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Added tag 4.1.0-rc2 for changeset 9dca60d88c63
author Keir Fraser <>
date Tue Jan 25 14:06:55 2011 +0000 (2011-01-25)
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1 Display error messages on the help line after bad input at a prompt.
2 Fractional delay times
3 Use prompting to search for domains
4 Better line editing?
6 * Make CPU in % more accurate
7 * Domain total network TX % and RX %
9 Like Top, f feature, field select of domain columns, toggle the display of
10 field by typing the letter associated with field, if displayed it shows in
11 bold and the letter is Capitalized along with a leading asterisk for the
12 field, if not selected for display letter is lowercase, no leading asterisk
13 and field is not bolded.
15 Like Top, ordering of domain columns, o feature Capital letter shifts left,
16 lowercase letter shifts right?
18 Color
19 Full management: pause, destroy, create domains
21 Add support for Virtual Block Devices (vbd)
23 To think about:
24 Support for one than one node display (distributed monitoring
25 from any node of all other nodes in a cluster)
26 Bottom line option (Switch node, Search node [tab completion?])
28 Capture/Logging of resource information generated during a time interval.
29 -b batch mode dump snapshots to standard output (used with -n)
30 -n number of iterations to dump to standard output (unlimited if not specified)
31 -d monitor DomIDs as -dD1,-dD2 or -dD1,D2...
32 Monitor only domains with specified domain IDs
33 -m monitor nodeIDs as -mN1,-mN2 or -mN1,N2...
34 Monitor only domains with specified node IDs