age author revision description
2010-07-23 Dube, Lutz 21893:4814e16ea410 tools/xend: Fix performance of xend with more than 10000 FC device paths
2010-07-23 Gianni Tedesco 21892:e23302fcb83c libxl: consistent handling of libxc errors
2010-07-23 Ian Campbell 21891:098dacea3ae0 libxl: remove xenstore /local/domain/<domid> after reading /vm and /vss paths
2010-07-23 Stefano Stabellini 21890:ef495616b946 tools/libxl: usbdevice should imply usb
2010-07-23 Christoph Egger 21889:df9d8319bd37 tools/libxl: Fix blktap2 NetBSD build and also revert broken change
2010-07-21 Ian Jackson 21888:fcbdfb368e20 Revert 91c486918e02 "More consistent error handling in libxl"
2010-07-21 Ian Campbell 21887:8f5c50120366 stubdom: correct handling DESTDIR during build
2010-07-22 Keir Fraser 21886:b0b1a6163203 libxc: Do not bother initialising shared-info page in HVM-domain builder.
2010-07-22 Keir Fraser 21885:bba5ac2066c8 hvmloader: clear the whole shared-info page when shutting down xenbus
2010-07-21 Keir Fraser 21884:e8dbc1262f52 build: Make all GIT download URLs depend correctly on GIT_HTTP={y,n}
2010-07-21 Keir Fraser 21883:3c00cb0d9bc4 x86: New boot option availmem= to limit usable system RAM.
2010-07-20 Keir Fraser 21882:8963f83ba73b Merge
2010-07-20 Stefano Stabellini 21881:24277e3237ca Attached patch fixes linking error when creating the xl binary.
2010-07-20 Stefano Stabellini 21880:e76befc7fe2d Attached patch takes over some portability fixes from tools/console
2010-07-20 Stefano Stabellini 21879:9ddd7905d093 implement xl vncviewer
2010-07-20 Keir Fraser 21878:ad5b6399aa29 hvmloader/gpxe: Add a couple of bug-fix patches from upstream gpxe
2010-07-20 Keir Fraser 21877:6bebaf40e925 hvmloader: clear the xenbus event-channel when we're done with it.
2010-07-20 Keir Fraser 21876:6279786d48f2 gdbsx: Implement missing Makefile rules.
2010-07-20 Keir Fraser 21875:e2ba7cc39236 tools: Update distclean target to remove auto-gen'ed tarballs.
2010-07-20 Keir Fraser 21874:26bbf4536df2 hvmloader: Download gpxe bits via HTTP rather than GIT protocol.
2010-07-20 Keir Fraser 21873:fe50ba40c0b6 hvmloader: Build GPXE from upstream git repo, latest release tag.
2010-07-19 Keir Fraser 21872:c1c6706e4162 Merge
2010-07-19 Stefano Stabellini 21871:91c486918e02 More consistent error handling in libxl
2010-07-19 Stefano Stabellini 21870:e81454d7c8a1 Implement xl dump-core
2010-07-19 Stefano Stabellini 21869:317bf978887c make libxl build since 21811
2010-07-19 Stefano Stabellini 21868:7f911455111e Actually it's an interrupt descriptor table register :)
2010-07-19 Stefano Stabellini 21867:adfaf945619d This patch introduces libxl_primary_console_exec: a new libxl function
2010-07-19 Stefano Stabellini 21866:547679c48c47 execute command by execvp() so can search command in PATH.
2010-07-19 Stefano Stabellini 21865:092da4a970ac Improve balloon support for NetBSD.
2010-07-19 Stefano Stabellini 21864:9ccd024065c5 Without this we leak an fd on each domain shutdown and eventually run