age author revision description
2010-07-08 Keir Fraser 21796:92ac9536ac5a xen: make the shadow allocation hypercalls include the p2m memory
2010-07-08 Keir Fraser 21795:db35740574a5 xen: use s_time_t for periodic timer deadlines.
2010-07-08 Keir Fraser 21794:8fe12d6816db rombios: use explicit SS prefix for calculated on-stack array accesses.
2010-07-08 Keir Fraser 21793:3e1272f3aa71 rombios: move the stack to 0x9e000 and protect it with an e820 entry
2010-07-08 Keir Fraser 21792:3073d3d61a6b rombios: wait 30s after a failed boot
2010-07-08 Keir Fraser 21791:806d2952be08 x86/mce: use cpu_online() instead of cpu_isset(,cpu_online_map)
2010-07-08 Keir Fraser 21790:df63728e1680 x86/cpufreq: check array index before use
2010-07-06 Keir Fraser 21789:a0f0ae5be814 Merge
2010-07-06 Ian Jackson 21788:4e455f0125d3 tools/libxl: revert 15bcf57fcf24 (disable_migrate)
2010-07-06 Ian Jackson 21787:7925f4d39043 tools/ocaml: Fix up ocaml build for timer_mode, hpet and vpt_align
2010-07-06 Ian Jackson 21786:15bcf57fcf24 tools/libxl: support the "disable_migrate" domain config option
2010-07-06 Ian Jackson 21785:da46b25cf17d tools/libxl: allow setting of timer_mode, hpet and vpt_align parameters
2010-07-06 Ian Jackson 21784:473c170bca8d tools/hotplug: script: fix lock directory remains on error bug
2010-07-06 Ian Jackson 21783:4af9f9351beb tools/xenstore: add XS_RESTRICT operation to C xenstore client libs.
2010-07-06 Ian Jackson 21782:db6234d3eafb Merge
2010-07-02 Ian Jackson 21781:ce278fdaced3 update QEMU_TAG to add968aaf68cb57257428f8cfadb209f2614a6d8
2010-07-02 Ian Jackson 21780:b2a89e9e4630 tools/pygrub: --not-really option for debugging
2010-07-02 Ian Jackson 21779:f35512e244ff tools/pygrub: Fix a typo handling device specs with no partition part
2010-07-02 Ian Jackson 21778:eb34666befcc tools/debugger/gdb: Remove gdb
2010-07-02 Ian Jackson 21777:380a9e363761 Merge
2010-06-29 Ian Jackson 21776:eb72d1acf115 Merge
2010-06-29 Ian Jackson 21775:2083a4146013 tools/pygrub: Fix default when out of range
2010-06-29 Ian Jackson 21774:51160a8ecf7d tools/xend: Revert 21541:7ff0e885b5c3 "a few blktap2 fixes"
2010-06-29 Ian Jackson 21773:452dec73d3c1 tools/ocaml: libxl ocaml bindings
2010-06-29 Ian Jackson 21772:2817171a214b update QEMU_TAG to 109ed219afc4be5cc5c22f912bb125d1fb102bb2
2010-06-29 Ian Jackson 21771:47cf95de0ce1 tools: init.d/xencommons: Wait for xenstored to start before setting dom0 name
2010-06-29 Ian Jackson 21770:0429585d7e39 tools: init.d/xencommons: Make init script more verbose
2010-06-29 Ian Jackson 21769:a60c604b5829 tools/xend, xm: add a command to get the state of VMs
2010-07-06 Keir Fraser 21768:1864c12977f6 x86: eliminate unused "quad_local_to_mp_bus_id"
2010-07-06 Keir Fraser 21767:b81c8fbf3e6e rombios: fix implicit assumption that DS == SS
2010-07-06 Keir Fraser 21766:a1008ce01820 rombios: pause for a keypress after a failed boot
2010-07-05 Keir Fraser 21765:9d965ac1b0db Add an exact-node request flag for mem allocations.
2010-07-05 Keir Fraser 21764:34f612ed4184 x2APIC: improve enabling logic
2010-07-05 Keir Fraser 21763:176956d1d2fd x2APIC/VT-d: improve interrupt remapping and queued invalidation enabling and disabling
2010-07-05 Keir Fraser 21762:64a80813978f x2APIC/VT-d: allocate iommu when create a drhd
2010-07-05 Keir Fraser 21761:70ac5171a48f VT-d: No need to emulate WBINVD when force snooping feature available
2010-07-05 Keir Fraser 21760:b7e2bb28bfb7 VMX: fix ept pages free up when ept superpage split fails:
2010-07-05 Keir Fraser 21759:9074d50d0935 trace: insert compiler memory barriers
2010-07-02 Keir Fraser 21758:f483b5ce7be2 AMD OSVW (OS Visible Workaround) for Xen
2010-07-02 Keir Fraser 21757:4d091e6e0491 x86: Fix (bogus) use-before-initialise compiler warning.
2010-07-02 Keir Fraser 21756:569b6148a652 VMX: cleanup ept_set_entry:
2010-07-02 Keir Fraser 21755:62db52247afe Remove stale file xen/arch/x86/hvm/vmx/vpmu.c
2010-07-02 Keir Fraser 21754:a8c5e5e12ec1 io: make shared ring pad field less enticing for users by adding a __ prefix
2010-07-02 Keir Fraser 21753:feee0abed6aa blktap2: make protocol specific usage of shared sring explicit
2010-07-02 Keir Fraser 21752:ae68758f8862 trace: fix security issues
2010-07-02 Keir Fraser 21751:19f4d637a52b trace: adjust printk()s
2010-07-02 Keir Fraser 21750:1390e2ab45c7 trace: improve check_tbuf_size()
2010-07-02 Keir Fraser 21749:2f3a68a0b55b trace: Fix T_INFO_FIRST_OFFSET calculation
2010-07-02 Keir Fraser 21748:2846fd19945c gdbsx: Always build -- remove build-time config option.
2010-06-30 Keir Fraser 21747:aecf092da748 xenpaging: Fix 32-bit build after fixed-width type changes.
2010-06-30 Keir Fraser 21746:fae04060a4f4 Fix #GPF injection into compat guests in vm86 code
2010-06-30 Keir Fraser 21745:7cda3ad44c6d Use gfn_to_mfn_query() rather then gfn_to_mfn() when changing P2M types
2010-06-30 Keir Fraser 21744:81d6471ff123 x86: fix an off-by-one pirq range check
2010-06-30 Keir Fraser 21743:a9caa0f2d693 VMX: remove useless super page recomputing in ept_set_entry.
2010-06-29 Keir Fraser 21742:a6d5b76abdcb x86 oprofile: use rdmsrl/wrmsrl
2010-06-29 Keir Fraser 21741:c5f3fe17374c trace: share t_info pages only in read-only mode
2010-06-29 Keir Fraser 21740:2a3a5979e3f1 Use fixed-width types in the memory event interface
2010-06-29 Keir Fraser 21739:6b5a5bfaf357 x86: Only build memory-event features on 64-bit Xen
2010-06-29 Keir Fraser 21738:3ea84fd20b26 gpxe: Add eb-roms.h to hgignore list and build ROMs serially.
2010-06-29 Keir Fraser 21737:97af44d4ace9 gpxe: Build e1000 ROM with PCI-ID matching that advertised by qemu-dm.