age author revision description
2010-03-26 Keir Fraser 21116:19cc497863a4 shadow: Don't crash xen if hvm_read() from paged or shared memory
2010-03-26 Keir Fraser 21115:17fa3cd04361 xenpaging: Fix ioemu invalidation
2010-03-26 Keir Fraser 21114:71dddee38e65 xl: field 'type' not set in dm_info
2010-03-25 Keir Fraser 21113:18f4db5f72d7 VT-d: should not disable VT-d when find unknown DMAR structure type
2010-03-25 Keir Fraser 21112:f42ff98a2cdc VT-d: Sanity check ACPI DMAR struct lengths.
2010-03-25 Keir Fraser 21111:e362fab06d42 x86: s3: write_msi_msg: entry->msg should be in the compatibility format
2010-03-25 Keir Fraser 21110:9472f08ddd71 VT-d: change RHSA structure to be consistent with spec
2010-03-25 Keir Fraser 21109:0a91254533dc Fix gdbserver-xen support on older kernels.
2010-03-25 Keir Fraser 21108:eb7812d0d610 Update QEMU_TAG to f1d909f0f854194f5a40d850886d1413fb8b63c2
2010-03-25 Keir Fraser 21107:12aebcebff2a x86: fix improper return value from relinquish_memory()
2010-03-24 Keir Fraser 21106:377433a77d70 Fix 21051:bcc09eb7379f "x86_32: Relocate multiboot modules to below 1GB."
2010-03-24 Keir Fraser 21105:3c8719d2cb8d VT-d: avoid faulting in print_iommu_regs()
2010-03-24 Keir Fraser 21104:fcbaa25e227c Update Xen version to 4.0.0-rc8-pre
2010-03-23 Keir Fraser 21103:0475c567c708 Update 4.0.0-rc7 tag
2010-03-23 Keir Fraser 21102:ec8f2e7dea44 x86: s3: ensure CR4.MCE is enabled after mcheck_init()4.0.0-rc7
2010-03-23 Keir Fraser 21101:d6d3a704e7c1 Added tag 4.0.0-rc7 for changeset b8f8b07e0076
2010-03-23 Keir Fraser 21100:b8f8b07e0076 Update Xen version to 4.0.0-rc7
2010-03-23 Keir Fraser 21099:b9c814247a63 Update QEMU_TAG to 73cef2cca413c17f314724c66194315038ea66c3
2010-03-23 Keir Fraser 21098:dbe65678b6f8 xend: fix traceback in
2010-03-23 Keir Fraser 21097:bcc09eb7379f x86_32: Relocate multiboot modules to below 1GB.
2010-03-22 Keir Fraser 21096:ab5f65e8137c No cpu_add_remove_lock in do_boot_cpu.
2010-03-22 Keir Fraser 21095:4d3834df0483 Do not spin on locks that may be held by stop_machine_run() callers.
2010-03-22 Keir Fraser 21094:81d9132ce00d ns16550: Do not re-init active timer on S3 resume.
2010-03-20 Keir Fraser 21093:c5e1a0b720ba Fix vcpu hotplug bug: transfer vcpu_avail hex string to qemu
2010-03-18 Keir Fraser 21092:7b63f677f245 cpufreq: make non-verbose by default
2010-03-18 Keir Fraser 21091:7751288b1386 x86: fix dom0 S3 when x2apic is used.
2010-03-18 Keir Fraser 21090:84c563da39c8 Fixes for 21040:b64a8d2a80ad "support affinity for >64 CPUs"
2010-03-17 Keir Fraser 21089:04cb0829d138 Improve graphical console performance
2010-03-17 Keir Fraser 21088:0d45541c0658 x86: suppress pointless Xen messages from ioapic_guest_write()
2010-03-17 Keir Fraser 21087:066c3eead6ec Fix a race condition for cpufreq dbs timer while S3 resuming