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bitkeeper revision 1.1327.2.2 (4267a9b3MhPpljnjQ5IbfLdzcW2K3w)

Remove twisted from the HTTP server and replace with a
threaded server. Add classes to provide tcp and unix servers
using threads instead of twisted. Remove use of twisted from
the consoles, event server and HTTP resources

Signed-off-by: Mike Wray <>
date Thu Apr 21 13:25:07 2005 +0000 (2005-04-21)
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1 from threading import Timer
3 from unix import listenUNIX, connectUNIX
4 from tcp import listenTCP, connectTCP
6 def callLater(_delay, _fn, *args, **kwds):
7 timer = Timer(_delay, _fn, args=args, kwargs=kwds)
8 timer.start()
9 return timer