log xen/include/asm-x86/domain.h

age author description
2007-12-28 Keir Fraser Rename uintN_t guest handles to uintN, to avoid nameclash with uintN_t
2007-11-22 Keir Fraser x86: emulate I/O port access breakpoints
2007-11-16 Keir Fraser hvm: make dirty logging stop requiring physical pages of order > 0
2007-11-07 Keir Fraser x86: Fix PV guest CR4 handling. We should not leak hidden CR4 bits
2007-10-29 Keir Fraser x86: allow pv guests to disable TSC for applications
2007-10-24 Keir Fraser x86: Remove CALLBACKTYPE_sysexit.
2007-10-24 Keir Fraser x86-64: syscall/sysenter support for 32-bit apps for both 32-bit apps
2007-10-02 Keir Fraser x86/32: Re-factor mapcache data structure into per-domain and per-vcpu
2007-08-31 kfraser Implement x86 continuable domain destroy.
2007-08-31 Tim Deegan [HVM] Shadow: don't shadow the p2m table.
2007-08-07 kfraser xen: Clean up some paging files: no tab and trailing spaces.
2007-07-19 kfraser SMP support for Xen PM.
2007-07-18 Tim Deegan [HVM] HAP: tidy up page allocation/tracking and monitor-table building.
2007-06-11 Tim Deegan [XEN] Make common log-dirty paging code and add HAP log-dirty support.
2007-06-01 Tim Deegan [XEN] Shadow: cache gva->gfn+rights translations between guest TLB flushessparse-tree-deprecated
2007-06-01 Tim Deegan [XEN] Shadow: emulate a few extra instructions on PAE pagetable writes
2007-05-30 kfraser Clean up around domain init/destroy.
2007-04-27 kfraser xen: More 'IS_COMPAT' cleanups.
2007-04-26 kfraser hvm: Take care when checking ->is_compat flag now that HVM as well as
2007-04-25 kfraser xen: Fix up use of trap_bounce structure.
2007-04-02 kfraser hvm hap: P2M page table cleanup and bug fix.
2007-03-20 Ian Campbell [XEN] Implement faster int 0x80 handling for compat mode guests.
2007-03-12 Tim Deegan [HVM] Speed up bulk p2m operations such as domain creation
2007-03-08 Tim Deegan [HVM] Add support for hardware-assisted paging
2007-02-24 Keir Fraser xen memory allocator: Allow per-domain bitwidth restrictions.
2007-02-14 Tim Deegan [XEN] Snapshot PAE l3es when they are shadowed.
2007-02-14 Tim Deegan [XEN] New paging-assistance interface.
2007-01-05 Emmanuel Ackaouy Enable compatibility mode operation for HYPERVISOR_memory_op,
2007-01-05 Emmanuel Ackaouy Add page table setup and handling, including the creation of an m2p table
2006-12-08 kfraser [XEN] Implement XENMEM_set_memory_map, which specifies memory map to
2006-12-06 Tim Deegan [XEN] remove unused monitor_vtable mapping.
2006-12-01 kfraser [HVM] Cache segment-register contents during PTE-update emulations.
2006-11-23 Tim Deegan [XEN] Pin l3 shadows of older x86_64 linux guests.
2006-11-23 Tim Deegan [XEN] Simplify the shadow hash table.
2006-11-15 kfraser [XEN] Define remaining x86 public pointer fields as guest handles.
2006-11-15 Tim Deegan [XEN] Track high-water-mark of p2m map
2006-10-17 Tim Deegan [XEN] Heuristic for fast revoke-write-access in HIGHPTE linux guests
2006-10-17 Tim Deegan [XEN] Don't keep shadows of PAE guest l3 tables.
2006-09-28 Tim Deegan [XEN] Support lightweight shadow-translate PV guests, for paravirt-ops.
2006-08-28 kaf24 [XEN] Rename shadow2 to shadow and move the various source
2006-08-21 kfraser [XEN] Fix maddr_from_mapped_domain_page().
2006-08-20 kaf24 [XEN] More shadow2 cleanups -- primarily moving arch vcpu/domain
2006-08-16 tdeegan Replace shadow pagetable code with shadow2.
2006-08-11 kfraser [XEN] Remove batched writable pagetable logic.
2006-08-01 kfraser [XEN] Add hypercall support for HVM guests. This is
2006-05-30 kaf24 Fix the support for PAE pgdirs above 4GB that was introduced in
2006-05-26 kaf24 [PAE] Allow pgdirs above 4GB for paravirt guests.
2006-03-19 kaf24 Abstract some details of context switching into ctxt_switch_from/to
2006-01-31 kaf24 Big merge the HVM full-virtualisation abstractions.
2006-01-28 kaf24 Replace the MMUEXTOP 'pfn hole' commands with a new
2006-01-24 kaf24 Indirect hypercalls through a hypercall transfer page.
2006-01-11 kaf24 More code cleanups, mainly to do_iret() implementations.
2006-01-11 kaf24 Add a per-vcpu lock-free cache of mappings to map_domain_page.
2006-01-10 kaf24 Update map_domain_page() documentation (mappings may only be
2006-01-09 kaf24 General start-of-day cleanups, resulting in the
2005-12-31 kaf24 Store admin-specified ioport capabilities in a rangeset
2005-11-24 kaf24 Clean up mark_dirty() implementation to check for log-dirty
2005-11-09 kaf24 Move linear faulting address (%cr2) out of the page fault
2005-10-23 kaf24 some fixes to VMX:
2005-10-18 kaf24 In the shadow mode, thanks to recent patches, the shadow