age author revision description
2010-08-20 Gianni Tedesco 22096:f77261710856 xl: poison data objects in auto-generated destructors
2010-08-19 Brendan Cully 22095:f68726cdf357 libxc: remus: unbreak after 21488:dd6bbdc42033
2010-08-19 Stefano Stabellini 22094:aab4938edd9c libxl: Disable opengl if info->opengl == 0 (correct sense of test)
2010-08-19 Ian Jackson 22093:a2dd0f1b1c60 QEMU_TAG update
2010-08-19 Ian Jackson 22092:8ca0bebfb48b QEMU_TAG update
2010-08-19 Michael Young 22091:2940165380de tools/python: fix xm list for Python 2.7
2010-08-19 Keir Fraser 22090:60746a2c14a6 timers: Fix printk format specifier
2010-08-19 Ian Campbell 22089:88f4d10e0508 xl: use libxl_device_pci_destroy
2010-08-19 Ian Campbell 22088:477abe597f6d libxl/xl: Use libxl_vcpuinfo_destroy
2010-08-19 Ian Campbell 22087:4c9ef5ec9146 libxl/xl: Use libxl_device_nic_destroy and libxl_nicinfo_destroy
2010-08-19 Ian Campbell 22086:597da2edfe30 libxl/xl: use libxl_diskinfo_destroy and libxl_device_disk_destroy
2010-08-19 Ian Campbell 22085:dc381437e19d xl: destroy device model info after creation
2010-08-19 Ian Campbell 22084:5aa4671f4fa4 libxl: use libxl_version_info_destroy, not hand-coded do_free_version_info
2010-08-19 Ian Campbell 22083:f7d818754afb xl: free the libxl types contained in struct domain_config
2010-08-19 Ian Campbell 22082:ed717f785082 libxl: implement destroy for libxl_file_reference builtin type
2010-08-19 Ian Campbell 22081:1ba7cbf9683b libxl: do not generate a destructor for data types which do not require one
2010-08-19 Ian Campbell 22080:24f6507f0156 libxl: build info bootloader{,_args} are not const.
2010-08-19 Ian Campbell 22079:d2f576d5cff5 libxl: libxl_device_console.build_state is const
2010-08-19 Ian Campbell 22078:fa82b0540e8c libxl: generate destructors for each libxl defined type
2010-08-19 Ian Campbell 22077:e2aa1eaa7bf5 libxl: autogenerate _libxl_types.h
2010-08-19 Ian Campbell 22076:a05a2d559931 libxl: tweak formatting of _libxl_types.h to better suit autogeneration
2010-08-19 Ian Campbell 22075:e486507c2d91 libxl: move type definitions into _libxl_types.h
2010-08-19 Ian Campbell 22074:3a4c6c054b29 xl: free all data on exit from the domain monitor daemon.
2010-08-18 Keir Fraser 22073:6bd04080ab99 Update MAINTAINERS file.
2010-08-18 Ian Jackson 22072:49e17551ef90 Merge
2010-08-18 Ian Campbell 22071:9a4acc688e9f tools/libxl: fix "xl console" for primary console
2010-08-18 Ian Campbell 22070:aa078b53ff62 tools/libxc: free thread specific hypercall buffer on xc_interface_close
2010-08-18 Daniel Kiper 22069:af6799abc6e9 tools/xenpaging: Add _XOPEN_SOURCE to fix build problems with recent gcc
2010-08-18 Brendan Cully 22068:c9f7a66149dc tools/hotplug: 21549:8bcaec29574e breaks vif-script with arguments.
2010-08-18 Keir Fraser 22067:28546f5ec0eb timers: Simplify implementation logic.