age author revision description
2011-01-05 Keir Fraser 22694:41a259d7a33d x86 hvm: Add a missing line to record the type passed into register_io_handler()
2011-01-05 Keir Fraser 22693:852d87e0480b x86: Allow dom0 to write MSR IA32_ENERGY_PERF_BIAS
2011-01-05 Keir Fraser 22692:e635e6641c07 [VTD] added WLAN device ID on Fujitsu's platform in quirks.c
2011-01-05 Keir Fraser 22691:76d897a06b31 x86 amd: Revert 6382:b74c15e4dd4f (AMD flush filter configuration)
2011-01-05 Tim Deegan 22690:fece73d4d309 Enable 1GB HAP support by default.
2011-01-04 Mukesh Rathor 22689:285a8f8d217e tools/gdbsx: Update gdbsx README
2011-01-04 Ian Campbell 22688:959e87a1117f tools/hotplug/Linux: only apply dummy MAC address to virtual devices.
2011-01-04 Tim Deegan 22687:a8d69de8eb31 x86/mm: Add p2m_lock in set_shared_p2m_entry
2010-12-27 Keir Fraser 22686:4e108cf56d07 x86 hvm: Missing chunk from TSC-deadline support patch.
2010-12-24 Keir Fraser 22685:0133cf2a72f5 credit2: Fix x86_32 build.
2010-12-24 Keir Fraser 22684:a69ceb6ded92 Xen MCE test: all test cases
2010-12-24 Keir Fraser 22683:ca0b26180f32 Xen MCE test: common functions to be used for test cases
2010-12-24 Keir Fraser 22682:1bc031edae04 Xen MCE test: utilities to inject fake MCE for X86
2010-12-24 Keir Fraser 22681:97779ffa76f5 libxc: Use .opic to build
2010-12-24 Keir Fraser 22680:0292bec5e98d ACPI: __init-annotate APEI code
2010-12-24 Keir Fraser 22679:609da2035aab x86: a little bit of genapic cleanup
2010-12-24 Keir Fraser 22678:7cc87dcf30a1 VT-d: fix and improve print_vtd_entries()
2010-12-24 Keir Fraser 22677:dca1b7cf2e2c re-add calls accidentally deleted from run_all_nonirq_keyhandlers()
2010-12-24 Keir Fraser 22676:e8acb9753ff1 Use bool_t for various boolean variables
2010-12-24 Keir Fraser 22675:3daa79a074b3 x86: link-time .data section adjustments
2010-12-24 Keir Fraser 22674:2762b6d3149c x86-64: use PC-relative exception table entries
2010-12-24 Keir Fraser 22673:ef30046259f0 make sort() generally available
2010-12-24 Keir Fraser 22672:ceb508436e6e blkif: add placeholder for packet extension to block interface
2010-12-24 Keir Fraser 22671:920826e80bee x86 xsave: supports xsave (CPUID:0xD) enumeration for all sub-leaves.
2010-12-24 Keir Fraser 22670:26e7e6c6ff7f x86 xsave: Enable xsave_feature[62] (AMD Lightweight Profiling)
2010-12-24 Keir Fraser 22669:a71729704d4b x86 xsave: Fix 64bit xsave_feature support for set_xcr0().
2010-12-24 Keir Fraser 22668:a0228a0f3fd2 credit2: On debug keypress print load average as a fraction
2010-12-24 Keir Fraser 22667:94d47b8b723f credit2: Different unbalance tolerance for underloaded and overloaded queues
2010-12-24 Keir Fraser 22666:65b63f5af281 credit2: Introduce a loadavg-based load balancer
2010-12-24 Keir Fraser 22665:41d1affef596 credit2: Use loadavg to pick cpus, instead of instantaneous load
2010-12-24 Keir Fraser 22664:df310dcd19cb credit2: Migrate request infrastructure
2010-12-24 Keir Fraser 22663:6a970abb346f credit2: Track expected load
2010-12-24 Keir Fraser 22662:cf1ea603b340 credit2: Track average load contributed by a vcpu
2010-12-24 Keir Fraser 22661:00fc33d9f691 credit2: Calculate load average
2010-12-24 Keir Fraser 22660:597e3fee23bc credit2: Detect socket layout and assign one runqueue per socket
2010-12-24 Keir Fraser 22659:3e7702cb31db credit2: Simple cpu picker based on instantaneous load
2010-12-24 Keir Fraser 22658:98f023d7717a credit2: Calculate instantaneous runqueue load
2010-12-24 Keir Fraser 22657:d93de09aa952 credit2: Handle runqueue changes
2010-12-24 Keir Fraser 22656:f33f7a9f9d40 credit2: Refactor runqueue initialization
2010-12-24 Keir Fraser 22655:05377a796952 scheduler: Introduce pcpu_schedule_lock
2010-12-24 Keir Fraser 22654:26783586eb51 scheduler: Update vcpu_schedule_lock to check for changed lock pointer as well
2010-12-24 Keir Fraser 22653:d6d7f4f3dcf8 credit2: Quieten some debug messages
2010-12-09 Juergen Gross 22652:26d58b44cd27 Support new xl command cpupool-numa-split
2010-12-09 Juergen Gross 22651:6b0620970c73 Support renaming of cpupools
2010-12-09 Juergen Gross 22650:e115ee319a64 Extend cpupools to support numa
2010-12-09 Juergen Gross 22649:8ecbcb19911f support topolgy info in xl info
2010-12-09 Juergen Gross 22648:f713cff1a587 Support getting topology info in libxl
2010-12-03 Ian Campbell 22647:8079cba70803 libxc: refactor Linux OS interface into a separate file.
2010-12-03 Ian Campbell 22646:51defb6d39be libxc: move foreign memory functions to xc_foreign_memory.c
2010-12-03 Ian Campbell 22645:81987b3eac08 libxc: add abitility to dynamically load osdep.
2010-12-03 Ian Campbell 22644:fb0d782afc44 libxc: osdep: Use XC_PAGE_{SHIFT,MASK}.
2010-12-03 Ian Campbell 22643:1f5e355c1f88 libxc: allow osdep backends to log via the xc infrastructure.
2010-12-03 Ian Campbell 22642:a04cd975b1f4 libxc: drop fd from xc_interface
2010-12-03 Ian Campbell 22641:79c2b469a9f8 libxc: add ability to query OS interface for "fakeness"
2010-12-03 Ian Campbell 22640:36b2cef7eb9c libxc: osdep: convert xc_gnttab_set_max_grants()
2010-12-03 Ian Campbell 22639:0d76a4dbba7f libxc: osdep: convert xc_gnttab_munmap()
2010-12-03 Ian Campbell 22638:cdfdc88320f0 libxc: osdep: convert xc_gnttab_map_{grant_ref,grant_refs,domain_grant_refs}()
2010-12-03 Ian Campbell 22637:eb2c27908b3d libxc: osdep: convert xc_evtchn_{pending,unmask}()
2010-12-03 Ian Campbell 22636:0ac7a4c596d1 libxc: osdep: convert xc_evtchn_unbind()
2010-12-03 Ian Campbell 22635:a154ee7ddc9a libxc: osdep: convert xc_evtchn_bind_virq()