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slab.c in Linux is not a very nice piece of code: the version in Xen has
been hacked a certain amount and is not a vision of beauty either.

Given how rare and non-time-critical dynamic allocations are in Xen,
this replaces the 1800-line slab.c with a 160-line malloc.c which is
written as simply as possible for future enhancement.

Signed-off-by: Rusty Russell <> (authored)
date Wed Feb 02 13:01:09 2005 +0000 (2005-02-02)
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2 #ifndef __XEN_DOMAIN_H__
3 #define __XEN_DOMAIN_H__
5 /*
6 * Arch-specifics.
7 */
9 extern struct domain *arch_alloc_domain_struct(void);
11 extern void arch_free_domain_struct(struct domain *d);
13 struct exec_domain *arch_alloc_exec_domain_struct(void);
15 extern void arch_free_exec_domain_struct(struct exec_domain *ed);
17 extern void arch_do_createdomain(struct exec_domain *ed);
19 extern int arch_final_setup_guestos(
20 struct exec_domain *d, full_execution_context_t *c);
22 extern void free_perdomain_pt(struct domain *d);
24 extern void domain_relinquish_memory(struct domain *d);
26 extern void dump_pageframe_info(struct domain *d);
28 #endif /* __XEN_DOMAIN_H__ */