view xen/common/symbols-dummy.c @ 19971:75e63b73075a

x86-64: reduce symbol table size

With all of Xen's symbols sitting within a 2Gb range on x86-64, they
can be referred to by the kallsyms-like offset table using 4- instead
of 8-byte slots.

The marker table can use 4-byte slots in all cases, just like the
table entry counts can (though that's only a minor improvement).

If ia64's PERCPU_ADDR got moved down to (KERNEL_START + 2Gb -
PERCPU_PAGE_SIZE), it could also utilize the more compact form.

Signed-off-by: Jan Beulich <>
author Keir Fraser <>
date Mon Jul 13 16:49:50 2009 +0100 (2009-07-13)
parents 34452b288046
line source
1 /*
2 * symbols-dummy.c: dummy symbol-table definitions for the inital partial
3 * link of the hypervisor image.
4 */
6 #include <xen/config.h>
7 #include <xen/types.h>
10 const unsigned int symbols_offsets[1];
11 #else
12 const unsigned long symbols_addresses[1];
13 #endif
14 const unsigned int symbols_num_syms;
15 const u8 symbols_names[1];
17 const u8 symbols_token_table[1];
18 const u16 symbols_token_index[1];
20 const unsigned int symbols_markers[1];