age author revision description
2010-12-16 Keir Fraser 22606:669c2f83b86c x86: move early page fault code into .init.text
2010-12-16 Keir Fraser 22605:8dc27840025c x86/asm: allow some unlikely taken branches to be statically predicted this way
2010-12-16 Olaf Hering 22604:774908fc3822 tools/xcutils: xc_save: add missing whitespace
2010-12-16 Olaf Hering 22603:3f98c4b02f88 tools/libxc: fix comment typo in xc_domain_save
2010-12-16 Christoph Egger 22602:325cad6f67f9 libxl: constify libxl_create_cpupool()
2010-12-16 Christoph Egger 22601:3bb6574e6707 tools, bsd: complete implementation of discard_file_cache
2010-12-16 Ian Campbell 22600:f1b435507f34 xenstore: set implicit path for socket connections
2010-12-16 Ian Campbell 22599:d461dd88ed2b tools/hotplug: Do not recursively invoke xenstore_write on error
2010-12-16 Ian Jackson 22598:1800f15da48a tools/xl: fix race which can leave an xl monitor processing hanging
2010-12-16 Ian Jackson 22597:4b92c5ea284a QEMU_TAG update
2010-12-16 Keir Fraser 22596:16b1130dbaac audit_p2m: fix syntax errors in disabled debug code
2010-12-16 Keir Fraser 22595:aa18b8ddaf05 vtd: Require unmap_vtd_domain_page() on a couple of early exit paths.
2010-12-15 Ian Jackson 22594:f46f46bbb69a Merge
2010-12-15 Kouya Shimura 22593:c3c1fd0a940c tools/hotplug/Linux: force release lock if holder process is gone (fix)
2010-12-15 Keir Fraser 22592:8d9ca1012ffa svm: support VMCB cleanbits
2010-12-15 Keir Fraser 22591:764e95f64b28 EPT/VT-d page table sharing
2010-12-15 Ian Jackson 22590:f0d26fdebf40 blktap2: fix up non-ASCII characters in 21129:bf74d9c31674
2010-12-15 Keir Fraser 22589:1b1174b7181f x86/mm: make paging_map_log_dirty_bitmap() static
2010-12-15 Keir Fraser 22588:f92ad250d80b x86/mm: fix up paging_mfn_is_dirty()
2010-12-15 Keir Fraser 22587:6ed80a93a5e0 x86/mm: move mfn_is_dirty along with the rest of the log-dirty code
2010-12-15 Keir Fraser 22586:d8279118b4bb x86/32on64: zero-extend hypercall index before use in memory access (debug mode only)
2010-12-15 Keir Fraser 22585:20c65aa19075 x86-64: fix restoring of hypercall arguments after trace callout
2010-12-15 Keir Fraser 22584:a3a29e67aa7e Reduce side effects of handling '*' debug key
2010-12-15 Keir Fraser 22583:16673224c1cc x86: adjust other interrupt related section placement
2010-12-15 Keir Fraser 22582:9e33a83b36df x86: adjust x2apic section placement
2010-12-15 Keir Fraser 22581:fcc91cb3efcb x86: x2apic pre-enabled but intr-remapping is not enabled
2010-12-15 Keir Fraser 22580:d4b373ec948b x86: increase MAX_LOCAL_APIC
2010-12-15 Keir Fraser 22579:548c808be2a6 x86: mpparse and cstate need to use 32bit apic id
2010-12-15 Keir Fraser 22578:c0662cb08260 x86: Fix multicall handling for 6-arg hypercalls.
2010-12-15 Keir Fraser 22577:532d4a2d197e x86 hvm: Enable 6-argument hypercalls