age author revision description
2010-09-21 Andre Przywara 22236:206e25c65694 libxl: change xl_cfg_get_list to take a dont_warn parameter
2010-09-21 Ian Jackson 22235:77a3da957017 libxl, buildmakevars2file: Do not relink libxl each time
2010-09-21 Jan Beulich 22234:588339604ec7 tools/hotplug: Linux udev rules adjustment
2010-09-21 Ian Jackson 22233:c41252a55a0a tools, build system: Detect distro-variant directories at build-time
2010-09-20 Keir Fraser 22232:7167d6dd5c7c x86: Retry do_mmu_update() a few times when called on a pte whose type is in flux.
2010-09-20 Keir Fraser 22231:9cebb977e9d8 x86/hvm: fix extra size passed to __trace_var()
2010-09-20 Keir Fraser 22230:62a44418d8a0 Eliminate unnecessary casts from __trace_var() invocations
2010-09-20 Keir Fraser 22229:a1d2d8222d01 ia64: fix gcc 4.5 warnings
2010-09-20 Keir Fraser 22228:68cc3c514a0a x86: protect MSI-X table and pending bit array from guest writes
2010-09-20 Keir Fraser 22227:fecdbe814a9f rangesets: add function to query for overlaps
2010-09-20 Keir Fraser 22226:0bc640853cfd sched_credit: Raise bar for inter-socket migrations on mostly-idle systems
2010-09-20 22225:b59f87f56b1e tools, build system: Make changing distro-specific layout aspects easier
2010-09-20 Jan Beulich 22224:81c40c5db26e libxl: fix Makefiles for autogenerated code (use multi-target patterns)
2010-09-18 Keir Fraser 22223:7405e0ddb912 x86_32: [un]map_domain_page() is now IRQ safe.
2010-09-18 Keir Fraser 22222:0da4bfd2bc23 x86: Fix indentation in irq.c.
2010-09-18 Keir Fraser 22221:ee3c64073231 x86: irq_enter()/irq_exit() covers all of do_IRQ().
2010-09-17 Keir Fraser 22220:632c02167f97 hvm pmtimer: correct pmtimer accuracy
2010-09-17 Keir Fraser 22219:1b05090854ba x86_32: Fix build by fixing prototype of hvmemul_do_pio().
2010-09-17 Ian Campbell 22218:b99050b69bc8 python: xl: stub out libxl_cpuid_policy_list accessors
2010-09-16 Juergen Gross 22217:d978675f3d53 xl: correct vcpu-pin and vcpu-list parameter checking
2010-09-16 Andre Przywara 22216:4e47a7db9711 libxl: introduce cpuid interface to domain build
2010-09-16 Jun Zhu 22215:ea47cb5d5755 libxl: Clear device-model info when destroying an HVM domain with stubdom.
2010-09-16 Andre Przywara 22214:a8026ce8fa38 libxl: fix compiler warning with fork_exec_bootloader
2010-09-16 Gianni Tedesco 22213:330c4d9010da libxl, tools/python: Add libxl python binding
2010-09-16 Gianni Tedesco 22212:251694a87f1d libxl: change IDL to export a saner interface for upcoming language bindings
2010-09-16 Keir Fraser 22211:bf3ebc372771 Remove unused function console_force_lock().
2010-09-15 Keir Fraser 22210:556356fe1fd8 vmx: Annotate update_guest_eip() callers with safety analysis
2010-09-15 Keir Fraser 22209:8039605d8980 vmx: __update_guest_eip(__guest_instruction_length()) -> update_guest_eip()
2010-09-15 Keir Fraser 22208:cf70ef051a82 mem_event: Clean up and remove over-sized paused_vcpus[] array.
2010-09-15 Keir Fraser 22207:ff011e0cb17c x86 hvm: Clean up PIO fast path emulation.
2010-09-15 Keir Fraser 22206:1087f9a03ab6 C6 state with EOI issue fix for some Intel processors
2010-09-15 Keir Fraser 22205:62edd2611cbb notify_via_xen_event_channel() should check for dying domain.
2010-09-15 Keir Fraser 22204:869a0fdf8686 x86: restore handling of "reboot=no"
2010-09-15 Keir Fraser 22203:d4976434b8bb x86: fix debug key 'i' handling with no IO-APICs
2010-09-15 Keir Fraser 22202:14ce571d157e svm: simplify MSR handling
2010-09-14 Ian Jackson 22201:5393151a737b QEMU_TAG update
2010-09-14 Ian Jackson 22200:ed8019e672c6 xl: fix memory management of migration_domname_r
2010-09-14 Matthias Klose 22199:95c90bd63aed tools/python: Replace python string exceptions with ValueError exceptions
2010-09-13 Keir Fraser 22198:65010d314adb x86 mca: unmap broken memory in EPT guest in MCA delayed handler
2010-09-13 Keir Fraser 22197:38b41484c599 x86: Add broken memory type in p2m table
2010-09-13 Keir Fraser 22196:b65d1a620378 Allow easier overriding of LIBLEAFDIR_x86_64 on GNU systems
2010-09-13 Keir Fraser 22195:9c1e3863c588 Fix an IO-APIC error message
2010-09-13 Keir Fraser 22194:a254d1236c1a Fix serial interrupt's destination
2010-09-13 Keir Fraser 22193:f0a1229cb0a6 hvm: Merge MSR_EFER handling.
2010-09-13 Keir Fraser 22192:f61504f8d6e5 Disable kernel build in Xen build system.
2010-09-13 Keir Fraser 22191:35318cc05a50 xen: define raw version of set_xen_guest_handle
2010-09-13 Keir Fraser 22190:ec31bb01c424 xsm: Avoid null dereference in flask get_page_sid
2010-09-13 Keir Fraser 22189:e64710373db7 The sysctl hypercall should be callable from HVM guests.
2010-09-13 Keir Fraser 22188:e129bd122741 vmx: Unifying the CPU_BASED_VM_EXEC_CONTROL VMCS field write into a
2010-09-13 Keir Fraser 22187:b40661482e0f vmx: Unifying the SECONDARY_VM_EXEC_CONTROL VMCS field write into a
2010-09-13 Keir Fraser 22186:767e3f4366f8 vmx: Caching the VMCS field EXCEPTION_BITMAP and cleanup some unused function.
2010-09-13 Keir Fraser 22185:78b16cd326dd vmx: Rename host_vmcs to vmxon_region
2010-09-13 Keir Fraser 22184:258b93411302 libxc, tmem: Fix build after fd2e5008c2e0
2010-09-13 Keir Fraser 22183:fd2e5008c2e0 tmem (tools): move to new ABI version to handle long object-ids
2010-09-13 Keir Fraser 22182:b7f0ea22880d tmem (hv): move to new ABI version to handle long object-ids
2010-09-13 Keir Fraser 22181:69e8bb164683 page_alloc: Hold heap_lock while adjusting page states to/from PGC_state_free.
2010-09-13 Keir Fraser 22180:e300bfa3c032 x86 vmx: Add handlers for missing exit_reasons documented by Intel SDM 3B
2010-09-13 Keir Fraser 22179:9c5f084135b8 page_alloc: Check neighbouring chunks belong to same NUMA node before
2010-09-10 Ian Jackson 22178:3985fea87987 tools/xenstore: libxenstore: fix threading bug which cause xend startup hang
2010-09-10 Vincent Hanquez 22177:f694fdd471ec oxenstored: when reading / read automatically the root node.