age author revision description
2010-12-24 Keir Fraser 22654:26783586eb51 scheduler: Update vcpu_schedule_lock to check for changed lock pointer as well
2010-12-24 Keir Fraser 22653:d6d7f4f3dcf8 credit2: Quieten some debug messages
2010-12-09 Juergen Gross 22652:26d58b44cd27 Support new xl command cpupool-numa-split
2010-12-09 Juergen Gross 22651:6b0620970c73 Support renaming of cpupools
2010-12-09 Juergen Gross 22650:e115ee319a64 Extend cpupools to support numa
2010-12-09 Juergen Gross 22649:8ecbcb19911f support topolgy info in xl info
2010-12-09 Juergen Gross 22648:f713cff1a587 Support getting topology info in libxl
2010-12-03 Ian Campbell 22647:8079cba70803 libxc: refactor Linux OS interface into a separate file.
2010-12-03 Ian Campbell 22646:51defb6d39be libxc: move foreign memory functions to xc_foreign_memory.c
2010-12-03 Ian Campbell 22645:81987b3eac08 libxc: add abitility to dynamically load osdep.
2010-12-03 Ian Campbell 22644:fb0d782afc44 libxc: osdep: Use XC_PAGE_{SHIFT,MASK}.
2010-12-03 Ian Campbell 22643:1f5e355c1f88 libxc: allow osdep backends to log via the xc infrastructure.
2010-12-03 Ian Campbell 22642:a04cd975b1f4 libxc: drop fd from xc_interface
2010-12-03 Ian Campbell 22641:79c2b469a9f8 libxc: add ability to query OS interface for "fakeness"
2010-12-03 Ian Campbell 22640:36b2cef7eb9c libxc: osdep: convert xc_gnttab_set_max_grants()
2010-12-03 Ian Campbell 22639:0d76a4dbba7f libxc: osdep: convert xc_gnttab_munmap()
2010-12-03 Ian Campbell 22638:cdfdc88320f0 libxc: osdep: convert xc_gnttab_map_{grant_ref,grant_refs,domain_grant_refs}()
2010-12-03 Ian Campbell 22637:eb2c27908b3d libxc: osdep: convert xc_evtchn_{pending,unmask}()
2010-12-03 Ian Campbell 22636:0ac7a4c596d1 libxc: osdep: convert xc_evtchn_unbind()
2010-12-03 Ian Campbell 22635:a154ee7ddc9a libxc: osdep: convert xc_evtchn_bind_virq()
2010-12-03 Ian Campbell 22634:c40b8c5b1c45 libxc: osdep: convert xc_evtchn_bind_interdomain()
2010-12-03 Ian Campbell 22633:7637af0d2297 libxc: osdep: convert xc_evtchn_bind_unbound_port()
2010-12-03 Ian Campbell 22632:e1593440f73c libxc: osdep: convert xc_evtchn_notify()
2010-12-03 Ian Campbell 22631:935755b3b231 libxc: osdep: convert xc_evtchn_fd()
2010-12-03 Ian Campbell 22630:70884d5a273d libxc: osdep: convert xc_map_foreign_ranges()
2010-12-03 Ian Campbell 22629:3da69fbb6ff2 libxc: osdep: convert xc_map_foreign_range()
2010-12-03 Ian Campbell 22628:c64fd0d604b0 libxc: osdep: convert xc_map_foreign_{batch,bulk}
2010-12-03 Ian Campbell 22627:fcca454f2e43 libxc: osdep: convert do_xen_hypercall()
2010-12-03 Ian Campbell 22626:bc00db3ff3f9 libxc: osdep: add framework for abstracting access to dom0 OS hypervisor interfaces.
2010-12-23 Ian Campbell 22625:9a1a0f77259e libxc: convert gnttab interfaces to use an opaque handle type
2010-12-23 Ian Campbell 22624:60782cefa154 libxc: convert evtchn interfaces to use an opaque handle type
2010-12-23 Ian Campbell 22623:a3ace503d04b libxc: some xc_gnttab_* functions are not Linux specific
2010-12-22 Ian Jackson 22622:f69037cc4674 tools/hotplug: read /etc/default/xencommons if appropriate
2010-12-21 Keir Fraser 22621:2f4b4521ff73 EPT/VT-d: disable page sharing by default.
2010-12-21 Keir Fraser 22620:b5418c045d02 x86 hvm ept: Remove EPT guest linear address validation
2010-12-17 Keir Fraser 22619:ff1b80ccecd9 tools/hotplug/Linux: Avoid dependency on iptables conntrack module.
2010-12-17 Keir Fraser 22618:e3fd86244491 x86, atomic: Fix 32-bit version of atomic_write64().
2010-12-17 Keir Fraser 22617:534a09877cac x86 ept: Define and use atomic_{read,write}_ept_entry().
2010-12-17 Keir Fraser 22616:f2dba7ff0828 vtd: Reinstate ACPI DMAR on system shutdown or S3/S4/S5.
2010-12-17 Keir Fraser 22615:5f10b4c2c24b x86 hvm: Move CPUID.0xd (XSAVE) configuration into libxc.
2010-12-17 Keir Fraser 22614:7d567f932e0b x86:xsaveopt: Enable xsaveopt feature in Xen and guest
2010-12-16 Keir Fraser 22613:f5f3cf4e001f xentrace: Clean up initialisation.
2010-12-16 Keir Fraser 22612:1c23af136a88 vtd: Clean up a recent printk message.
2010-12-16 Keir Fraser 22611:1cc551716430 x86: Define pte_{read,write}[_atomic] in terms of atomic_readN
2010-12-16 Keir Fraser 22610:aa33ab320f7e x86: Define atomic_{read,write}{8,16,32,64} accessor functions.
2010-12-16 Keir Fraser 22609:ca86364254bb x86/bitops.h: Remove unused smp_mb__* macros
2010-12-16 Keir Fraser 22608:6754771bf101 x86/atomic.h: Clean up for Xen code style; remove unused smp_mb__*
2010-12-16 Keir Fraser 22607:04f15c2de8fa x86: Remove unnecessary LOCK/LOCK_PREFIX macros.
2010-12-16 Keir Fraser 22606:669c2f83b86c x86: move early page fault code into .init.text
2010-12-16 Keir Fraser 22605:8dc27840025c x86/asm: allow some unlikely taken branches to be statically predicted this way
2010-12-16 Olaf Hering 22604:774908fc3822 tools/xcutils: xc_save: add missing whitespace
2010-12-16 Olaf Hering 22603:3f98c4b02f88 tools/libxc: fix comment typo in xc_domain_save
2010-12-16 Christoph Egger 22602:325cad6f67f9 libxl: constify libxl_create_cpupool()
2010-12-16 Christoph Egger 22601:3bb6574e6707 tools, bsd: complete implementation of discard_file_cache
2010-12-16 Ian Campbell 22600:f1b435507f34 xenstore: set implicit path for socket connections
2010-12-16 Ian Campbell 22599:d461dd88ed2b tools/hotplug: Do not recursively invoke xenstore_write on error
2010-12-16 Ian Jackson 22598:1800f15da48a tools/xl: fix race which can leave an xl monitor processing hanging
2010-12-16 Ian Jackson 22597:4b92c5ea284a QEMU_TAG update
2010-12-16 Keir Fraser 22596:16b1130dbaac audit_p2m: fix syntax errors in disabled debug code
2010-12-16 Keir Fraser 22595:aa18b8ddaf05 vtd: Require unmap_vtd_domain_page() on a couple of early exit paths.