log xen/arch/x86/hvm/vlapic.c

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2007-12-19 Keir Fraser hvm: Some cleanups to vlapic emulation.
2007-12-14 Keir Fraser SVM: Treat the vlapic's tpr as the master copy and sync the vtpr to it
2007-12-14 Keir Fraser hvm: Remove guest-triggerable assertions from vlapic emulation.
2007-12-12 Keir Fraser hvm: Reduce vpt.c dependencies on external timer details.
2007-12-12 Keir Fraser hvm: Fix destroy_periodic_time() to not race destruction of one-shot timers.
2007-12-10 Keir Fraser x86: avoid LOCK prefix in some cases where it's not necessary.
2007-12-05 Keir Fraser hvm: Initialize vlapic->timer_last_update.
2007-11-28 Keir Fraser hvm: Fix 2 type mismatches in vlapic.h and hpet.c for 32-bit build Xen
2007-10-26 Keir Fraser hvm, x86: Allow virtual timer mode to be specified.
2007-10-01 Keir Fraser hvm: Re-jig event delivery logic to better integrate TPR management.
2007-09-06 kfraser hvm: Remove hvm-specific NMI flag and use generic flag instead.
2007-07-10 kfraser vmx: Never use physical addresses above 4GB for VMCS state on i386.
2007-07-03 kfraser hvm vlapic: Fix one_shot argument passed to create_periodic_time().
2007-06-20 kfraser Use clear_page() wherever possible/reasonable instead of open coded
2007-06-20 kfraser hvm: Support injection of virtual NMIs and clean up ExtInt handling in general.
2007-06-14 kfraser hvm: Timer device model cleanups.
2007-05-31 kfraser hvm: Correctly hook VLAPIC MSR change notification for VMX into
2007-05-30 kfraser Add VMX memory-mapped Local APIC access optimization.
2007-05-24 kfraser Clean up map_domain_page().
2007-05-24 Jeremy Fitzhardinge Make map_domain_page_global fail
2007-05-15 kfraser x86/hvm: HVM_DBG_LOG() cleanup
2007-03-29 kfraser xen: Get rid of some VCPUF_* flags and move into their own byte fields.
2007-03-14 kfraser hvm: Print bad DFR value for vlapic if a bad value is detected.
2007-02-18 Keir Fraser hvm: Support PUSH from mmio area (opcode 0xFF/6).
2007-02-14 Tim Deegan [XEN] New paging-assistance interface.
2007-02-07 Tim Deegan [HVM] Save/restore: dynamically calculate the size of the save buffer
2007-02-06 kfraser hvm: vcpu reset support for x86 INIT IPI, needed for CPU hotplug.
2007-01-31 Travis Betak [HVM][SVM] Updated the SVM V_TPR register on MMIO writes to the VLAPIC TPR
2007-01-31 Tim Deegan [HVM] Save/restore: clean up marshalling code
2007-01-30 Zhai, Edwin [PATCH][HVM] fix smp guest hang after restore
2007-01-20 Tim Deegan [HVM] Save/restore cleanups 03: IRQ
2007-01-18 Tim Deegan [HVM] save restore: save restore dev in HV
2006-12-31 kaf24 [HVM] Change VCPU->LAPIC_ID mapping so that VCPU0 has ID0.
2006-12-20 kfraser [HVM] Sync per vcpu LAPIC timer with its TSC:
2006-12-20 kfraser [HVM] Enable more than one platform timer (PIT/RTC/HPET)
2006-12-01 kfraser [XEN] Quieten down HVM debug output.
2006-12-01 kfraser [HVM][VMX] Fix for CR8 acceleration on 64bit guest.
2006-11-27 kfraser [HVM] Move IOAPIC ID back to 0x00. Shift LAPIC IDs to 0x01 upwards.
2006-11-26 kaf24 [HVM] Update VPIC device model for new interrupt delivery code.
2006-11-21 kfraser [HVM] Reworked interrupt distribution logic.
2006-11-14 kfraser [HVM] vlapic: More cleanups, simplifications and fixes.
2006-11-10 kfraser [HVM] vlapic: No use of domain_crash_synchronous().
2006-11-10 kfraser [HVM] Simplify apic dest-matching code. Refactor
2006-11-10 kfraser [HVM] Remove HVM halt timer. It's no longer needed since interrupts
2006-11-09 kfraser [HVM] Change vlapic printk()s into appropriate gdprintk()s.
2006-11-09 kfraser [HVM] Clean up two small APIC TDCR issues.
2006-11-08 kfraser [HVM] Simplify relationship between VIOAPIC and VLAPICs.
2006-11-08 kfraser [HVM] Remove bogus free of vlapic structure.
2006-11-07 kfraser [HVM] VIOAPIC and VPIC cleanups.
2006-11-07 kfraser [HVM] VLAPIC cleanups. vlapic tsruct is statically contained
2006-11-06 kfraser [HVM] Replace relinquish_resources() destructor hook with
2006-11-05 kaf24 [XEN] Replace hvm_setup_platform() with hvm_domain_initialise()
2006-11-03 kfraser [HVM] More printk cleanups.
2006-10-31 kfraser [HVM] vlapic: Synchronously determine PPR register value whenevr it is needed.
2006-10-30 kfraser [XEN] HVM: Clean up and simplify vlapic device-model code.
2006-10-30 kfraser [HVM][VMX] Enable VMX TPR shadow feature.
2006-10-22 kaf24 [HVM] Replace hvm_prod_vcpu() with calls to generic (and correct) vcpu_kick().
2006-09-23 kfraser [HVM] Fix timer interrupt underflow bug.
2006-09-13 kaf24 [HVM] Fix an error when read from APIC registers like IRR, ISR and TMR.
2006-09-01 Steven Hand More hvm common-code cleanups.