age author revision description
2010-12-10 Keir Fraser 22523:6687236c4702 credit2: Use vcpu processor explicitly
2010-12-10 Keir Fraser 22522:b482e1782ed2 credit2: Putting a vcpu to sleep also removes the delayed_runq_add flag
2010-12-09 Keir Fraser 22521:d9fc83a64a82 x86: x2apic: Large cleanup
2010-12-09 Keir Fraser 22520:49d2aa5cee4e Add CPU_STARTING notifier during CPU bringup.
2010-12-09 Keir Fraser 22519:a04430925a8b x86: time: tsc_set_info() must skip the idle domain.
2010-12-09 Keir Fraser 22518:5ac189556629 Move IDLE_DOMAIN_ID defn to public header, and change DOMID_INVALID to fix clash.
2010-12-09 Keir Fraser 22517:c9abf5fc5c52 x86: Simplify tsc_set_info() slightly -- no domain has id DOMID_INVALID.
2010-12-09 Keir Fraser 22516:0c97247c64d6 x86:vlapic: Fix possible guest tick losing after save/restore
2010-12-09 Keir Fraser 22515:84a72f957fe9 Fix xc_cpuid_hvm_policy to avoid guest CPUID feature missing.
2010-12-09 Keir Fraser 22514:45b705c5fe49 sched/arinc653: fix another unsigned < 0 comparison
2010-12-08 Tim Deegan 22513:89116f28083f x86/mm: change ASSERTs to BUG_ONs in mem_sharing.c
2010-12-07 Keir Fraser 22512:bfd13358b8bf x86: remove BUG_ON() from QUIRK_IOAPIC_*_REGSEL handler
2010-12-07 Keir Fraser 22511:d4b35162b3a1 svm: dump VMCB physical address
2010-12-07 Keir Fraser 22510:da2407300a6d amd xsave: Enable SVM intercept for xsetbv instruction.
2010-12-07 Keir Fraser 22509:066c924ed467 amd xsave: Enable XSAVE/XRSTOR for SVM guest
2010-12-07 Keir Fraser 22508:98eb4a334b77 amd xsave: Move xsave initialization code to a common place
2010-12-07 Keir Fraser 22507:70501ee741a6 x86 hvm: x2APIC emulation
2010-12-07 Keir Fraser 22506:f5d6afa46dd7 x86 hvm: Fix VLAPIC TMCCT register when timer is one-shot
2010-12-03 Keir Fraser 22505:de851b79600c minios: reverse layering of xc vs minios fd close
2010-12-03 Keir Fraser 22504:b15dc0fca141 MAINTAINERS: Correct Winston Wang's email address.
2010-12-03 Keir Fraser 22503:da8b50f53ed5 xen: x86_32p: fix build breakage from 22456:1b6cc8c6d1c7
2010-12-02 Keir Fraser 22502:1b6cc8c6d1c7 x86: Add -Wredundant-decls to Xen build flags.
2010-12-01 Keir Fraser 22501:c443d0215854 ARINC 653 scheduler
2010-12-01 Keir Fraser 22500:c2cb776a5365 x86/IRQ: pass CPU masks by reference rather than by value in more places
2010-12-01 Keir Fraser 22499:ddb6c9c6ebb9 x86/IRQ: consolidate declarations
2010-12-01 Keir Fraser 22498:62bf12040b0f x86: fix IRQ migration when using directed EOI (broken with c/s 20465)
2010-11-30 Keir Fraser 22497:8420b82c22c2 x86 hvm: Do not overwrite boot-cpu capability data on VMX/SVM startup.
2010-11-29 Keir Fraser 22496:d281061e6ec0 x86: fixes after emuirq changes
2010-11-29 Keir Fraser 22495:3afb5ecbf69f x86: tighten filter on ptwr_do_page_fault()
2010-11-29 Keir Fraser 22494:5cd9612db2bb x86-64: don't crash Xen upon direct pv guest access to GDT/LDT mapping area
2010-11-26 Keir Fraser 22493:aba70e59a90d xenpaging: increase recently used pages from 4MB to 64MB
2010-11-26 Keir Fraser 22492:08158f001f19 xenpaging: handle temporary out-of-memory conditions during page-in
2010-11-26 Keir Fraser 22491:c7b08fc1cb8d xenpaging: print xenpaging cmdline options
2010-11-26 Keir Fraser 22490:7fe9cad00e15 xenpaging: optimize p2m_mem_paging_populate
2010-11-26 Keir Fraser 22489:48b10f9a436e xenpaging: when populating a page, check if populating is already in progress
2010-11-26 Keir Fraser 22488:1793318b35e6 xenpaging: allow negative num_pages and limit num_pages
2010-11-26 Keir Fraser 22487:7d2c013727d7 xenpaging: notify policy only on resume
2010-11-26 Keir Fraser 22486:1b87fbd10f43 xenpaging: print p2mt for already paged-in pages
2010-11-26 Keir Fraser 22485:3bbb3969236c xenpaging: print info when free request slots drop below 2
2010-11-26 Keir Fraser 22484:d622cf8c372e xenpaging: add signal handling
2010-11-26 Keir Fraser 22483:9a9bcf399856 xenpaging: populate paged-out pages unconditionally in grant code
2010-11-26 Keir Fraser 22482:b153d3b71504 xenpaging: allow only one xenpaging binary per guest
2010-11-26 Keir Fraser 22481:7818ea9045fd xenpaging: Open paging file only if xenpaging_init() succeeds
2010-11-26 Keir Fraser 22480:0d0a18cd416f xenpaging: break endless loop during inital page-out with large pagefiles
2010-11-26 Keir Fraser 22479:66df4f35b8de Allow assign_irq_vector to return an old vector while moving an irq
2010-11-26 Keir Fraser 22478:aee9a8f63aae cpupool: Simplify locking, use refcounts for cpupool liveness.
2010-11-24 Tim Deegan 22477:79b71c77907b x86/mm: remove incorrect BUG_ON.
2010-11-23 Ian Jackson 22476:e5c4e925e1bd tools/xl: show shutdown reason code, improve xl list heading
2010-11-23 Juergen Gross 22475:0c2b7a185ad1 tools: Add xl python bindings for cpumap
2010-11-23 Tim Deegan 22474:6557d6f2c131 tools/xl: only use the special "--incoming" name on actual migration
2010-11-23 Tim Deegan 22473:7c58428f117c tools/xl: VMs that are started paused shouldn't reboot paused too.
2010-11-23 Tim Deegan 22472:1579142f2163 tools/xl: make it explicit that we migrate from stdin.
2010-11-23 Ian Campbell 22471:d6c2695f05eb tools: fetch remote changesets when force refetching/resetting qemu
2010-11-23 Ian Campbell 22470:e908bfa58cd4 ocaml: install built modules
2010-11-23 Stefano Stabellini 22469:b609b1b983d6 libxl, xl: Account for shadow memory for PV guests too
2010-11-23 Stefano Stabellini 22468:9ffd785319e0 tools/libxl: use qdisk if blktap2 is not available
2010-11-23 Ian Jackson 22467:91143941c492 QEMU_TAG update
2010-11-23 Ian Jackson 22466:de125ae8415d Reapply 61c0c52a8c6c "qemu-xen: build adjustments"
2010-11-23 Ian Jackson 22465:a4e3051f811b Revert 61c0c52a8c6c "qemu-xen: build adjustments"
2010-11-23 Jan Beulich 22464:61c0c52a8c6c qemu-xen: build adjustments to support out-of-tree builds