log tools/Makefile

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2010-02-04 Keir Fraser tools: Do not append trailing slash to XEN_ROOT in Makefiles
2009-12-28 Keir Fraser memshr: Must be built on ia64 as well as x86, as blktap depends on it.
2009-12-28 Keir Fraser memshr: Build fixes
2009-12-18 Keir Fraser netbsd: Build fix (do not build memshr).
2009-12-17 Keir Fraser Generic bi-directional map, and related initialisation functions. At the moment
2009-12-17 Keir Fraser User-land tool for memory paging.
2009-11-13 Keir Fraser Remus: add control script to activate remus on a VM
2009-11-09 Keir Fraser libxenlight: initial libxenlight implementation under tools/libxl
2010-07-16 Mukesh Rathor Refresh to unstable c/s 21811
2010-03-19 Mukesh Rathor Refresh to c/s 21046. Also, update kdb as follows:
2009-07-22 Keir Fraser tools: xenbackendd for NetBSD
2009-06-23 Keir Fraser Get rid of hardcoded pathes for stubdom and hotplug scripts
2009-06-23 Keir Fraser blktap2: portability fixes for NetBSD
2009-05-26 Keir Fraser blktap2: a completely rewritten blktap implementation
2009-05-20 Keir Fraser tools: get rid of hardcoded config dirs
2009-05-19 Keir Fraser ocaml-xenstored: Allow to build ocaml xenstored instead of C version
2009-05-19 Keir Fraser ioemu: Export PREFIX variable to ioemu build environment.
2009-03-12 Keir Fraser tools: Make some code compile only on Linux
2008-11-04 Keir Fraser tools/hotplug: Separate OS-specific scripts.
2008-10-23 Keir Fraser Xen power management daemon patch.
2008-09-18 Keir Fraser Remove internal tools/ioemu tree.
2008-09-12 Keir Fraser $(XEN_ROOT) absolutification fixes for ioemu-remote (incl stubdom)
2008-08-29 Keir Fraser Run cross-compilation-aware install wrapper script.
2008-08-11 Keir Fraser tools build: add cross-install to find the right "strip"
2008-07-31 Keir Fraser pass IOEMU_CONFIGURE_CROSS to ioemu-remote/xen-setup
2008-07-25 Keir Fraser Support using a specific branch or tag of ioemu-remote
2008-07-24 Keir Fraser tools: use $(PREFIX) rather than hard-coding /usr
2008-07-18 Keir Fraser fs-back: enable build by default
2008-07-09 Keir Fraser Revert dependency on new GNUMake feature.
2008-07-08 Keir Fraser Improve plumbing for calling external qemu builds
2008-07-03 Keir Fraser Support building of out-of-tree merged qemu from git
2008-03-25 Keir Fraser build: Add generic subdirs rules.
2008-01-27 Keir Fraser tools: Merge clean and distclean target.
2008-01-26 Keir Fraser Add check to subdirs.
2008-01-26 Keir Fraser Add ioemu to subdirs.
2008-01-26 Keir Fraser Call makefile recursively for subdirs.
2008-01-26 Keir Fraser Remove tools/guest-headers; no longer needed.
2008-01-26 Keir Fraser Move generation of public header hierarchy into the tools.
2008-01-22 Keir Fraser ioemu: Use XEN_TARGET_ARCH instead of uname -m.
2008-01-22 Keir Fraser Make tools/Makefile cross-friendly
2007-10-25 Keir Fraser pv-qemu: Remove standalone xenfb code
2007-09-07 kfraser Check for libxml2 if security tools are to be built, and adapt the
2007-09-03 Ian Campbell Build libflask unconditionally since the python low-level tools
2007-08-31 kfraser Xen Security Modules: Tools.
2007-06-20 kfraser tools: Create directory /var/lib/xen at install target.
2007-03-07 kfraser tools: Clean up use of 'install' command.
2007-03-06 kfraser Make Python tools (i.e., xend and pygrub) conditionally compiled.
2007-03-05 kfraser Move ptsname module under tools/python.
2007-01-22 Tim Deegan [PYGRUB] Add python module for POSIX ptsname(2) function.
2006-12-15 Ewan Mellor Revert Makefile changes from 13023:70155087efe89 -- they break make dist.
2006-12-14 kfraser Add another package check (python-xml).
2006-12-02 Ewan Mellor Make the xenfb tools an optional part of the build, as they introduce new
2006-12-01 Steven Smith This is Anthony Liguori's virtual framebuffer forward ported and
2006-11-22 jfehlig Add libxen to overall xen build via a config option in
2006-11-09 Tim Deegan Add libfsimage, a C library for reading files from filesystem images.
2006-10-17 kfraser Allow CONFIG_IOEMU=n to work.
2006-08-28 kaf24 [XEND] Move all of the various log files created by xen to
2006-08-09 kaf24 Build tools/firmware only on x86.
2006-07-25 chris Make ioemu targets more robust and make ioemu clean always succeed.
2006-07-25 kfraser Fix 'make clean' when ioemu configuration failed.