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age author description
2007-12-27 Keir Fraser Fix xend xenstore handling.
2006-11-29 Ewan Mellor Move the assert under the protection of the in_transaction flag.
2006-05-23 emellor Added get_permissions implementation.
2005-12-02 emellor Initialise the connection ID when a domain is introduced. This (re)enables
2005-11-30 emellor Cope with longs being passed to xstransact.write.
2005-11-15 emellor Remove the handling of TypeError inside gather. It is not thrown by int()
2005-11-11 emellor New Xenbus driver structure, bringing an explicit state machine to the table.
2005-11-08 emellor Remove unused parameter.
2005-11-07 emellor Added assertion, to stop it blowing up more obscurely a little later.
2005-10-24 emellor Removed some unnecessary imports.
2005-10-18 emellor Protect __del__ from failure inside __init__ by setting inTransaction before
2005-10-11 djm Merged
2005-09-29 djm Merge xen-unstable into xen-ia64-unstable
2005-09-29 djm Merge
2005-10-09 kaf24 Extend xenbus/xenstore client interface to include a transaction
2005-09-28 kaf24 merge
2005-09-26 djm Merge latest xen-unstable into xen-ia64-unstable
2005-09-28 emellor Added new classmethod xstransact.ListRecursive, and use this inside
2005-09-28 emellor Added behaviour to read() to read directly from the transaction's path if no
2005-09-27 emellor Added behaviour to list() to list the transaction's path if no arguments are
2005-09-23 emellor Add check for speed (takes 33 minutes on my laptop, OUCH!)
2005-09-22 djm Merge latest xen-unstable into xen-ia64-unstable
2005-09-21 emellor Merge.
2005-09-21 emellor Added diagnostic messages to the RuntimeError exceptions when they occur inside
2005-09-19 cl349 merge?
2005-09-19 cl349 Remove iflag argument to xs_write
2005-09-19 cl349 merge?
2005-09-19 cl349 merge?
2005-09-19 cl349 merge?
2005-09-18 emellor Add behaviour to the remove methods to remove the transaction's path itself. This allows us to write Remove(path) to remove the specified path rather than having to slice the path ourselves.
2005-09-18 emellor In all cases, move the creation of a new transaction outside of the block
2005-09-17 emellor Added diagnostic message to exception when TypeError occurs on write.
2005-09-15 kaf24 merge?
2005-09-14 djm Merge latest xen-unstable into xen-ia64-unstable to prep
2005-09-13 djm Merge with latest xen-unstable
2005-09-09 djm Merge (only) xen-ia64-unstable with latest xen-unstable
2005-09-14 cl349 merge?
2005-09-14 cl349 Explicit test for None.
2005-09-14 cl349 More syntactic sugar.
2005-09-14 cl349 Support removing nodes from store if value to store is None.
2005-09-14 cl349 Add store function.
2005-09-14 cl349 Always allow transaction abort.
2005-09-14 cl349 Add gather function and robustify class methods' failure handling.
2005-09-13 cl349 Fix error handling code paths.
2005-09-13 cl349 merge?
2005-09-13 cl349 merge?
2005-09-13 cl349 Move xshandle to, add IntroduceDomain, fix list to handle empty/non-existant directories and fix Remove.
2005-09-09 cl349 merge?
2005-09-09 cl349 Add remove and list support. Also make all class methods "safe".
2005-09-09 cl349 Only retry transactions which fail from timeout.
2005-09-09 cl349 Always start transactions on an existing path.
2005-09-09 cl349 Add simple transactional read/write python xenstore interface.
2008-05-19 Mukesh Rathor Exact replica of unstable on 051908 + README-this