age author revision description
2010-11-08 Jim Fehlig 22415:2c32482d8c90 Fix pci passthru in xend interface used by libvirt
2010-11-08 Keir Fraser 22414:d8b8490d73de x86: xsave save/restore support for both PV and HVM guests (version 2)
2010-11-08 Keir Fraser 22413:eceb22a210e7 x86: Fix PV guest xsave support.
2010-11-08 Keir Fraser 22412:5505388c394d hvmloader: Use ipxe 1.0.0 final rather than a release candidate.
2010-11-08 Keir Fraser 22411:592c8de97816 x86-64: more fixes for Fam10 MMCONF enabling
2010-11-04 Keir Fraser 22410:0d5f09e3728c hgignore: Rename gpxe -> ipxe
2010-11-04 Keir Fraser 22409:2cb5666a8032 hvmloader: Replace gPXE with iPXE for ethernet boot ROM
2010-11-04 Keir Fraser 22408:479abd70ebba libelf: move to init text/data when built for the hypervisor
2010-11-04 Keir Fraser 22407:cb82fbef3366 x86: clean up AMD Fam10 xenoprof IBS code
2010-11-04 Keir Fraser 22406:d9edb6b4b4a9 x86-64: enable MMCONFIG on AMD Fam10 systems even if the BIOS didn't
2010-11-04 Keir Fraser 22405:fedcd4cbcc1e [VTD] fix a typo and some minor cleanup of quirks.c
2010-11-04 Keir Fraser 22404:d508b18a6844 x86: Do not expose XSAVE/AVX to guests.
2010-11-04 Keir Fraser 22403:e72bd79b5351 Revert 22347:16093532f384 "x86: xsave save/restore support"
2010-11-03 Keir Fraser 22402:cbb6b4b17024 x86/mm: tidy up m2p checks in audit_p2m
2010-11-03 Keir Fraser 22401:0aff3b0e5e84 xenpaging: whitespace fixes after addition of __get_paged_frame
2010-11-03 Lutz Dube 22400:a5ee42d0cf2e tools: fix cpu_weight/cap loss (22000:4fc66044477d)
2010-11-03 Ian Jackson 22399:39e4f93f01a4 QEMU_TAG update
2010-11-03 Ian Campbell 22398:e464dfc8d5e9 libxc: fix bounce buffers in xc_pm_get_cx_stat and xc_pm_get_pxstat
2010-11-03 KUWAMURA Shin'ya 22397:66c0e432398f libxc, ia64: ia64 counterpart of 22275:e95dc0eb152d and 22285:36a317494429
2010-11-03 Juergen Gross 22396:477dda47486e tools: change cpumaps to uint8_t
2010-11-03 Ian Jackson 22395:3f98881703aa tools: gdbsx: Check return of write()
2010-11-03 Keir Fraser 22394:2dfba250c50b VT-d: fix device assignment failure (regression from Xen c/s 19805:2f1fa2215e60)
2010-11-03 Keir Fraser 22393:16093532f384 x86: xsave save/restore support for both PV and HVM guests.
2010-11-03 Keir Fraser 22392:b3964f2f70e8 x86 hvm: exposes AVX to guest.
2010-11-03 Keir Fraser 22391:a3ec4b3b685e x86: Xsave support for PV guests.
2010-11-02 Keir Fraser 22390:ee4d52f0d16a Fix ia64 tools build
2010-11-01 Gianni Tedesco 22389:f932e34a79c6 libxl: fix build since 22325:4ac03710fc32
2010-11-01 Keir Fraser 22388:310d2cb03414 x86 hvm: Fixes for 22339:6fae4331d5aa
2010-10-31 Keir Fraser 22387:b6c553f62ede x86_emulate: Fix build with some versions of gcc targeting i386.
2010-10-29 Keir Fraser 22386:faca957fd013 i386: simplify pte_read_atomic()
2010-10-29 Keir Fraser 22385:6fae4331d5aa x86 hvm: Introduce pmtimer_change_ioport and HVM_PARAM_ACPI_IOPORTS_LOCATION
2010-10-29 Keir Fraser 22384:7031e1e74c3d x86 hvm: Introduce unregister_io_handler
2010-10-29 Keir Fraser 22383:7afd8dd1d6cb VT-d: only scan secondary functions on multi-function devices
2010-10-29 Keir Fraser 22382:49803ac994f4 Xen: fix various checks of unsigned integers < 0
2010-10-29 Keir Fraser 22381:b5436afc918e ACPI: fix typo
2010-10-29 Keir Fraser 22380:1694027134b3 x86: Clean up existing XSAVE support
2010-10-29 Keir Fraser 22379:fb34514bf76b X86: Prefer TSC-deadline timer in Xen
2010-10-29 Keir Fraser 22378:b48d8f27fca2 vtd: consolidate VT-d quirks into a single file quirks.c
2010-10-29 Keir Fraser 22377:2d5e8f4ac43a credit2: Trace and debug key tweaks
2010-10-29 Keir Fraser 22376:141a82d068fd credit2: Fix runq_tickle to use idle, tickled masks
2010-10-29 Keir Fraser 22375:a8d46d974c8b credit2: Make fake runq map initilization explicit
2010-10-29 Keir Fraser 22374:2556fad9a821 hvmloader: Configure gPXE to use serial console
2010-10-28 Ian Jackson 22373:5611ec8238ec QEMU_TAG update
2010-10-28 Juergen Gross 22372:dc66c13a29f9 avoid numa placement of cpus with active cpupools
2010-10-28 Ian Campbell 22371:4ac03710fc32 libxl: Fix migration of HVM guests
2010-10-28 Ian Campbell 22370:902fdaaa1fe6 xl: support -w (wait) option in xl shutdown
2010-10-28 Patrick Colp 22369:951222c08589 tools: caml-stubdom: fix "red zone" bug
2010-10-28 Ian Jackson 22368:2795279e7533 libxl: Fix format string abuses / vulnerabilities
2010-10-28 Gianni Tedesco 22367:da9b1aa3c366 libxl: fix dom0 minimum memory threshold check
2010-10-28 Gianni Tedesco 22366:b2809cd74ca0 gdbsx: Makefiles: correctly generate dependencies
2010-10-28 Gianni Tedesco 22365:790b9353acc8 ocaml: Makefile: delete dependency files during make clean
2010-10-28 Gianni Tedesco 22364:63641beaca51 tools: Makefile: delete qemu during make distclean
2010-10-28 Gianni Tedesco 22363:38740295bfd5 libxl: Makefile: delete temporary files during make clean
2010-10-28 Gianni Tedesco 22362:94c6c51d2e05 blktap2: Makefiles: delete symlinks and deps during make clean
2010-10-28 Miroslav Rezanina 22361:31b8844fab99 Do not wait for memory teardown when live migrate
2010-10-27 Ian Campbell 22360:28a160746815 libxc: fix xc_version by handling all known command types.
2010-10-26 Ian Jackson 22359:cd193fa265b8 Merge
2010-10-22 Ian Campbell 22358:9fad5e5e2fc1 libxc: finalise transition to hypercall buffers.
2010-10-22 Ian Campbell 22357:c7ae1d3e463d libxc: do not align/lock buffers which do not need it
2010-10-22 Ian Campbell 22356:3992000ad095 secpol: use hypercall buffers