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Updates to blktap driver and user code.

Mostly this makes the tap code work again with all of the changes that
have happened to the block drivers recently. We now use a shared page
per VBD (to the driver), and handle control information through the
store. The taplib interfaces have changed to be based around per-vbd
data structures that you can attach arbitrary handlers for.

There is also initial code for a user-level blockback driver, which
aims to get around the use of loopbacks for file-based vbds. Still
plenty of work to do here -- this is a working incremental checkin and
I'm away from this for the next four weeks.

Signed-off-by: Andrew Warfield <>
date Sun Sep 04 21:19:44 2005 +0000 (2005-09-04)
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1 /* blkaiolib.h
2 *
3 * aio image-backed block device.
4 *
5 * (c) 2004 Andrew Warfield.
6 *
7 * Xend has been modified to use an amorfs:[fsid] disk tag.
8 * This will show up as device type (maj:240,min:0) = 61440.
9 *
10 * The fsid is placed in the sec_start field of the disk extent.
11 */
13 int ublkback_request(blkif_request_t *req, int batch_done);
14 int ublkback_response(blkif_response_t *rsp); /* noop */
15 int ublkback_new_blkif(blkif_t *blkif);
16 void ublkback_init(void);