log xen/common/rangeset.c

age author description
2010-09-20 Keir Fraser rangesets: add function to query for overlaps
2010-03-19 Mukesh Rathor Refresh to c/s 21046. Also, update kdb as follows:
2008-09-04 Keir Fraser xsm: refactor IO hooks/sysctl hooks
2007-10-19 Keir Fraser x86: Fix get_page_from_l1e() and avoid host crash on 'xm save'.
2007-01-29 kfraser Remove uses of strcpy and strncpy from common and x86 code.
2007-01-29 kfraser Replace sprintf with snprintf and strncpy with strlcpy.
2006-08-19 kaf24 [XEN] Make some implicit header includes explicit.
2006-02-02 kaf24 Add argument-checking assertions to rangeset interfaces.
2005-12-31 kaf24 Clean up 'q' debug key output.
2005-12-31 kaf24 Allow non-privileged domains restricted access to
2005-12-31 kaf24 Store admin-specified ioport capabilities in a rangeset
2005-12-29 kaf24 Extend the range abstraction by adding an internal
2005-12-29 kaf24 Add a little more internal abstraction to the rangeset
2005-12-29 kaf24 Add auto-destructing per-domain rangeset data structure,
2008-10-29 Mukesh Rathor REFRESH to unstable changeset 18711. NO debugger changes
2008-05-19 Mukesh Rathor Exact replica of unstable on 051908 + README-this