log xen/common/kernel.c

age author description
2010-12-24 Keir Fraser Use bool_t for various boolean variables
2010-11-19 Keir Fraser Interrupt remapping to PIRQs in HVM guests
2010-11-19 Keir Fraser consolidate custom parameter parsing routines looking for boolean values
2010-05-25 Keir Fraser x86 hvm: implement vector callback for evtchn delivery
2010-05-22 Keir Fraser x86: TSC handling cleanups (version 2)
2010-05-21 Keir Fraser Revert 21339:804304d4e05d "x86: TSC handling cleanups"
2010-05-14 Keir Fraser x86: Implement cpu hotplug notifiers. Use them.
2010-05-11 Keir Fraser x86: TSC handling cleanups
2010-07-16 Mukesh Rathor Refresh to unstable c/s 21811
2009-08-31 Keir Fraser introduce size_param()
2009-06-18 Keir Fraser Allow tools to see the hypervisor command line.
2008-11-04 Keir Fraser x86: allow grant table originating ptes to have their guest available
2008-10-27 Keir Fraser x86: highmem handling assistance hypercalls
2008-10-15 Keir Fraser amd: fix CPUID mask option handling
2008-01-16 Keir Fraser x86: New feature flag XENFEAT_mmu_pt_update_preserve_ad.
2007-10-22 Keir Fraser x86: Allow NMI callback CS to be specified via set_trap_table()
2007-09-14 kfraser Let Xen cmdline boolean options be specified as "=0", "=1", "=false", "=true".
2007-08-29 kfraser Skipping image name at start of command line is an
2007-07-20 Tim Deegan [XEN] replace shadow_* with paging_* in common code
2007-07-09 kfraser Also allow boolean cmdline params to be inverted in two other ways.
2007-07-09 kfraser Allow inversion of boolean cmdline parameters with 'no-' prefix.
2007-06-20 kfraser Enhance guest memory accessor macros so that source operands can be
2007-03-29 kfraser xen: Remove {nmi_pending,nmi_masked,paused} vcpu bitflags.
2007-01-31 Ian Campbell [XEN] Fix XENVER_capabilities hypercall.
2007-01-29 kfraser Replace sprintf with snprintf and strncpy with strlcpy.
2007-01-05 Emmanuel Ackaouy Handle shared info (having different layout for native and compatibility
2007-01-05 Emmanuel Ackaouy Add logic to generate headers reflecting the compatibility mode layout
2006-12-21 kfraser Improve consistency of type-attribute usage (volatile/const).
2006-08-04 kfraser [HVMLOADER] HVM loader initialises hypercall shim and uses
2006-08-01 kfraser [XEN] Hide compile-time information values behind a
2006-06-27 kfraser [XEN] Fix my change to XENVER_pagesize hypercall --
2006-06-27 kaf24 Add XENVER_pagesize hypercall.
2006-06-20 kaf24 [XEN] Add a warning banner when 'sync_console' is used. Make it
2006-06-05 kaf24 Create new vmassist type 'pae_extended_cr3'. Only advertise
2006-05-26 kaf24 [PAE] Allow pgdirs above 4GB for paravirt guests.
2006-04-27 kaf24 Rename *GUEST_HANDLE to *XEN_GUEST_HANDLE.
2006-04-21 kaf24 Fix command-line parsing in a few respects -- be more
2006-04-21 Ian Campbell Merge nmi_op functionality with the callback_op hypercall.
2006-03-07 kaf24 Upgrade all hypercalls to use the new guest_handle interface (on the Xen side).
2006-02-27 kaf24 Add a compile time option to enable domain 0 running in ring 0.
2006-02-23 kaf24 Rename XENFEAT_ring0_kernel to slightly more generic XENFEAT_supervisor_mode_kernel.
2006-02-15 kaf24 Fix non-x86 build.
2006-02-15 cl349 Set feature flags for shadow translate mode guests.
2006-02-14 kaf24 Upgrade arch/x86/cpu/* files to their equivalents in
2006-01-28 kaf24 Clean up shadow-translate xen patches. Add abstractions
2006-01-27 sos22 Merge up and generally make shadow mode be nice.
2006-01-27 Ian Campbell Add XENVER_get_features sub-operation to HYPERVISOR_xen_version.
2006-01-11 kaf24 Reassert nmi pending when a nmi handler is registered
2006-01-11 Ian Campbell Fixup some bogus formatting and remove a stray debug printk
2006-01-11 Ian Campbell Pass NMIs to DOM0 via a dedicated callback, core Xen support.
2005-11-16 kaf24 Rename XENVER_parameters to slightly more informative
2005-09-22 djm Merge latest xen-unstable into xen-ia64-unstable
2005-09-15 kaf24 merge?
2005-09-14 djm Merge latest xen-unstable into xen-ia64-unstable to prep
2005-09-13 djm Merge with latest xen-unstable
2005-09-09 djm Merge (only) xen-ia64-unstable with latest xen-unstable
2005-09-09 cl349 merge?
2005-09-09 kaf24 cleanups
2005-09-09 iap10 Add more version and capability reporting to Xen. Print the results with 'xm info'.
2005-09-01 cl349 merge?