age author revision description
2009-07-28 Keir Fraser 20036:0ed80e4e2780 ns16550: check_existence() can be marked __init
2009-07-28 Keir Fraser 20035:0532b32701f8 ns16550: More robust check for presence of FIFO
2009-07-28 Keir Fraser 20034:6ba0f519a9fa xend: make a crash dump directory per DomU
2009-07-28 Keir Fraser 20033:7faf35a248c0 xend: pass-through: fix "xm pci-list-assignable-devices' for pv_guest
2009-07-28 Keir Fraser 20032:5bb626155123 xend: pass-through: fix pci passthrough for pv guest
2009-07-28 Keir Fraser 20031:b0376518cf29 x86,hvm: clean up vpt's period_cycles field
2009-07-28 Keir Fraser 20030:298a35c11ad1 tools/tests: Add syntax check for different versions of python
2009-07-28 Keir Fraser 20029:49ea12238cf9 x86: Initialize the ACPI "safe" power state to C1.
2009-07-28 Keir Fraser 20028:38dd208e1d95 xend: fix migration hangs by closing fds on exec
2009-07-28 Keir Fraser 20027:0c7a560822d9 xend: pass-through: device state in xenstore may be null
2009-07-28 Keir Fraser 20026:6120f7a92d82 passthrough: use tasklet to deliver interrupts
2009-07-28 Keir Fraser 20025:18e60f40c44b hvm vlapic: Fix vlapic_write() for partial register writes.
2009-07-28 Keir Fraser 20024:ffc1a08fcec9 xend: pass-through: Use parse_pci_name() in find_parent()
2009-07-28 Keir Fraser 20023:95eec4e77c3c x86_32: handle x87 opcodes in TLS segment fixups
2009-07-24 Keir Fraser 20022:8af26fef898c Revert 19961: breaks xend start on some systems.
2009-07-24 Keir Fraser 20021:fa0b4af24e08 xend: Fix use of set() for Python 2.3.
2009-07-24 Keir Fraser 20020:6d7985ff6b69 hvmloader: Fix get_memsize() to cast high_mem_pgend to 64 bits.
2009-07-23 Keir Fraser 20019:bc3aca17cb88 python: make tools/python/xen/util/ work on python 2.3
2009-07-23 Keir Fraser 20018:c271306ddf74 fix Makefile dependency.
2009-07-23 Keir Fraser 20017:562ef30ea804 xend: Don't call decode() if PV_{kernel,ramdisk} are ''
2009-07-23 Keir Fraser 20016:83e6b0198569 xend: Set up CPUID leaves on restore for both PV and HVM guests.
2009-07-23 Keir Fraser 20015:5719af68e43e fs-front: cope with a missing fs-backend
2009-07-23 Keir Fraser 20014:e7c6a258be0d stubdom: update README as no reason to specify absolute paths
2009-07-23 Keir Fraser 20013:fcd0878dfa3e Revert QEMU_TAG to 5cc34ea27f1cbd1a0560cfca91fb89ccd6d5726f
2009-07-22 Keir Fraser 20012:9ced12c28e05 tools: xenbackendd for NetBSD
2009-07-22 Keir Fraser 20011:5adc108c0085 page allocator: add mfn_valid() check to free_heap_pages() and scrub_pages()
2009-07-22 Keir Fraser 20010:091036b8dbb9 xend: pass-through: use identity-mapping of PCI functions
2009-07-22 Keir Fraser 20009:4fc621f62ed1 tools: implement balloon stat and cpuinfo for NetBSD
2009-07-22 Keir Fraser 20008:6c8964bbde24 x86 mce: Fix formatting in a couple of printks.
2009-07-22 Keir Fraser 20007:6e8f7f2a8f38 Update QEMU_TAG to a42b67ed27a9744a2492c8ffe5c26935bd19ee27
2009-07-21 Keir Fraser 20006:054c8395b15d xsm: Move ACM_DEBUG and printkd() out of public header. They are
2009-07-21 Keir Fraser 20005:761caae284d0 xsm: Do not use gcc-ism in public header file.
2009-07-21 Keir Fraser 20004:261f4a127616 xend: pass-through: fix regression in the ordering of the output of xm pci list
2009-07-21 Keir Fraser 20003:534d3716bbbe Revert part of c/s 19349: fixes qcow for HVM guests
2009-07-20 Keir Fraser 20002:3341850938ac Remove support for out-of-date SLES9 and RHEL4 kernel
2009-07-20 Keir Fraser 20001:5333e6497af6 libxenguest: Revert domain builder interface changes for 'superpages'
2009-07-20 Keir Fraser 20000:6d41644623de libxc: Use a single mmap interface to Linux
2009-07-20 Keir Fraser 19999:e34975d7d8f1 xend: Add support for URI ('file:' and 'data:' scheme) for PV/kernel and PV/ramdisk
2009-07-20 Keir Fraser 19998:62b7fc245d1f x86: make show_page_walk() more robust
2009-07-20 Keir Fraser 19997:69cd50c86a79 xend: modify sort() for Python 2.3
2009-07-20 Keir Fraser 19996:ad5a697d701a blktap2: Remove set() for Python 2.3
2009-07-20 Keir Fraser 19995:1ebe34ccd271 ia64: Define paging_mode_external(), now needed by grant_table.c
2009-07-20 Keir Fraser 19994:33447a5c6851 Use git smart server protocol for qemu tree by default
2009-07-16 Keir Fraser 19993:e07726c03d31 xend: Restore scheduling parameters
2009-07-16 Keir Fraser 19992:8ce42378828b hvmloader: Add new test for MSR_SHADOW_GS_BASE validity after SWAPGS instruction.
2009-07-16 Keir Fraser 19991:fe4c6845a9d7 vmx: Fix handling of FS/GS base MSRs.
2009-07-16 Keir Fraser 19990:1033c6cdec62 tmem: No noise when disabled and not configured
2009-07-16 Keir Fraser 19989:8368aff1d759 x86 svm: Disable intercepting CR3 writes when nested paging is enabled
2009-07-15 Keir Fraser 19988:06893fe1c399 x86: extend some of Intel's recent MCE work to also support AMD
2009-07-15 Keir Fraser 19987:10d806ca5952 tools/check: We do need a default for ${PYTHON} as called from
2009-07-15 Keir Fraser 19986:bc80ccb79c5b tools/check: No need to check for ${PYTHON} existence.
2009-07-15 Keir Fraser 19985:855d0f17e364 i386: eliminate unsupported CPUs' MCA handling code
2009-07-15 Keir Fraser 19984:91407452cdb6 Rename for_each_cpu() to for_each_possible_cpu()
2009-07-15 Keir Fraser 19983:faa216e744ad i386: fix handling of Xen entries in final L2 page table
2009-07-15 Keir Fraser 19982:034e015088ac stubdom: make -> $(MAKE)
2009-07-15 Keir Fraser 19981:d09113020033 Fix a couple of comment typos.
2009-07-15 Keir Fraser 19980:323ae92f774b x86: Fix an oversight of c/s 19927 - per-CPU data accesses must
2009-07-15 Keir Fraser 19979:c4d78e5755a1 stubdom: don't leak include dir on distclean
2009-07-15 Keir Fraser 19978:d3db03f64e46 minios: switch to C99 integer types
2009-07-14 Keir Fraser 19977:eac682b9c7bc debug=y default during development