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3 This tool uses two programs, one that lives in dom0 and one that lives in domU
4 to verify that no data is lost. dom0 and domU share a handshake with each
5 other that they use to exchange a random seed.
7 Both programs then generate a series of random numbers and then writes and
8 reads the numbers via the console. Because each side starts with the same seed
9 they know what data the other side is generating and therefore what should be
10 expected.
14 console-domU should be installed within the guest image. It must be launched
15 from the client automatically. I use a custom initrd image and put it in the
16 /linuxrc.
18 console-dom0 and console-domU will communicate with each other and stress the
19 console code. You can verify it at various levels by invoking it in different
20 ways. procpipe is used to connect the two. I use the following command for
21 testing:
23 ./procpipe ./console-dom0 'xm create -c /etc/xen/xmexample1'
25 xmexample1 has no devices and no root set (this is what triggers /linuxrc).
27 If it freezes, it probably means that console-domU is expecting more data from
28 console-dom0 (which means that some data got dropped). I'd like to add
29 timeouts in the future to handle this more gracefully.