log xen/common/sched_sedf.c

age author description
2010-12-15 Keir Fraser x86: mpparse and cstate need to use 32bit apic id
2010-10-24 Keir Fraser cpupools: Make interface more consistent
2010-06-17 Keir Fraser x86: IRQ affinity should track vCPU affinity
2010-05-19 Keir Fraser Fix CPU hotplug after percpu data handling changes.
2010-05-14 Keir Fraser Remove many uses of cpu_possible_map and iterators over NR_CPUS.
2010-05-11 Keir Fraser tasklet: Improve scheduler interaction.
2010-05-04 Keir Fraser scheduler: const-ify references to 'struct scheduler' where possible.
2010-04-21 Keir Fraser cpupools [1/6]: hypervisor changes
2010-04-19 Keir Fraser Implement tasklets as running in VCPU context (sepcifically, idle-VCPU context)
2010-07-16 Mukesh Rathor Refresh to unstable c/s 21811
2010-03-19 Mukesh Rathor Refresh to c/s 21046. Also, update kdb as follows:
2009-06-18 Keir Fraser x86_64: allow more vCPU-s per guest
2008-09-22 Keir Fraser Fix misc issues related to allowing support of more CPUs
2008-07-15 Keir Fraser xen: Small cleanups towards allowing stricter compile warnings.
2007-03-29 kfraser xen: Get rid of some VCPUF_* flags and move into their own byte fields.
2007-02-21 kfraser Use RCU for domain_list and domain_hash.
2006-11-06 Emmanuel Ackaouy [XEN] Initial support for multi-core and multi-threaded CPU scheduling.
2006-11-06 kfraser [XEN] Re-jig VCPU initialisation -- VMX init requires generic VCPU
2006-10-23 kfraser [XEN] Remove definition of printf. All users are switched to printk.
2006-09-21 kfraser [XEN] Fix domctl for changing VCPU affinity.
2006-08-25 kfraser Replace dom0_ops hypercall with three new hypercalls:
2006-08-22 kfraser [XEN] Clean up some x86 bootstrap code. Replace some CPU iterators
2006-08-19 kaf24 [XEN] Make some implicit header includes explicit.
2006-08-16 shand Whitespace clean-ups.
2006-08-08 kaf24 [XEN] Make per-cpu schedule data explicitly PER_CPU.
2006-07-05 kfraser [XEN] Separate domain creation from vcpu creation.
2006-06-17 kaf24 [SEDF] Fix SEDF defaults to make domain0 take only a fair
2006-06-01 kaf24 Domain creation/destruction cleanups.
2006-04-09 kaf24 Remove various compile-time options from SEDF scheduler and
2006-03-17 kaf24 Fix sched_sedf adjdom to properly clamp the period max value.
2006-03-15 kaf24 Fix 64-bit build.
2006-03-15 kaf24 Add extra tracing near a commonly-failing scheduler assertion.
2006-03-13 kaf24 Fix broken assertion in SEDF scheduler.
2006-03-08 kaf24 Add some bounds checking to values passed when changing the period and
2006-02-25 kaf24 New VCPUOP_get_runstate_info hypercall. Returns information about the current
2006-02-23 kaf24 Whenever the slice of a domU is set to 0, sedf_adjdom() sets extraweight
2006-01-12 kaf24 Rename ac_timer_* interfaces -> timer_*. The ac_ is
2006-01-09 kaf24 General start-of-day cleanups, resulting in the
2006-01-07 kaf24 Reduce locked critical region in __enter_scheduler(),
2006-01-06 kaf24 Clean up domain shutdown and modification of vcpu
2006-01-06 kaf24 Clean up xen-internal representation of per-vcpu
2005-11-22 kaf24 Add -Wdeclaration-after-statement to Xen and tools build.
2005-10-20 kaf24 This patch to the Xen access control module (ACM) and tools:
2005-10-12 kaf24 New dom0_op to set max vcpus for a domain.
2005-10-04 emellor Merged.
2005-10-03 jrb44 Possible fix for the SEDF scheduler assertion problem.
2005-09-22 djm Merge latest xen-unstable into xen-ia64-unstable
2005-09-21 jbulpin Trivial spelling mistake fix.
2005-09-15 kaf24 merge?
2005-09-14 djm Merge latest xen-unstable into xen-ia64-unstable to prep
2005-09-13 djm Merge with latest xen-unstable
2005-09-09 djm Merge (only) xen-ia64-unstable with latest xen-unstable
2005-09-01 cl349 merge?
2005-08-31 shand merge?
2005-08-31 kaf24 merge?
2005-08-30 adsharma Merge.
2005-08-29 adsharma Merge.
2005-08-29 adsharma Merge.
2005-08-26 adsharma Merge.
2005-08-25 adsharma Merge.