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Update Xen version to 4.0.0-rc6
author Keir Fraser <>
date Tue Mar 09 18:18:05 2010 +0000 (2010-03-09)
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1 #ifndef _TALLOC_H_
2 #define _TALLOC_H_
3 /*
4 Unix SMB/CIFS implementation.
5 Samba temporary memory allocation functions
7 Copyright (C) Andrew Tridgell 2004-2005
9 ** NOTE! The following LGPL license applies to the talloc
10 ** library. This does NOT imply that all of Samba is released
11 ** under the LGPL
13 This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
14 modify it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public
15 License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either
16 version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
18 This library is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
19 but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
21 Lesser General Public License for more details.
23 You should have received a copy of the GNU Lesser General Public
24 License along with this library; if not, write to the Free Software
25 Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place, Suite 330, Boston, MA 02111-1307 USA
26 */
28 /* this is only needed for compatibility with the old talloc */
29 typedef void TALLOC_CTX;
31 /*
32 this uses a little trick to allow __LINE__ to be stringified
33 */
34 #define _STRING_LINE_(s) #s
35 #define _STRING_LINE2_(s) _STRING_LINE_(s)
36 #define __LINESTR__ _STRING_LINE2_(__LINE__)
37 #define __location__ __FILE__ ":" __LINESTR__
41 #endif
43 /* useful macros for creating type checked pointers */
44 #define talloc(ctx, type) (type *)talloc_named_const(ctx, sizeof(type), #type)
45 #define talloc_size(ctx, size) talloc_named_const(ctx, size, __location__)
47 #define talloc_new(ctx) talloc_named_const(ctx, 0, "talloc_new: " __location__)
49 #define talloc_zero(ctx, type) (type *)_talloc_zero(ctx, sizeof(type), #type)
50 #define talloc_zero_size(ctx, size) _talloc_zero(ctx, size, __location__)
52 #define talloc_zero_array(ctx, type, count) (type *)_talloc_zero_array(ctx, sizeof(type), count, #type)
53 #define talloc_array(ctx, type, count) (type *)_talloc_array(ctx, sizeof(type), count, #type)
54 #define talloc_array_size(ctx, size, count) _talloc_array(ctx, size, count, __location__)
56 #define talloc_realloc(ctx, p, type, count) (type *)_talloc_realloc_array(ctx, p, sizeof(type), count, #type)
57 #define talloc_realloc_size(ctx, ptr, size) _talloc_realloc(ctx, ptr, size, __location__)
59 #define talloc_memdup(t, p, size) _talloc_memdup(t, p, size, __location__)
61 #define malloc_p(type) (type *)malloc(sizeof(type))
62 #define malloc_array_p(type, count) (type *)realloc_array(NULL, sizeof(type), count)
63 #define realloc_p(p, type, count) (type *)realloc_array(p, sizeof(type), count)
65 #if 0
66 /* Not correct for Samba3. */
67 #define data_blob(ptr, size) data_blob_named(ptr, size, "DATA_BLOB: "__location__)
68 #define data_blob_talloc(ctx, ptr, size) data_blob_talloc_named(ctx, ptr, size, "DATA_BLOB: "__location__)
69 #define data_blob_dup_talloc(ctx, blob) data_blob_talloc_named(ctx, (blob)->data, (blob)->length, "DATA_BLOB: "__location__)
70 #endif
72 #define talloc_set_type(ptr, type) talloc_set_name_const(ptr, #type)
73 #define talloc_get_type(ptr, type) (type *)talloc_check_name(ptr, #type)
75 #define talloc_find_parent_bytype(ptr, type) (type *)talloc_find_parent_byname(ptr, #type)
79 #define talloc_zero_p(ctx, type) talloc_zero(ctx, type)
80 #define talloc_p(ctx, type) talloc(ctx, type)
81 #define talloc_array_p(ctx, type, count) talloc_array(ctx, type, count)
82 #define talloc_realloc_p(ctx, p, type, count) talloc_realloc(ctx, p, type, count)
83 #define talloc_destroy(ctx) talloc_free(ctx)
84 #endif
87 #if (__GNUC__ >= 3)
88 /** Use gcc attribute to check printf fns. a1 is the 1-based index of
89 * the parameter containing the format, and a2 the index of the first
90 * argument. Note that some gcc 2.x versions don't handle this
91 * properly **/
92 #define PRINTF_ATTRIBUTE(a1, a2) __attribute__ ((format (__printf__, a1, a2)))
93 #else
94 #define PRINTF_ATTRIBUTE(a1, a2)
95 #endif
96 #endif
99 /* The following definitions come from talloc.c */
100 void *_talloc(const void *context, size_t size);
101 void talloc_set_destructor(const void *ptr, int (*destructor)(void *));
102 void talloc_increase_ref_count(const void *ptr);
103 void *talloc_reference(const void *context, const void *ptr);
104 int talloc_unlink(const void *context, void *ptr);
105 void talloc_set_name(const void *ptr, const char *fmt, ...) PRINTF_ATTRIBUTE(2,3);
106 void talloc_set_name_const(const void *ptr, const char *name);
107 void *talloc_named(const void *context, size_t size,
108 const char *fmt, ...) PRINTF_ATTRIBUTE(3,4);
109 void *talloc_named_const(const void *context, size_t size, const char *name);
110 const char *talloc_get_name(const void *ptr);
111 void *talloc_check_name(const void *ptr, const char *name);
112 void talloc_report_depth(const void *ptr, FILE *f, int depth);
113 void *talloc_parent(const void *ptr);
114 void *talloc_init(const char *fmt, ...) PRINTF_ATTRIBUTE(1,2);
115 int talloc_free(void *ptr);
116 void *_talloc_realloc(const void *context, void *ptr, size_t size, const char *name);
117 void *talloc_steal(const void *new_ctx, const void *ptr);
118 off_t talloc_total_size(const void *ptr);
119 off_t talloc_total_blocks(const void *ptr);
120 void talloc_report_full(const void *ptr, FILE *f);
121 void talloc_report(const void *ptr, FILE *f);
122 void talloc_enable_null_tracking(void);
123 void talloc_enable_leak_report(void);
124 void talloc_enable_leak_report_full(void);
125 void *_talloc_zero(const void *ctx, size_t size, const char *name);
126 void *_talloc_memdup(const void *t, const void *p, size_t size, const char *name);
127 char *talloc_strdup(const void *t, const char *p);
128 char *talloc_strndup(const void *t, const char *p, size_t n);
129 char *talloc_append_string(const void *t, char *orig, const char *append);
130 char *talloc_vasprintf(const void *t, const char *fmt, va_list ap) PRINTF_ATTRIBUTE(2,0);
131 char *talloc_asprintf(const void *t, const char *fmt, ...) PRINTF_ATTRIBUTE(2,3);
132 char *talloc_asprintf_append(char *s,
133 const char *fmt, ...) PRINTF_ATTRIBUTE(2,3);
134 void *_talloc_array(const void *ctx, size_t el_size, unsigned count, const char *name);
135 void *_talloc_zero_array(const void *ctx, size_t el_size, unsigned count, const char *name);
136 void *_talloc_realloc_array(const void *ctx, void *ptr, size_t el_size, unsigned count, const char *name);
137 void *talloc_realloc_fn(const void *context, void *ptr, size_t size);
138 void *talloc_autofree_context(void);
139 size_t talloc_get_size(const void *ctx);
140 void *talloc_find_parent_byname(const void *ctx, const char *name);
141 void talloc_show_parents(const void *context, FILE *file);
143 #endif