log tools/misc/xend

age author description
2010-07-16 Mukesh Rathor Refresh to unstable c/s 21811
2009-07-22 Keir Fraser tools: xenbackendd for NetBSD
2009-04-08 Keir Fraser tools: Always use sane upstream (`native') python paths
2008-08-13 Keir Fraser xend: Allow xenconsoled to be passed arguments at startup
2008-03-27 Keir Fraser Revert 17296:21d9575c669e.
2008-03-26 Keir Fraser xenstored: Delay forking until after listening sockets are
2007-11-08 Keir Fraser Fix xend startup after 16344:0ebac857649591.
2007-11-08 Keir Fraser xend: Allow for non-existent xen-python-path binary.
2007-11-06 Keir Fraser xenstored: Recover from corrupt tdb on reboot
2007-02-01 Ewan Mellor Break out the Python path interrogation into a separate script. This has the
2007-01-22 Tim Deegan [PYGRUB] Plumb bootloader I/O through xenconsole.
2006-12-04 Ewan Mellor Added rudimentary "xend reload" functionality. This allows you to reconfigure
2006-10-17 kfraser [SOLARIS] Xen daemons are managed separately, so we need a way to start
2006-08-28 kaf24 [XEND] Move all of the various log files created by xen to
2006-08-03 vhanquez remove '=' between command line name/argument.
2006-07-13 jchesterfield Added blktap support. Includes kernel driver (enabled as CONFIG_XEN_BLKDEV_TAP=y) and userspace tools. The userspace deamon (blktapctrl) is enabled by default when xend is activated. For further information on using and configuring blktap see tools/blktap/README.
2006-05-05 emellor Use the auxbin module to find the appropriate install directory for our Python
2005-10-11 emellor Allow parallel 32- and 64-bit Xen installations. Move xc_save, xc_restore,
2005-09-22 djm Merge latest xen-unstable into xen-ia64-unstable
2005-09-15 kaf24 merge?
2005-09-14 djm Merge latest xen-unstable into xen-ia64-unstable to prep
2005-09-13 djm Merge with latest xen-unstable
2005-09-09 djm Merge (only) xen-ia64-unstable with latest xen-unstable
2005-09-14 shand Make sure xend start doesn't return until xend is ready to accept connections.
2005-09-07 cl349 merge?
2005-09-07 cl349 g/c unused xcs.
2005-09-06 cl349 Disable xcs stop from xend script since it kills xenstored now.
2005-09-01 cl349 merge?
2005-08-31 shand merge?
2005-08-31 kaf24 merge?
2005-08-30 adsharma Merge.
2005-08-29 adsharma Merge.
2005-08-29 adsharma Merge.
2005-08-26 adsharma Merge.
2005-08-25 adsharma Merge.
2005-08-25 adsharma Merge.
2005-08-24 adsharma Merge.
2005-08-23 adsharma Merge.
2005-08-22 adsharma Merge.
2005-08-19 adsharma Merge.
2005-08-18 adsharma Merge.
2005-08-17 adsharma Merge xen-vtx-unstable.hg
2005-08-17 adsharma Merge.
2005-08-16 adsharma Merge.
2005-08-16 kevin merge.
2005-08-15 adsharma Merge.
2005-08-12 adsharma Merge.
2005-08-11 adsharma Merge.
2005-08-10 adsharma Merge.
2005-08-26 kaf24 merge?
2005-08-25 djm Merge with -unstable
2005-08-23 cl349 merge?
2005-08-23 cl349 xenstat/xentop merge.
2005-08-23 cl349 merge?
2005-08-23 cl349 merge?
2005-08-23 cl349 merge?
2005-08-22 cl349 Merge libxenstat and xentop.
2005-08-17 cl349 Add support for XENSTORED_TRACE to enable trace output from xenstored.
2005-08-10 kaf24 merge
2005-08-10 cl349 merge?