age author revision description
2009-12-17 Keir Fraser 20715:1165acfea711 hap_gva_to_gfn paging support. Return PFEC_page_paged when a paged
2009-12-17 Keir Fraser 20714:52a97cb711dd Base paging support for HVM guests.
2009-12-17 Keir Fraser 20713:b0bef85100ec Paging support for guest walk tables to page in l1-l3 page table pages.
2009-12-17 Keir Fraser 20712:f24609ab0b95 EPT specific P2M support for new paging types.
2009-12-17 Keir Fraser 20711:01037b222d74 New P2M types for memory paging and supporting functions.
2009-12-17 Keir Fraser 20710:c9fb3c514f65 imported patch mem_event_tools_domctls.patch
2009-12-17 Keir Fraser 20709:66e29f42247a domctl support for generic memory event handling.
2009-12-17 Keir Fraser 20708:a1ab94c514b8 Core support for memory events.
2009-12-17 Keir Fraser 20707:49ad2a499edb Base domain structure and public interface to support memory events.
2009-12-17 Keir Fraser 20706:ba42d74c9adc General code clean-up of xc_linux.c.
2009-12-17 Keir Fraser 20705:549c77a3f4c5 Change the naming scheme of hap_gva_to_gfn to match that of guest_walk_tables
2009-12-17 Keir Fraser 20704:da46574284b9 Fix a reference to X86EMUL_OKAY which was hardcoded as a 0 instead.
2009-12-17 Keir Fraser 20703:c16a1d988ebc hvm: handle PVRDTSCP mode
2009-12-16 Keir Fraser 20702:7c85a4aa17fe hvm: Clean up RDTSCP/TSC_AUX handling.
2009-12-16 Keir Fraser 20701:3c5b5c4c1d79 Turn tmem (transcendent memory) support on by default.
2009-12-16 Keir Fraser 20700:da8baefea216 AMD IOMMU: Fix a xen crash on amd iommu systems
2009-12-16 Keir Fraser 20699:84de9733e3ee AMD IOMMU: Reset event logging when event overflows
2009-12-16 Keir Fraser 20698:c6ee21dca848 pygrub: add ext4 support
2009-12-16 Keir Fraser 20697:cbcb3d564b2f x86_emulate: Emulate RDTSCP instruction.
2009-12-16 Keir Fraser 20696:b543acc1aaad iommu: Actually clear IO-APIC pins on boot and shutdown when used with an IOMMU
2009-12-16 Keir Fraser 20695:976d679b04fb HVM RDTSCP fixes
2009-12-16 Keir Fraser 20694:91ec06817632 XSM: Restore policy backwards compatibility
2009-12-16 Keir Fraser 20693:f9998fedea78 pygrub: fix attribute error when not found parser
2009-12-16 Keir Fraser 20692:d7403d17d03a xenoprof: Fix support for active domains
2009-12-14 Keir Fraser 20691:1e9441f4dcbd xen-detect: Avoid dumping core
2009-12-14 Keir Fraser 20690:4bde3bb310b4 mini-os: Fix a compilation error in xencons_ring when !HAVE_LIBC
2009-12-14 Keir Fraser 20689:23bc248302df mini-os: Fix memory leaks in blkfront, netfront, pcifront, etc.
2009-12-14 Keir Fraser 20688:0cb22e32795c x86_32: Fix build after RDTSCP and memory hotplug changes.
2009-12-14 Keir Fraser 20687:92d0cfcff6dd Fix bug in c/s 20332 "Add commands to hotplug usb devices to hvm guests"
2009-12-14 Keir Fraser 20686:22a28ffb6034 HVM vcpu add/remove: parse vcpu_avail to Qemu
2009-12-14 Keir Fraser 20685:5ea096ef7603 HVM vcpu add/remove: parse 'vcpu_avail' to firmware and set up madt
2009-12-14 Keir Fraser 20684:eaea340b371d HVM vcpu add/remove: setup dsdt infrastructure by mk_dsdt.c for vcpu add/remove
2009-12-14 Keir Fraser 20683:45fc26e2d05a PoD: correct assertion and remove noisy messages
2009-12-14 Keir Fraser 20682:e73d666b4d30 docs: add a document about guest cpuid configuration
2009-12-14 Keir Fraser 20681:7088591b454b xend: fix empty 'cpus' parsing
2009-12-14 Keir Fraser 20680:73ff2d056e36 xend: fix a typo introduced by changeset 20621:f9392f6eda79
2009-12-14 Keir Fraser 20679:4bb3933ab001 Fix bug in c/s 20332 "Add commands to hotplug usb devices to hvm guests"
2009-12-14 Keir Fraser 20678:40a598cb0e91 Disable watchdog in dump_registers
2009-12-14 Keir Fraser 20677:7162eff6d085 Fix losetup -f not working on SLES10
2009-12-14 Keir Fraser 20676:db8a985693f7 Fix clock for XCP Windows PV drivers on restore
2009-12-14 Keir Fraser 20675:2d9c58c29a94 cpuidle: fix the menu governor to enhance IO performance
2009-12-14 Keir Fraser 20674:3d505c9f1b73 hvm: Fix CR0.WP=0 emulation. Don't take write emulation path for MMIO.
2009-12-14 Keir Fraser 20673:c61953922215 Add RDTSCP instruction support for HVM VMX guest.
2009-12-14 Keir Fraser 20672:2d072636c4f8 Pvrdtscp: move write_rdtscp_aux() to paravirt_ctxt_switch_to() -
2009-12-11 Keir Fraser 20671:b928797213ac docs: Fixes for README
2009-12-11 Keir Fraser 20670:90a6dd880ddf Update Xen version to 4.0.0-rc1-pre
2009-12-11 Keir Fraser 20669:63ff27b3b07a mini-os: Fix memory leaks in xs_read() and xs_write()
2009-12-11 Keir Fraser 20668:f61303bcc3ac libxenlight: Disable unneeded C++ binding for libconfig
2009-12-11 Keir Fraser 20667:f9392f6eda79 tools: improve NUMA guest placement when ballooning
2009-12-11 Keir Fraser 20666:a50c1cbf08ec memory hotadd 7/7: hypercall support
2009-12-11 Keir Fraser 20665:7d7e221370ea memory hotadd 6/7: Allocate L3 table for whole direct maping range if
2009-12-11 Keir Fraser 20664:611f49efe955 memory hotadd 5/7: Sync changes to mapping changes caused by memory
2009-12-11 Keir Fraser 20663:283a5357d196 memory hotadd 4/7: Setup frametable for hot-added memory
2009-12-11 Keir Fraser 20662:0ca5a5f477be memory hotadd 3/7: Function to share m2p tables with guest.
2009-12-11 Keir Fraser 20661:adb62ca21d31 memory hotadd 2/7: Destroy m2p table for hot-added memory when hot-add failed.
2009-12-11 Keir Fraser 20660:b7cf749e14fc memory hotadd 1/7: Setup m2p table for hot-added memory
2009-12-11 Keir Fraser 20659:2e5032921b07 PVUSB: xm/xend support
2009-12-11 Keir Fraser 20658:1f5f36e11114 docs: Example usage of pvrdtscp algorithm
2009-12-11 Keir Fraser 20657:1396dfb8d6ba x86: Allow HPET to set timers more sloppily by seeing each CPU's
2009-12-11 Keir Fraser 20656:b2ccd48f2f9b libxenlight: fix cd-insert cli arguments parsing