age author revision description
2009-11-09 Keir Fraser 20462:8a91056bea81 libxenlight: initial libxenlight implementation under tools/libxl
2009-11-09 Keir Fraser 20461:9479190566fd blktap2: add remus driver
2009-11-09 Keir Fraser 20460:e084ee729798 Remus: Fixup for tap:tapdisk syntax in remus uname
2009-11-09 Keir Fraser 20459:1bc8ad17d296 blktap2: only open driver stack once
2009-11-09 Keir Fraser 20458:94c3f3d4b864 blktap2: configurable driver chains
2009-11-09 Keir Fraser 20457:f6091947ffed Remus: Make checkpoint buffering HVM-aware
2009-11-09 Keir Fraser 20456:01c9cb566f61 Remus: Do bitmap scan word-by-word before bit-by-bit.
2009-11-09 Keir Fraser 20455:dc0360d981e7 Remus: Do not bother with to_skip/to_fix bitmaps after the first final round.
2009-11-09 Keir Fraser 20454:7cfe986d0cc6 Remus: Buffer checkpoint data locally until domain has resumed execution.
2009-11-09 Keir Fraser 20453:139a8a253658 Remus: Initiate failover if a packet is not received every 500ms.
2009-11-09 Keir Fraser 20452:0f893b8f7c15 Remus: Make xc_domain_restore loop until the fd is closed.
2009-11-09 Keir Fraser 20451:07f6d9047af4 Remus: Add callbacks for suspend, postcopy and preresume in xc_domain_save.
2009-11-09 Keir Fraser 20450:e8483c7f668d x86, hvm: Make host TscInvariant CPUID flag visible to guest by default.
2009-11-09 Keir Fraser 20449:42e268da38b9 x86_32: Respect e820 map when populating Xen heap.
2009-11-09 Keir Fraser 20448:f8a320c333e8 x86, cpuid: mask TSC invariant bit for PV and HVM domains if migration
2009-11-09 Keir Fraser 20447:c4630f8f69cc x86/dom0: support bzip2 and lzma compressed bzImage payloads
2009-11-05 Keir Fraser 20446:ac9d4ba48b83 xentop: Add two more VBD statistics
2009-11-04 Keir Fraser 20445:23b43708aad6 xc_resume: fix modify_returncode when host width != guest width
2009-11-04 Keir Fraser 20444:ba19b6a208cd Update QEMU_TAG to f72b6e0ffc3bb84d4442c5a7493bffbdce2a4468
2009-11-03 Keir Fraser 20443:bd60c77071eb xen passthrough: fix recent regressions
2009-11-03 Keir Fraser 20442:7a206c6f216a x86: improve reporting through XENMEM_machine_memory_map
2009-11-03 Keir Fraser 20441:450f2ddd2dc6 x86: Clean up APIC local timer handling.
2009-11-03 Keir Fraser 20440:7d7631b57d19 vmx: Disable vPMU feature by default
2009-11-03 Keir Fraser 20439:830bda7a9c75 Linux vbd hotplug: Speed up finding a loopback device
2009-11-03 Keir Fraser 20438:2ddad83e9733 Linux vbd hotplug: Avoid "leaked" loopback devices
2009-11-03 Keir Fraser 20437:98593d8d262e xen-hvmctx: add recently added gtsc_khz field to output
2009-11-02 Keir Fraser 20436:19f0e0867a18 Fixes after addition of dummy_vcpu_info.
2009-10-29 Keir Fraser 20435:059c01d69a08 Extend the max vcpu number for HVM guest.
2009-10-29 Keir Fraser 20434:2d9ff985f8ec AMD IOMMU: remove a BUG_ON condition, to allow boot
2009-10-29 Keir Fraser 20433:521fa89e0d3e stubdom: make stubdom-dm exit properly
2009-10-29 Keir Fraser 20432:444ac8fdb591 Extend max vcpu number for HVM guest
2009-10-29 Keir Fraser 20431:2f9753ddd3d7 Update .hgignore list
2009-10-29 Keir Fraser 20430:f74f0c1ae8ab Point per-vcpu vcpu_info at a dummy structure by default, avoiding
2009-10-29 Keir Fraser 20429:e1fd971ec20e minios: xmalloc and realloc fixes
2009-10-28 Keir Fraser 20428:c1f2b68b6dca iommu: Do not initialise global vars explicitly to zero.
2009-10-28 Keir Fraser 20427:62313648c9f5 vtd: Simplify acpi_dmar_init().
2009-10-28 Keir Fraser 20426:a2c17e320c47 AMD IOMMU: Use global interrupt remapping table by default
2009-10-28 Keir Fraser 20425:47136dbb972d xend: disallow ! as a sxp separator
2009-10-28 Keir Fraser 20424:5e110d89b647 x86: vioapic: fix remote irr bit setting for level triggered interrupts
2009-10-28 Keir Fraser 20423:cff23354d026 scheduler: small csched_cpu_pick() adjustments
2009-10-28 Keir Fraser 20422:de4b6b7f55db x86: deny access to the ACPI PM timer I/O port range for Dom0
2009-10-28 Keir Fraser 20421:ae942a3117bb Boot parameter definition adjustments
2009-10-28 Keir Fraser 20420:5a224e101cb3 Miscellaneous data placement adjustments
2009-10-28 Keir Fraser 20419:514510e6c7cb irq cleanup
2009-10-27 Keir Fraser 20418:c4958b2edaa5 xsm: Add support for Xen device policies
2009-10-27 Keir Fraser 20417:2489f766fa68 xend: Add keymap to vfb config for hvm guests
2009-10-26 Keir Fraser 20416:42e9682e4b61 x86: IRQ Migration logic enhancement.
2009-10-26 Keir Fraser 20415:f0be14bb3f7a x86: Small simplification to get_page_from_l1e().
2009-10-26 Keir Fraser 20414:b27f85b54ecc hvm: Clean up EPT/NPT 'nested page fault' handling.
2009-10-26 Keir Fraser 20413:9c49133434cb xend, passthrough: Small fix to find_all_the_multi_functions()
2009-10-26 Keir Fraser 20412:19d6d811bc15 shadow dirty-VRAM: avoid multiple remove_all_mappings calls.
2009-10-23 Keir Fraser 20411:8ca4e32583b6 x86: Enable TSC_RELIABLE for AMD servers
2009-10-23 Keir Fraser 20410:e36ffdd9e8cf x86 ept: ignore guest writes to read only memory regions or memory
2009-10-23 Keir Fraser 20409:6bb2ea814916 vtd: interrupt remapping fix
2009-10-23 Keir Fraser 20408:f760735bbcdf xsm: Corrected check in io_has_perm()
2009-10-23 Keir Fraser 20407:51b031b0737e x86: Fix RevF detection in powernow.c
2009-10-23 Keir Fraser 20406:b5c6c4a58495 blktap2: Fix sysfs handling of blktap2
2009-10-23 Keir Fraser 20405:1e5c3059d23b xsm: Add getenforce and setenforce functionality to tools
2009-10-23 Keir Fraser 20404:ecc649ec3675 passthrough/stubdom: clean up hypercall privilege checking
2009-10-23 Keir Fraser 20403:c7381d04e2b3 blktap: Fix check_sharing() in blktapctrl