age author revision description
2009-09-15 Keir Fraser 20236:1cfd248d0fc8 blktap2: Fix off-by-one error in driver lookup
2009-09-15 Keir Fraser 20235:855a574a5e88 PoD: Implement PoD for EPT
2009-09-15 Keir Fraser 20234:45f109d149bd p2m: Reorganize p2m_pod_demand_populate in preparation for EPT PoD patch
2009-09-15 Keir Fraser 20233:dbe555567793 EPT: Clean up some code
2009-09-15 Keir Fraser 20232:582970a2d2dc PoD: Check p2m assumption in debug builds
2009-09-15 Keir Fraser 20231:973f4bbf4723 PoD: Fix debug build.
2009-09-15 Keir Fraser 20230:a06db28876fe PoD: Don't reclaim xenheap pages in zero-sweep
2009-09-15 Keir Fraser 20229:3deb2bd7aade PoD: Scrub pages before adding to the cache
2009-09-15 Keir Fraser 20228:d20260bece2d passthrough: remove pointless error checks
2009-09-09 Keir Fraser 20227:d2a32e24fe50 x86: add an extra check when validating a huge pv L2 entry
2009-09-09 Keir Fraser 20226:4226e02bdf71 Fix an obviously inverted check in offline_page()
2009-09-09 Keir Fraser 20225:473487173fda Fix typo in c/s 20158:f9ce5858.
2009-09-09 Keir Fraser 20224:71c7c3994b19 xm,xend: Make cpus parameter available
2009-09-09 Keir Fraser 20223:67201ec9ed79 mount /proc/xen in init.d/xen
2009-09-08 Keir Fraser 20222:366ae2894ecd x86: Fix typo in p2m_pod_set_cache_target
2009-09-08 Keir Fraser 20221:c1be39c02479 Update QEMU_TAG to 2836e73adcd994de071f4eec1aa538a5ca849118
2009-09-08 Keir Fraser 20220:b41b9f4f7e39 xend: Fix syntax error
2009-09-08 Keir Fraser 20219:1c406a505fc0 VT-d: prevent dom0 to use VT-d HW
2009-09-07 Keir Fraser 20218:18cd7c378c48 Fix etags invocation
2009-09-07 Keir Fraser 20217:f3076870465f xend: passthrough: add an option pci-passthrough-strict-check
2009-09-07 Keir Fraser 20216:7c8a33ed6dec vt-d: don't treat IOAPIC RTE of dest_SMI type specially.
2009-09-07 Keir Fraser 20215:ac096fe31a63 vt-d: some small fixes to apic_pin_2_ir_idx
2009-09-07 Keir Fraser 20214:26bdf05cb7ae x86: Some cleanups for apic_write, apic_read, apic_wrmsr, apic_rdmsr
2009-09-07 Keir Fraser 20213:3cfa9a6a3168 vt-d: replace the gdprintk with dprintk since it isn't in guest context.
2009-09-07 Keir Fraser 20212:a28c9c2fa8de pygrub: trap exception when python module import fails
2009-09-07 Keir Fraser 20211:b81e375e0392 vt-d: avoid obtaining iommu->register_lock too early in
2009-09-07 Keir Fraser 20210:a2ab11e31f91 xend: Enable to set config variables in /etc/sysconfig/xend
2009-09-07 Keir Fraser 20209:55ef198e63c7 xend: Revert c/s 17536 which breaks PV passthru of MSI-X devices.
2009-09-07 Keir Fraser 20208:9c84d25e6d88 Add the support of x2apic logical cluster mode.
2009-09-07 Keir Fraser 20207:cb249398f3ef vt-d: use 32-bit Destination ID when Interrupt Remapping with EIM is
2009-09-07 Keir Fraser 20206:be45bf6fe251 vt-d: enhance the support of Interrupt Remapping EIM and x2APIC
2009-09-07 Keir Fraser 20205:fb36c9e103dc x86/mmcfg: misc adjustments
2009-09-07 Keir Fraser 20204:fdb0228d6689 amd iommu: Remove a useless flag and fix I/O page fault for hvm
2009-09-07 Keir Fraser 20203:6a2a099c8ef4 amd iommu: Cleanup initialization functions and fix a fatal page fault
2009-09-07 Keir Fraser 20202:2c2cdaffc3f9 x86-64/mmcfg: add explicit support for nVidia MCP55
2009-09-07 Keir Fraser 20201:9dc39a86a396 x86: convert frame_table to a #define
2009-09-07 Keir Fraser 20200:27e298295d68 Tidy evtchn keyhandler a little
2009-09-07 Keir Fraser 20199:b5cb195b737b xend: passthrough: fix physdev_map_pirq invocation
2009-09-07 Keir Fraser 20198:49b561416efc Fix some issues for HVM log dirty:
2009-09-04 Keir Fraser 20197:ead107bc25cb x86: Fix PoD cache size when decreasing memory
2009-09-04 Keir Fraser 20196:f9ce5858f7ea xend: Support "bootloader" mode for "drbd:" devices
2009-09-04 Keir Fraser 20195:b4b79f3e3118 xend: fix domain_migrate
2009-09-03 Keir Fraser 20194:8f81bdd57afe vt-d: fix Dom0 S3 resume.
2009-09-03 Keir Fraser 20193:372feb56b6da x86 vpt: Small performance fixes.
2009-09-03 Keir Fraser 20192:b951df6d6c8f xm: Add "tap2" to attach blocktap disks to VM
2009-09-03 Keir Fraser 20191:74bbd1eb7598 x86: com devices's irqaction shouldn't free.
2009-09-03 Keir Fraser 20190:cfcfc0856b2f [IOMMU] dynamic VTd page table for HVM guest
2009-09-02 Keir Fraser 20189:52fd5baad593 libxenguest: Remove unused static inline function is_loadable_phdr()
2009-09-02 Keir Fraser 20188:417161cd2531 Enable some SCSI drivers in pvops kernel config
2009-09-02 Keir Fraser 20187:afbeaea4ada1 x86: Remove the redundant logic in set_msi_affinity
2009-09-02 Keir Fraser 20186:2375b4ac35bd xm: Make cpu_{cap|weight} available when using XenAPI
2009-09-02 Keir Fraser 20185:a787b0053395 x86: rdtsc emulation (PV and HVM) must be monotonically increasing
2009-09-02 Keir Fraser 20184:e513d565c8f1 pygrub: Match bare-metal GRUB behavior for passwords
2009-09-01 Keir Fraser 20183:8fc927798476 x86 hvm: remove pt_reset()
2009-09-01 Keir Fraser 20182:05f3ca68f62d x86 passthru:: graphics passthrough
2009-09-01 Keir Fraser 20181:a7de5bd776ca x86: Make the hypercall PHYSDEVOP_alloc_irq_vector hypercall dummy.
2009-09-01 Keir Fraser 20180:a020d0cdf594 [IA64] Further irq-vector fix.
2009-08-31 Keir Fraser 20179:b4fcb5f632dc xend: Fix c/s 20137 -- do not redefine built-in name 'str'.
2009-08-31 Keir Fraser 20178:3b7cbf32fee9 x86 hvm: Clean up VLAPIC interfaces a little, and fix vlapic_ipi().
2009-08-31 Keir Fraser 20177:843835ef0fc1 [IA64] Fix serial console freeze issue