age author revision description
2009-12-03 Keir Fraser 20615:9b6b398464b7 Remus: fix shadow memory allocation, broken by 20558:4ed3b9b1de3f
2009-12-02 Keir Fraser 20614:aa0b5558564f x86 hvm: fix up the unified HAP nested-pagefault handler.
2009-12-02 Keir Fraser 20613:ff04ff0b097e xentop: Allow full domain name display
2009-12-02 Keir Fraser 20612:3e60469350ae libxenlight: fix multiple xenstore watches problem
2009-12-02 Keir Fraser 20611:32f6420c15e9 libxenlight: use watch and select in libxl_wait_for_device_model
2009-12-02 Keir Fraser 20610:54409eceb4be libxenlight: fix dm_xenstore_record_pid
2009-12-02 Keir Fraser 20609:176b4c8e2c4b xenstat: Fixes for 20528:e6e3bf767d16 (stats for dom0 network bonding)
2009-12-02 Keir Fraser 20608:a5501e2a80aa xend, vt-d: do not reserve vtd_mem if iommu is not enabled
2009-12-02 Keir Fraser 20607:28d967d08cd9 vmx: During task-switch, read instr-len VMCS field only when valid.
2009-12-02 Keir Fraser 20606:7ffec3fab548 VT-d: Fix indentation to make log messages more readable in dmar.c
2009-12-02 Keir Fraser 20605:c1ae1009667f pci: Correct BDF format from B:D:F to B:D.F in log messages.
2009-12-02 Keir Fraser 20604:4ed3b9b1de3f xend: Memory pool for pv guest on systems with >128G memory
2009-12-02 Keir Fraser 20603:04037c99b5f1 VT-d: get rid of hardcode in iommu_flush_cache_entry
2009-12-02 Keir Fraser 20602:c3373757a5d6 xm: fix message in OptionError deprecated since Python 2.6
2009-12-02 Keir Fraser 20601:6ff4e4a66b16 docs: new tsc_mode VM configuration option
2009-12-02 Keir Fraser 20600:bafd3254e225 remus: Skip Linux-specific build components on other OSes
2009-12-02 Keir Fraser 20599:b647216151cd libxenlight: write stubdoms logs to file
2009-12-02 Keir Fraser 20598:7183cd08d71b libxenlight: two small fixes
2009-12-02 Keir Fraser 20597:10790a282958 libxl: include signal.h, required for SIGKILL definition
2009-12-01 Keir Fraser 20596:aae0afcc05e3 x86: Correctly allocate module-relocation area and bzimage headroom.
2009-12-01 Keir Fraser 20595:88cdcc8dc17a hvmloader: Fix bug in 20510:749b5d46e7a9 (GPE notifications)
2009-12-01 Keir Fraser 20594:fef6d531f04f libxenlight: wait for pv qemu initialization
2009-12-01 Keir Fraser 20593:14d9fb7a3262 x86: fix MCE/NMI injection
2009-12-01 Keir Fraser 20592:939933401650 xen: turn numa=on by default
2009-12-01 Keir Fraser 20591:cc7d66ba0dad libxc: pass the restore_context through function and allocate the context on the restore function stack.
2009-12-01 Keir Fraser 20590:ad9d75d74bd5 libxc: pass the suspend_context through function and allocate the context on the save function stack.
2009-12-01 Keir Fraser 20589:c0facdf07956 libxc: move the domain_info_context into the restore_context
2009-12-01 Keir Fraser 20588:aec4b8386391 libxc: move domain_info_context into the save_context
2009-12-01 Keir Fraser 20587:0dff55218fd5 libxc: move restore global variable to a global static context
2009-12-01 Keir Fraser 20586:6c7e51e7f7b3 libxc: create a global context structure to record global variables in save
2009-12-01 Keir Fraser 20585:3e4a70d6c50a libxc: create a domain_info_context structure to store guest_width and p2m_size for macros.
2009-12-01 Keir Fraser 20584:c01e324ef514 libxenlight: enables less than maximum vcpus
2009-12-01 Keir Fraser 20583:72ad0f6bb3b6 libxenlight: allow domain to publish its suspend evtchn
2009-12-01 Keir Fraser 20582:d4157fe48f19 libxenlight: write vcpu availability paths in xenstore
2009-12-01 Keir Fraser 20581:4260d8edf260 libxenlight: remove vss and xapi patch on domain destroy
2009-12-01 Keir Fraser 20580:6263a2efe684 libxenlight: set domain handle
2009-12-01 Keir Fraser 20579:d1ac88bf91bf libxenlight: fix uuid code
2009-12-01 Keir Fraser 20578:8bd6d48300bd libxenlight: avoid writing empty values to xenstore
2009-12-01 Keir Fraser 20577:4c1831fabdd5 sysctl: Fix mis-allocation of number for XEN_SYSCTL_lockprof_op
2009-12-01 Keir Fraser 20576:89f7f1d31d4b Revert 20523:bd52fff29e6e "Remove redundant tests in __start_xen()"
2009-12-01 Keir Fraser 20575:a006e5109991 xentop: Add tmem-freeable info when tmem is active
2009-12-01 Keir Fraser 20574:e6e3bf767d16 xenstat: Linux dom0 statistics for case we use network bonding
2009-12-01 Keir Fraser 20573:f330d9edf67c Report hardware tsc frequency even for emulated tsc
2009-12-01 Keir Fraser 20572:d84edda40cb3 tools: avoid cpu over-commitment if numa=on
2009-12-01 Keir Fraser 20571:c0ceddd46bb0 libxenlight: fix segfault when reading blktap2 devs
2009-12-01 Keir Fraser 20570:1a6a109e48ce libxenlight: fix multiple console with stubdoms
2009-11-30 Keir Fraser 20569:bd52fff29e6e x86: Remove redundant tests in __start_xen()
2009-11-30 Keir Fraser 20568:abc6183f486e ia64: eliminate build warnings
2009-11-30 Keir Fraser 20567:b5bb8746201b xend: fix bugs in c/s 20321:7a69f773548e "add a config description item for each guest"
2009-11-30 Keir Fraser 20566:5b724b482f37 libxenlight: implement blktap2 support
2009-11-30 Keir Fraser 20565:093cd0e7d537 libxenlight: fix suspend/resume
2009-11-30 Keir Fraser 20564:6864bc03783f libxenlight: add console command
2009-11-30 Keir Fraser 20563:414af6479999 libxenlight: fix hvm flag when no hvmloader
2009-11-30 Keir Fraser 20562:c4e620a2e65c x86/mm: set_p2m_entry() should return 0 on error
2009-11-27 Keir Fraser 20561:d0b030008814 xm: Allow detaching vif by MAC address
2009-11-27 Keir Fraser 20560:8b73b7840c55 VT-d: Free unused interrupt remapping table entry
2009-11-27 Keir Fraser 20559:e2a8483d57f7 build: Execute mk_dsdt with path
2009-11-26 Keir Fraser 20558:ba68bb0d229c hvmloader: Auto-generate IRQ routing tables in ACPI DSDT.
2009-11-26 Keir Fraser 20557:2b5aafac9391 libxenlight: implement pause and unpause
2009-11-26 Keir Fraser 20556:749b5d46e7a9 hvmloader: Auto-generate the lengthy pattern-based sections of ACPI DSDT.