log tools/libxl/libxl_pci.c

age author description
2011-01-11 Ian Campbell libxl: refactor code which adds per-PCI device backend nodes in xenstore
2011-01-11 Ian Campbell libxl: log which PCI device could not be reset.
2011-01-11 Ian Campbell libxl: do not leak front flexarray on error in libxl_create_pci_backend
2011-01-11 Ian Campbell libxl: write PCI frontend xenstore nodes to the frontend directory.
2011-01-07 Gianni Tedesco xl: Implement flexarray_append() and flexarray_vappend()
2010-12-09 Juergen Gross add missing libxl__free_all() calls
2010-10-06 Gianni Tedesco xl: Implement PCI passthrough force removal
2010-09-16 Gianni Tedesco libxl: change IDL to export a saner interface for upcoming language bindings
2010-09-08 Ian Campbell libxl: Use libxl__ namespace for internal types
2010-09-08 Ian Campbell libxl: Ensure all _hidden functions use libxl__ prefix (manual part)
2010-09-08 Ian Campbell libxl: Ensure all _hidden functions use libxl__ prefix (autogenerated patch)
2010-08-30 Daniel De Graaf Missing include in libxl_pci.c
2010-08-12 Gianni Tedesco xl: Implement per-API-call garbage-collection lifetime
2010-08-11 Gianni Tedesco (3P) xl: Fix invalid return of libxl-internal pointers via libxl_domid_to_name()
2010-08-09 Stefano Stabellini xl: pci multi-function passthrough v2
2010-08-04 Gianni Tedesco xl: detect pci-insert-failed dm status on pci-passthrough
2010-08-04 Gianni Tedesco xl: implement pci attach to explicitly defined virtual PCI slot
2010-08-04 Gianni Tedesco xl: prevent attempts to remove non-attached pci pass-through devices
2010-08-04 Gianni Tedesco xl: centralize BDF parsing in to libxl
2010-08-04 Gianni Tedesco xl: PCI code cleanups
2010-08-03 Mihir Nanavati Allow PCI passthrough to PV guest without IOMMU
2010-07-29 Gianni Tedesco libxl: Check whether a PCI device is assignable before assigning it do a domU
2010-07-29 Gianni Tedesco libxl: Move libxl_device_pci_reset to libxl_pci.c
2010-07-28 Ian Campbell libxl: consistently use typedef struct {} libxl_$type
2010-07-27 Gianni Tedesco libxl: Move PCI specific functions to libxl_pci.c