log tools/misc/xen-hptool.c

age author description
2011-01-14 Keir Fraser tools/misc/xen-hptool: Silently retry on CPU hotplug EBUSY failure.
2010-12-23 Ian Campbell libxc: convert evtchn interfaces to use an opaque handle type
2010-05-28 Keir Fraser libxc: eliminate static variables, use xentoollog; API change
2010-05-19 Keir Fraser xen-hptool: A few usage cleanups.
2010-05-04 Keir Fraser xen-hptool: Fix after interface change to xc_suspend_evtchn_release().
2010-04-21 Keir Fraser Tools: add online/offline hotplug user interfaces
2010-07-16 Mukesh Rathor Refresh to unstable c/s 21811