log tools/libxl/libxl_dom.c

age author description
2010-12-23 Ian Campbell libxc: convert evtchn interfaces to use an opaque handle type
2010-12-09 Juergen Gross add missing libxl__free_all() calls
2010-11-09 KUWAMURA Shin'ya tools: libxl: fix cpuid compilation errors for ia64
2010-11-01 Gianni Tedesco libxl: fix build since 22325:4ac03710fc32
2010-10-28 Ian Campbell libxl: Fix migration of HVM guests
2010-10-21 Ian Campbell tools: cleanup domain save switch_qemu_logdirty callback
2010-09-22 Stefano Stabellini libxl: proper accounting for the videoram
2010-09-16 Andre Przywara libxl: introduce cpuid interface to domain build
2010-09-08 Ian Campbell libxl: Use libxl__ namespace for internal types
2010-09-08 Ian Campbell libxl: move hvm_build_set_params to libxl_dom.c
2010-09-08 Ian Campbell libxl: Ensure all _hidden functions use libxl__ prefix (manual part)
2010-09-08 Ian Campbell libxl: Ensure all _hidden functions use libxl__ prefix (autogenerated patch)
2010-09-07 Ian Campbell libxl: include domain id in userdata path.
2010-09-02 Ian Campbell libxl: do not log lack of guest support for suspend event channel
2010-08-24 Ian Campbell libxl: xc_domain_restore returns 0 on success, 1 on error
2010-08-16 Gianni Tedesco xl: make libxl_uuid2string internal to libxenlight
2010-08-12 Gianni Tedesco xl: Implement per-API-call garbage-collection lifetime
2010-08-05 Stefano Stabellini PV console for HVM domains
2010-08-04 Ian Campbell libxl: add a specific UUID type.
2010-07-30 Ian Jackson libxl: const-correctness for libxl_uuid2string
2010-07-28 Ian Campbell libxl: consistently use typedef struct {} libxl_$type
2010-07-23 Gianni Tedesco libxl: consistent handling of libxc errors
2010-07-21 Ian Jackson Revert 91c486918e02 "More consistent error handling in libxl"
2010-07-19 Stefano Stabellini More consistent error handling in libxl
2010-07-14 Ian Jackson libxl: support mapping files rather than carrying paths around
2010-07-14 Ian Jackson libxl: add printf attribute to libxl_xs_write and fixup resulting warnings
2010-07-08 Ian Jackson tools/libxl: implement support for nomigrate option in VM profiles
2010-07-06 Ian Jackson tools/libxl: revert 15bcf57fcf24 (disable_migrate)
2010-07-06 Ian Jackson tools/libxl: support the "disable_migrate" domain config option
2010-07-06 Ian Jackson tools/libxl: allow setting of timer_mode, hpet and vpt_align parameters
2010-06-15 Keir Fraser xl: fix restore_common return value
2010-06-04 Keir Fraser libxl/xl: fix multivcpu handling
2010-05-28 Keir Fraser libxl: Fix up some incorrect printf formats
2010-05-28 Keir Fraser libxc: eliminate static variables, use xentoollog; API change
2010-05-14 Keir Fraser libxl: Fix missing memory/target xenstore entry on domain creation
2010-05-13 Keir Fraser libxl: Check return codes of write/asprintf/daemon consistently.
2010-05-06 Keir Fraser libxl: make use of libxl path functions
2010-05-04 Keir Fraser Change the global suspend event channel lock file to a per-domain lock file
2010-04-12 Keir Fraser libxl: Per-domain data storage for the convenience of the library user
2010-04-12 Keir Fraser xl, libxl: xl list -v shows the uuid too
2010-04-06 Keir Fraser xl: tsc_mode parameter in guest configuration file
2010-01-06 Keir Fraser libxl: apply CPUID policy for all types of VMs in all situations
2009-12-30 Keir Fraser libxl: add a get_shutdown_reason
2009-12-30 Keir Fraser libxl: remove API for dominfolist and list that returns xc_dominfo.
2009-12-30 Keir Fraser libxl: coding styles cleanup
2009-12-11 Keir Fraser libxenlight: fix two memory related issues
2009-12-09 Keir Fraser libxenlight: implement libxl_set_memory_target
2009-12-05 Keir Fraser libxenlight: physmap slack for pv domains
2009-12-01 Keir Fraser libxenlight: enables less than maximum vcpus
2009-12-01 Keir Fraser libxenlight: write vcpu availability paths in xenstore
2009-11-30 Keir Fraser libxenlight: fix suspend/resume
2009-11-23 Keir Fraser libxenlight: fix compilation error for ia64
2009-11-23 Keir Fraser libxenlight: fix memory leaks
2009-11-23 Keir Fraser libxenlight: correct broken osdeps.[ch] and make #includes consistent
2009-11-23 Keir Fraser libxenlight: Clean up logging arrangements
2009-11-23 Keir Fraser libxenlight: implement support for pv guests
2009-11-10 Keir Fraser tools: Make build again on netbsd
2009-11-09 Keir Fraser libxenlight: initial libxenlight implementation under tools/libxl
2010-07-16 Mukesh Rathor Refresh to unstable c/s 21811
2010-03-19 Mukesh Rathor Refresh to c/s 21046. Also, update kdb as follows: