age author revision description
2010-06-22 Keir Fraser 21696:a24dbfcbdf69 perfc: Fix x86_64 build with perfc_arrays=y
2010-06-22 Keir Fraser 21695:74fa38447ad9 x86 shadow: Fix x86_32 build.
2010-06-21 Keir Fraser 21694:72c6228b5f0f Enable tmem functionality for PV on HVM guests. Guest kernel
2010-06-21 Keir Fraser 21693:cfba1560054a x86 hvm: implement HVMOP_pagetable_dying
2010-06-21 Keir Fraser 21692:4892d31a78b1 Revert 21641:2e5844e17d6f "xencommons: modprobe xenfs if it not be loaded"
2010-06-21 Keir Fraser 21691:be9bf07fc818 Revert 21640:05e127771b86 "libxc: Fix Segmentation fault of xend"
2010-06-21 Keir Fraser 21690:fbef5b14f424 xl: fix command truncation
2010-06-21 Keir Fraser 21689:31708477f0a9 vmx: Fix bug in VMX VPMU fixed function PMC offset
2010-06-21 Keir Fraser 21688:46a4c936b77e xend: fix "xm list hangs"
2010-06-21 Keir Fraser 21687:2e5844e17d6f xencommons: modprobe xenfs if it not be loaded
2010-06-21 Keir Fraser 21686:05e127771b86 libxc: Fix Segmentation fault of xend
2010-06-18 Keir Fraser 21685:9f257ab92ae4 cpuidle: add comments for hpet cpumask_lock usage
2010-06-18 Keir Fraser 21684:96c2178bd448 xl: tidy up around global '-v' option
2010-06-18 Keir Fraser 21683:c4216fa31a8e xl: allow truncation of xl subcommands
2010-06-18 Keir Fraser 21682:3fdd864a79d3 ia64: Fix xc_save error reporting
2010-06-18 Keir Fraser 21681:8e3658934612 libxl: give reasons for ctx init failures
2010-06-18 Keir Fraser 21680:715bf3974893 Makefile: Separate misc dist things from dist target
2010-06-18 Keir Fraser 21679:2ad2998ab654 Switch default Linux kernel build to 2.6.32
2010-06-17 Keir Fraser 21678:764e41b09017 cpuidle: redefine cpumask_lock as rwlock_t
2010-06-17 Keir Fraser 21677:d0ad966b3d1a cpuidle: redirect some hpet lock users to a new cpumask_lock
2010-06-17 Keir Fraser 21676:47655a695312 cpuidle: remove hpet access in hpet_broadcast_exit
2010-06-17 Keir Fraser 21675:919ffe9b60b5 cpuidle: use stime to count c-state residency in NONSTOP_TSC case
2010-06-17 Keir Fraser 21674:6fffbb86acae cpuidle: reduce redundant cost in cstate_restore_tsc for nonstop tsc
2010-06-17 Keir Fraser 21673:7a00c0bd4fc1 cpuidle: fix wrapped ticks calculation for pm timer.
2010-06-17 Keir Fraser 21672:dab8676e97ce Fix sched_adjust_global() and clean up surrounding code.
2010-06-17 Keir Fraser 21671:0695a5cdcb42 x86: IRQ affinity should track vCPU affinity
2010-06-15 Keir Fraser 21670:b9c541d9c138 python/xc: fix out of bounds array access
2010-06-15 Keir Fraser 21669:840b3f584864 ia64: fix build
2010-06-15 Keir Fraser 21668:ca70fb5b4d40 x86: fix guest wrmsr warning format
2010-06-15 Keir Fraser 21667:1aeecd35f4f4 x86/mce: assorted fixes
2010-06-15 Keir Fraser 21666:b0f7f710f512 x86: return value of domain_pirq_to_irq() is signed
2010-06-15 Keir Fraser 21665:972b7e305138 x86: put_superpage() must also work for !opt_allow_superpage
2010-06-15 Keir Fraser 21664:98c118970b4d Allow LZO compressed bzImage to be used as DomU kernel
2010-06-15 Keir Fraser 21663:d8333666361d x86: allow LZO compressed bzImage to be used as Dom0 kernel
2010-06-15 Keir Fraser 21662:2501732e291b x86: fix pv cpuid masking
2010-06-15 Keir Fraser 21661:a2cc1db1af9c Don't save Xen heap pages during domain save
2010-06-15 Keir Fraser 21660:094b826a2b8e xl: fix restore_common return value
2010-06-15 Keir Fraser 21659:a5b45fb404dd buildconfig: Set CONFIG_TUN=y in Linux kernel config
2010-06-15 Keir Fraser 21658:21d4f27be47e buildconfig: Fix setopt in case where option is already set but to the wrong value
2010-06-15 Keir Fraser 21657:856c46846039 xend: Do not mess with bridge if admin has set one up already
2010-06-15 Keir Fraser 21656:17354054a6e3 x86 hap: clean up the definition of hap_enabled().
2010-06-15 Keir Fraser 21655:fec9666c216b mce: Enhance the vmce injection check logic
2010-06-11 Keir Fraser 21654:06c384172152 x86: Do not include apic.h/io_apic.h from asm/smp.h
2010-06-11 Keir Fraser 21653:7706fb5cd87c x86 amd: Fix after MSR cleanup
2010-06-11 Keir Fraser 21652:9f49e9794596 mce: clean up msr handling
2010-06-11 Keir Fraser 21651:fd948758d9b8 x86: Clean up efer/ler macros after MSR changes.
2010-06-11 Keir Fraser 21650:886494c9fda4 apic: clean up msr handling
2010-06-11 Keir Fraser 21649:3e1b6559f67d mtrr msr-handling cleanup
2010-06-11 Keir Fraser 21648:f086edac7f92 svm: use msr safe for erratum 383
2010-06-11 Keir Fraser 21647:8f342d84db4b libxl: blktap2 fix
2010-06-11 Keir Fraser 21646:125b3493dac9 xen: msr safe cleanup
2010-06-11 Keir Fraser 21645:630956366c2c libxl: Fix blktap2 for xl cset 21586:c3c2bcafe471
2010-06-11 Keir Fraser 21644:a822156d9fbb VMX: enforce INVVPID checking
2010-06-11 Keir Fraser 21643:2e38205b0d73 grant iommu: Correctly handle multiple mappings of same MFN.
2010-06-10 Keir Fraser 21642:04e81a65d27e tmem: Fix domain lifecycle synchronisation.
2010-06-10 Keir Fraser 21641:39657b168068 Tmem: fix domain refcount leak by returning to simpler model
2010-06-10 Keir Fraser 21640:6d35ded36a79 VMX: rewrite ept_change_entry_type_global in a recursive way
2010-06-10 Keir Fraser 21639:f3c6fe3ddf8e rcu: Update all rcu_read_lock() users to implement a dummy RCU read lock.
2010-06-10 Keir Fraser 21638:9db8fc1ca2ef VMX: enforce invept checking
2010-06-10 Keir Fraser 21637:def12332b19c VMX: enforce EPT paging structure memory type and page-walk length check.