define LIBXLU_CFG_I_H
4 #include "libxlu_internal.h"
5 #include "libxlu_cfg_y.h"
7 void xlu__cfg_set_free(XLU_ConfigSetting *set);
8 XLU_ConfigSetting *xlu__cfg_set_mk(CfgParseContext*, int alloc, char *atom);
9 void xlu__cfg_set_add(CfgParseContext*, XLU_ConfigSetting *set, char *atom);
10 void xlu__cfg_set_store(CfgParseContext*, char *name,
11 XLU_ConfigSetting *set, int lineno);
13 char *xlu__cfgl_strdup(CfgParseContext*, const char *src);
14 char *xlu__cfgl_dequote(CfgParseContext*, const char *src);
16 void xlu__cfg_yyerror(YYLTYPE *locp, CfgParseContext*, char const *msg);
17 void xlu__cfgl_lexicalerror(CfgParseContext*, char const *msg);
19 void xlu__cfgl_likely_python(CfgParseContext *ctx);
23 /* Why oh why does bison not declare this in its autogenerated .h ? */
24 int xlu__cfg_yyparse(CfgParseContext *ctx);
27 #endif /*LIBXLU_CFG_I_H*/