age author revision description
2009-12-14 Keir Fraser 20681:7088591b454b xend: fix empty 'cpus' parsing
2009-12-14 Keir Fraser 20680:73ff2d056e36 xend: fix a typo introduced by changeset 20621:f9392f6eda79
2009-12-14 Keir Fraser 20679:4bb3933ab001 Fix bug in c/s 20332 "Add commands to hotplug usb devices to hvm guests"
2009-12-14 Keir Fraser 20678:40a598cb0e91 Disable watchdog in dump_registers
2009-12-14 Keir Fraser 20677:7162eff6d085 Fix losetup -f not working on SLES10
2009-12-14 Keir Fraser 20676:db8a985693f7 Fix clock for XCP Windows PV drivers on restore
2009-12-14 Keir Fraser 20675:2d9c58c29a94 cpuidle: fix the menu governor to enhance IO performance
2009-12-14 Keir Fraser 20674:3d505c9f1b73 hvm: Fix CR0.WP=0 emulation. Don't take write emulation path for MMIO.
2009-12-14 Keir Fraser 20673:c61953922215 Add RDTSCP instruction support for HVM VMX guest.
2009-12-14 Keir Fraser 20672:2d072636c4f8 Pvrdtscp: move write_rdtscp_aux() to paravirt_ctxt_switch_to() -
2009-12-11 Keir Fraser 20671:b928797213ac docs: Fixes for README
2009-12-11 Keir Fraser 20670:90a6dd880ddf Update Xen version to 4.0.0-rc1-pre
2009-12-11 Keir Fraser 20669:63ff27b3b07a mini-os: Fix memory leaks in xs_read() and xs_write()
2009-12-11 Keir Fraser 20668:f61303bcc3ac libxenlight: Disable unneeded C++ binding for libconfig
2009-12-11 Keir Fraser 20667:f9392f6eda79 tools: improve NUMA guest placement when ballooning
2009-12-11 Keir Fraser 20666:a50c1cbf08ec memory hotadd 7/7: hypercall support
2009-12-11 Keir Fraser 20665:7d7e221370ea memory hotadd 6/7: Allocate L3 table for whole direct maping range if
2009-12-11 Keir Fraser 20664:611f49efe955 memory hotadd 5/7: Sync changes to mapping changes caused by memory
2009-12-11 Keir Fraser 20663:283a5357d196 memory hotadd 4/7: Setup frametable for hot-added memory
2009-12-11 Keir Fraser 20662:0ca5a5f477be memory hotadd 3/7: Function to share m2p tables with guest.
2009-12-11 Keir Fraser 20661:adb62ca21d31 memory hotadd 2/7: Destroy m2p table for hot-added memory when hot-add failed.
2009-12-11 Keir Fraser 20660:b7cf749e14fc memory hotadd 1/7: Setup m2p table for hot-added memory
2009-12-11 Keir Fraser 20659:2e5032921b07 PVUSB: xm/xend support
2009-12-11 Keir Fraser 20658:1f5f36e11114 docs: Example usage of pvrdtscp algorithm
2009-12-11 Keir Fraser 20657:1396dfb8d6ba x86: Allow HPET to set timers more sloppily by seeing each CPU's
2009-12-11 Keir Fraser 20656:b2ccd48f2f9b libxenlight: fix cd-insert cli arguments parsing
2009-12-11 Keir Fraser 20655:8fbc74d40739 libxenlight: add a cli option to exit right after domain creation
2009-12-11 Keir Fraser 20654:9575425fdebd libxenlight: fix two memory related issues
2009-12-11 Keir Fraser 20653:5f076dbdab6c domain builder: multiboot-like module support
2009-12-11 Keir Fraser 20652:295e77eed8c9 PoD: appropriate BUG_ON when domain is dying
2009-12-09 Keir Fraser 20651:8f304c003af4 x86-32/pod: fix map_domain_page() leak
2009-12-09 Keir Fraser 20650:d820a6b813db tools: simplify PYTHON_PATH computation (and fixes for NetBSD)
2009-12-09 Keir Fraser 20649:9e9746e635f9 tmem, xentop: Report a few key per-domain tmem statistics in xentop.
2009-12-09 Keir Fraser 20648:18342df0f9dc tmem: reclaim minimal memory proactively
2009-12-09 Keir Fraser 20647:2c6a04fdf8fb libxenlight: implement libxl_set_memory_target
2009-12-09 Keir Fraser 20646:4a2fabce4508 libxenlight: xenstore data path writable by the guest
2009-12-09 Keir Fraser 20645:e5a757ce7845 SRAT memory hotplug 2/2: Support overlapped and sparse node memory arrangement.
2009-12-09 Keir Fraser 20644:1f5f1674e53f SRAT memory hotplug 1/2: Revert 20053:ebb07c5934c8.
2009-12-08 Keir Fraser 20643:7f611de6b93c hvm: Share ASID logic between VMX and SVM.
2009-12-08 Keir Fraser 20642:2d92ad3ef517 hvm: Pull SVM ASID management into common HVM code where it can be shared.
2009-12-08 Keir Fraser 20641:3122518646d3 Track free pages live rather than count pages in all nodes/zones
2009-12-08 Keir Fraser 20640:66ff18dd3858 VT-d: per-iommu domain-id
2009-12-08 Keir Fraser 20639:ab0d71f7f596 xend: Add keymap to vfb config for existing hvm guests
2009-12-08 Keir Fraser 20638:cf4f3e2f425c Make tsc_mode=3 (pvrdtscp) work correctly.
2009-12-08 Keir Fraser 20637:91555131e235 libxenlight: implement cdrom insert/eject
2009-12-08 Keir Fraser 20636:d988dd0f05f2 fs-backend: add a backend cleanup function
2009-12-08 Keir Fraser 20635:696f94dfad26 libxenlight: minimal vfs support
2009-12-07 Keir Fraser 20634:0fb962a5dad3 Update QEMU_TAG to 9297e6402f6aa1b52e5577edc875eb2d2163baeb
2009-12-05 Keir Fraser 20633:763bc7e6b3b4 x86_32: Fix build after 20575:0930d17589a6
2009-12-05 Keir Fraser 20632:e0351b16a747 libxenlight: physmap slack for pv domains
2009-12-05 Keir Fraser 20631:d4bf9bac7868 Update QEMU_TAG to 91ae19a7cc445030614bd0ae91548162cf0befbe
2009-12-04 Keir Fraser 20630:fde8e69858b0 libxenlight: get state for one domain
2009-12-04 Keir Fraser 20629:10729bee8f8a libxenlight: domain resume
2009-12-04 Keir Fraser 20628:27e02e517be5 libxenlight: Destroy device model only for domains that have it
2009-12-04 Keir Fraser 20627:cabc1f9341e4 libxenlight: avoid writing empty values to xenstore
2009-12-04 Keir Fraser 20626:6b6b4a2cc98e libxenlight: disk and nic destroy calls
2009-12-04 Keir Fraser 20625:d23501e8efa2 libxenlight: refactor libxl destroy code
2009-12-04 Keir Fraser 20624:46734df54a46 libxenlight: fix GC when cloning contexts
2009-12-04 Keir Fraser 20623:fb8f879b6428 xend: Fix parameters to PyArg_ParseTupleAndKeywords()
2009-12-04 Keir Fraser 20622:ecda56356037 x86: XENMEM_add_to_physmap should propagate errors from guest_physmap_add_page().