age author revision description
2010-07-29 Patrick Colp 21936:3263d0ff9476 tools/xenpaging: Fix some memory leaks on error paths.
2010-07-29 Kuwamura Shin'ya 21935:4a4d9e3ca3ef xend: fix SyntaxError for Python 2.4 or earlier
2010-07-29 Christoph Egger 21934:3477b170e9cb libxl: Portability fixes for pty handling, in libxl_osdeps.h
2010-07-29 Ian Campbell 21933:e7a7eec8f2ed Subject: xl: log unknown domain shutdown reason and default to destroy
2010-07-29 Keir Fraser 21932:578ed14c3c67 kexec: Clean up shutdown logic. Reinstate ACPI DMAR during kexec.
2010-07-28 Ian Jackson 21931:2007fd03f53d Merge
2010-07-28 Ian Campbell 21930:bf4d0eb3643d libxl: consistently use typedef struct {} libxl_$type
2010-07-28 Keir Fraser 21929:4207549948a4 x86: Correctly cook command lines for GRUB2.
2010-07-28 Keir Fraser 21928:af52102e4dcf xenpaging: Add a check to Xen for EPT.
2010-07-28 Keir Fraser 21927:57de3a3118bb Walking the page lists needs the page_alloc lock
2010-07-27 Gianni Tedesco 21926:ebede381efe8 libxl: Move PCI specific functions to libxl_pci.c
2010-07-27 Christoph Egger 21925:05d5048a7895 libxl: const-correctness fix to device_physdisk_major_minor
2010-07-27 Ian Campbell 21924:987ec65d0328 xl: simplify configuration parsing with local variables
2010-07-27 Ian Campbell 21923:adbc1ad1e81b xl: move device structs into struct domain_config
2010-07-27 Ian Campbell 21922:c895d3e3d094 xl: move create and build info to struct domain_config
2010-07-27 Ian Campbell 21921:293a43547b6f xl: implement "rename-restart" action for shutdown
2010-07-27 Ian Campbell 21920:cb3b15c1a8e6 libxl: add libxl_domain_preserve
2010-07-27 Ian Campbell 21919:bc93d6455f5f xl: support on_{poweroff,reboot,crash} domain configuration options.
2010-07-27 Ian Campbell 21918:f2a9b818d6b7 xl: Factor out domain death handling into a separate function.
2010-07-27 Ian Campbell 21917:1e140e894a34 xl: Add function to generate random uuid and use it.
2010-07-27 Ian Campbell 21916:c7af12b752ca libxl: signal caller if domain already destroyed on domain death event
2010-07-27 Ian Campbell 21915:5d8db087cc45 libxl: return libxl_dominfo from libxl_event_get_domain_death_info
2010-07-27 Ian Campbell 21914:9510eef2439e libxl: add shutdown reason to libxl_dominfo
2010-07-27 Ian Campbell 21913:60f0ba74e18f libxl: Add LIBXL_EVENT namespace prefix to enum libxl_event_type
2010-07-27 Lutz Dube 21912:e017930af272 xend (XenAPI): Error in Xend-API method VM_set_actions_after_crash
2010-07-27 Gianni Tedesco 21911:5078f2c1e3d6 libxl: fix segfault when detaching non-existant disk
2010-07-26 Olaf Hering 21910:92e02df7ef7e # HG changeset patch
2010-07-26 Olaf Hering 21909:2092c06f9467 libxenguest: correct order of zlib linker options to avoid link errors
2010-07-26 Ian Jackson 21908:c33055fcda42 tools/hotplug etc.: remove Default-Enabled from LSB header
2010-07-26 Olaf Hering 21907:fb3649141e19 tools/hotplug: add LSB header to xen-watchdog runlevel script
2010-07-25 Keir Fraser 21906:2b768d52bc7f x86: Add -fno-exceptions to list of possibly-supported CFLAGS for embedded targets.
2010-07-23 Olaf Hering 21905:ac7e4c6ec6c7 tools/hotplug: Install udev rules into rules.d
2010-07-23 Ian Jackson 21904:243aaf842688 Merge
2010-07-23 Ian Jackson 21903:fa96fbfcac0c tools/libxl: Revert broken NetBSD portability patches
2010-07-23 Ian Jackson 21902:8b3bfc4f0bdd xl: Fix build after info1,info2 change
2010-07-23 Ian Campbell 21901:86d5d2d01bac xl: do not try and auto re-connect console on reboot
2010-07-23 Ian Campbell 21900:3cdba275e8c0 xl: use more descriptive names than info1 and info2
2010-07-23 Ian Campbell 21899:7c245d7cbce9 xl: Spelling fix to ("quite" => "quiet")
2010-07-23 Olaf Hering 21898:0f7d05af0c75 correct xenballoond.init description in LSB part
2010-07-23 Olaf Hering 21897:a87badebeb2b tools/hotplug: correct xend initscript dependency in LSB part
2010-07-23 Olaf Hering 21896:d4b48e743431 tools and Makefiles: introduce and use new SYSCONFIG_DIR variable
2010-07-23 Ian Campbell 21895:1c1b02487b57 libxl/xl: correctly report domain state.
2010-07-23 Ian Campbell 21894:267ddd7fa11f libxl: do not create /vss and /xapi paths in xenstore.
2010-07-23 Dube, Lutz 21893:4814e16ea410 tools/xend: Fix performance of xend with more than 10000 FC device paths
2010-07-23 Gianni Tedesco 21892:e23302fcb83c libxl: consistent handling of libxc errors
2010-07-23 Ian Campbell 21891:098dacea3ae0 libxl: remove xenstore /local/domain/<domid> after reading /vm and /vss paths
2010-07-23 Stefano Stabellini 21890:ef495616b946 tools/libxl: usbdevice should imply usb
2010-07-23 Christoph Egger 21889:df9d8319bd37 tools/libxl: Fix blktap2 NetBSD build and also revert broken change
2010-07-21 Ian Jackson 21888:fcbdfb368e20 Revert 91c486918e02 "More consistent error handling in libxl"
2010-07-21 Ian Campbell 21887:8f5c50120366 stubdom: correct handling DESTDIR during build
2010-07-22 Keir Fraser 21886:b0b1a6163203 libxc: Do not bother initialising shared-info page in HVM-domain builder.
2010-07-22 Keir Fraser 21885:bba5ac2066c8 hvmloader: clear the whole shared-info page when shutting down xenbus
2010-07-21 Keir Fraser 21884:e8dbc1262f52 build: Make all GIT download URLs depend correctly on GIT_HTTP={y,n}
2010-07-21 Keir Fraser 21883:3c00cb0d9bc4 x86: New boot option availmem= to limit usable system RAM.
2010-07-20 Keir Fraser 21882:8963f83ba73b Merge
2010-07-20 Stefano Stabellini 21881:24277e3237ca Attached patch fixes linking error when creating the xl binary.
2010-07-20 Stefano Stabellini 21880:e76befc7fe2d Attached patch takes over some portability fixes from tools/console
2010-07-20 Stefano Stabellini 21879:9ddd7905d093 implement xl vncviewer
2010-07-20 Keir Fraser 21878:ad5b6399aa29 hvmloader/gpxe: Add a couple of bug-fix patches from upstream gpxe
2010-07-20 Keir Fraser 21877:6bebaf40e925 hvmloader: clear the xenbus event-channel when we're done with it.
2010-07-20 Keir Fraser 21876:6279786d48f2 gdbsx: Implement missing Makefile rules.
2010-07-20 Keir Fraser 21875:e2ba7cc39236 tools: Update distclean target to remove auto-gen'ed tarballs.
2010-07-20 Keir Fraser 21874:26bbf4536df2 hvmloader: Download gpxe bits via HTTP rather than GIT protocol.
2010-07-20 Keir Fraser 21873:fe50ba40c0b6 hvmloader: Build GPXE from upstream git repo, latest release tag.
2010-07-19 Keir Fraser 21872:c1c6706e4162 Merge
2010-07-19 Stefano Stabellini 21871:91c486918e02 More consistent error handling in libxl
2010-07-19 Stefano Stabellini 21870:e81454d7c8a1 Implement xl dump-core
2010-07-19 Stefano Stabellini 21869:317bf978887c make libxl build since 21811
2010-07-19 Stefano Stabellini 21868:7f911455111e Actually it's an interrupt descriptor table register :)
2010-07-19 Stefano Stabellini 21867:adfaf945619d This patch introduces libxl_primary_console_exec: a new libxl function
2010-07-19 Stefano Stabellini 21866:547679c48c47 execute command by execvp() so can search command in PATH.
2010-07-19 Stefano Stabellini 21865:092da4a970ac Improve balloon support for NetBSD.
2010-07-19 Stefano Stabellini 21864:9ccd024065c5 Without this we leak an fd on each domain shutdown and eventually run
2010-07-19 Stefano Stabellini 21863:3e5baecab949 Implement "xl tmem-freeable" to match "xm tmem-freeable".
2010-07-19 Keir Fraser 21862:785873d52123 tools: gpxe build fix for NetBSD
2010-07-16 Keir Fraser 21861:4514d5890692 Merge
2010-07-16 Stefano Stabellini 21860:91ce0b0953ca Before this patch only log messages with precisely priority
2010-07-16 Keir Fraser 21859:07b718833c74 vtd: Do not update-and-flush an IOMMU PTE if it does not change.
2010-07-16 Keir Fraser 21858:e382656e4dcc iommu: Map dom0 initial allocation in 'dom0-strict' iommu mode.
2010-07-16 Keir Fraser 21857:12f0618400de x86: use cpuid vector 0xb when available for detecting cpu topology
2010-07-16 Keir Fraser 21856:fedab6367c9a ACPI: add support for x2APIC ACPI extensions
2010-07-16 Keir Fraser 21855:1f7c2418e58c xen: Send the debug VIRQ to guests after the rest of the domain dump is done.
2010-07-15 Ian Jackson 21854:c4a83e3cc6b4 pygrub: look in every partition for something to boot
2010-07-15 Ian Jackson 21853:6fdb00dc93a5 xm: Do not check path of kernel if bootloader is specified
2010-07-15 Ian Jackson 21852:bb3b28cb7208 gdbsx: update README and remove space in q packet
2010-07-14 Ian Jackson 21851:2047364f0bdf xl: start numbering vifs from 0
2010-07-14 Ian Jackson 21850:bd3e5bc7235b libxl, xl: support running bootloader (e.g. pygrub) in domain 0
2010-07-14 Ian Jackson 21849:cb1ca77e4b77 libxl: add function to attach/detach a disk to/from the local VM
2010-07-14 Ian Jackson 21848:df18254561b2 libxl: support mapping files rather than carrying paths around
2010-07-14 Ian Jackson 21847:ad6448ee4bb6 libxl, xl: exec xenconsole in current process, defer decision to fork to caller
2010-07-14 Ian Jackson 21846:5c3da88b457a libxl: fix typo in comment
2010-07-14 Ian Jackson 21845:d0b384c3121e libxl: add libxl_strdup convenience function
2010-07-14 Ian Jackson 21844:14961eb33aac libxl: add printf attribute to libxl_xs_write and fixup resulting warnings
2010-07-14 Ian Jackson 21843:c18f43ed379e xenconsole: do not exit if a pty device is missing
2010-07-14 Ian Jackson 21842:acd99661ba05 pygrub: introduce easier to parse output format
2010-07-14 Ian Jackson 21841:63edd429cf42 tools/ocaml: add the missing license file that all OCaml libs refer to
2010-07-14 Ian Jackson 21840:843978ef0dee xl: default timer_mode to 1
2010-07-14 Ian Jackson 21839:6f264f32f046 tools/misc/xenpm: provide core/package cstate residencies
2010-07-13 Ian Jackson 21838:41c51b6cf5bc tools/misc/xenpm: fix get-cpu-topology
2010-07-13 Ian Jackson 21837:c71d28c5c6fb tools/ocaml: Properly adjust fields in ocaml structure to match the C layer.
2010-07-13 Ian Jackson 21836:bdfb75cd6602 tools/ocaml: add a simple logger to the ocaml bindings
2010-07-13 Ian Jackson 21835:febb1a705463 tools/ocaml: register the ocaml exception so it can be used at the C level.
2010-07-13 Ian Jackson 21834:8429a8a23241 tools/debugger/gdbsx: enabled by only x86
2010-07-13 Keir Fraser 21833:d867eb643fe4 x86: optimize this_cpu()
2010-07-13 Keir Fraser 21832:f72879804eb0 [IOMMU] Debug info for AMD IOMMU event log
2010-07-13 Keir Fraser 21831:a3a55a6e4761 x86: Avoid assumptions about C struct layouts from asm code.
2010-07-12 Keir Fraser 21830:9f08c4e82037 sysctl: Another clarification re. max_cpu_index.
2010-07-12 Keir Fraser 21829:e9331523d2d1 sysctl: Make meaning of max_cpu_index field clearer.
2010-07-12 Keir Fraser 21828:c41211b25b44 x86, pm: provide core/package cstate residencies
2010-07-12 Keir Fraser 21827:f12837d7a50e Consolidate MSI-X related definitions
2010-07-12 Keir Fraser 21826:03f583393300 x86 cpufreq: Fix debug=y build.
2010-07-12 Keir Fraser 21825:08b2222ff505 x86: allow the MSI-X table to reside beyond 4G even on 32-bit systems
2010-07-12 Keir Fraser 21824:421f6c63b220 x86: prevent simultaneous use of MSI and MSI-X
2010-07-12 Keir Fraser 21823:a63e4c2d9ae4 x86: fix a benign typo
2010-07-12 Keir Fraser 21822:9fbcd7c2b396 x86/cpufreq: pass pointers to cpu masks where possible
2010-07-09 Ian Jackson 21821:a53824f4dcdf update QEMU_TAG to 833e7e9a4c95739429dc0c803bbbf2346f9897fd
2010-07-09 Ian Jackson 21820:2a251e501418 tools/hotplug: xencommons: xenconsoled tracing
2010-07-09 Keir Fraser 21819:f2ce3467a4fb x86 hvm: Add a hypercall to allow HVM PV drivers to insert xentrace records
2010-07-09 Keir Fraser 21818:2662f9c881fa x86 hvm: Add a new HVMOP to get the current Xen system time
2010-07-09 Keir Fraser 21817:42ccccfe1a6a iommu: New options iommu=dom-strict and iommu=dom0-passthrough