age author revision description
2010-07-02 Keir Fraser 21754:a8c5e5e12ec1 io: make shared ring pad field less enticing for users by adding a __ prefix
2010-07-02 Keir Fraser 21753:feee0abed6aa blktap2: make protocol specific usage of shared sring explicit
2010-07-02 Keir Fraser 21752:ae68758f8862 trace: fix security issues
2010-07-02 Keir Fraser 21751:19f4d637a52b trace: adjust printk()s
2010-07-02 Keir Fraser 21750:1390e2ab45c7 trace: improve check_tbuf_size()
2010-07-02 Keir Fraser 21749:2f3a68a0b55b trace: Fix T_INFO_FIRST_OFFSET calculation
2010-07-02 Keir Fraser 21748:2846fd19945c gdbsx: Always build -- remove build-time config option.
2010-06-30 Keir Fraser 21747:aecf092da748 xenpaging: Fix 32-bit build after fixed-width type changes.
2010-06-30 Keir Fraser 21746:fae04060a4f4 Fix #GPF injection into compat guests in vm86 code
2010-06-30 Keir Fraser 21745:7cda3ad44c6d Use gfn_to_mfn_query() rather then gfn_to_mfn() when changing P2M types
2010-06-30 Keir Fraser 21744:81d6471ff123 x86: fix an off-by-one pirq range check
2010-06-30 Keir Fraser 21743:a9caa0f2d693 VMX: remove useless super page recomputing in ept_set_entry.
2010-06-29 Keir Fraser 21742:a6d5b76abdcb x86 oprofile: use rdmsrl/wrmsrl
2010-06-29 Keir Fraser 21741:c5f3fe17374c trace: share t_info pages only in read-only mode
2010-06-29 Keir Fraser 21740:2a3a5979e3f1 Use fixed-width types in the memory event interface
2010-06-29 Keir Fraser 21739:6b5a5bfaf357 x86: Only build memory-event features on 64-bit Xen
2010-06-29 Keir Fraser 21738:3ea84fd20b26 gpxe: Add eb-roms.h to hgignore list and build ROMs serially.
2010-06-29 Keir Fraser 21737:97af44d4ace9 gpxe: Build e1000 ROM with PCI-ID matching that advertised by qemu-dm.
2010-06-29 Keir Fraser 21736:f47f869c5182 x86: send_IPI_mask() ignores offline CPUs in given cpumask.
2010-06-28 Ian Jackson 21735:7b00193bd033 Merge
2010-06-28 Ian Jackson 21734:83638d735b97 tools/ocaml: Add .NOTPARALLEL to Makefile
2010-06-28 Ian Jackson 21733:408b0b6768fc libxl: Specify no nics to qemu when no emulated nics
2010-06-28 Ian Jackson 21732:dcb1cd697788 libxl: Pass bridge config info into xenstore
2010-06-28 Ian Jackson 21731:c81c215965f5 tools/libxc: Do not crash freeing logger on xc_interface_open error path
2010-06-28 Ian Jackson 21730:a37de3ca1341 tools/python: sxp parser: show empty string
2010-06-28 Keir Fraser 21729:059a12afce52 vtd: Only kill_timer() an init_timer()'ed timer.
2010-06-28 Keir Fraser 21728:7e46fdbe8a11 xentrace: restrict trace buffer MFNs
2010-06-25 Keir Fraser 21727:bf64e1081333 Merge
2010-06-25 Ian Jackson 21726:342431ea89f4 Merge
2010-06-25 Ian Jackson 21725:8e0a20f050a1 libxc: Fix ia64 build for interface change
2010-06-25 Ian Jackson 21724:e307aa11ed27 xend: Fix up check "mac" address sooner change
2010-06-24 Ian Jackson 21723:e7b55cc5533a ocaml: remove bogus /dev/xen/ev[en]tchn
2010-06-25 Keir Fraser 21722:723446de1869 x86 mtrr: use rdmsrl
2010-06-25 Keir Fraser 21721:99f108e2fb3a svm: use wrmsrl
2010-06-25 Keir Fraser 21720:0d7512c512b9 x86 paging_domctl: reinstates the breaks in the flow control (and
2010-06-25 Keir Fraser 21719:4001ab0d5785 x86 cpufreq: Fixes after msr cleanup patch
2010-06-25 Keir Fraser 21718:aae1c7606c6a x86 cpu: use rdmsrl/wrmsrl
2010-06-25 Keir Fraser 21717:8e12fc391b4a x86 cpufreq: use rdmsrl/wrmsrl
2010-06-25 Keir Fraser 21716:27ee92d40743 [IA64] counter part of 21407:e4028345ad48
2010-06-24 Keir Fraser 21715:b622e411eef8 x86: use rdmsrl/wrmsrl
2010-06-24 Keir Fraser 21714:80e711a4ece6 mce: cleanup
2010-06-24 Keir Fraser 21713:1c17f157381e x86: Fix rdmsr_safe after c/s 21600.
2010-06-23 Keir Fraser 21712:b54f9c9f9144 Merge
2010-06-23 Ian Jackson 21711:f2f0b687f74d libxl: support reset file on sysfs
2010-06-23 Ian Jackson 21710:f3d3fb7da2c9 libxl: make libxl_wait_for_device_model clearer
2010-06-23 Ian Jackson 21709:c973b5b8d17e prompt user to start xencommons first if it is not running.
2010-06-22 Ian Jackson 21708:e1d6f390b76b python/xc: [PATCH 3/3] add flask capabilities in python xc bindings
2010-06-22 Ian Jackson 21707:a897a1250e55 libxc: [PATCH 2/3] remove some duplicated code: helper add/del functions
2010-06-22 Ian Jackson 21706:5164c1c6ddbe libxc: [PATCH 1/3] merge libflask into libxenctrl
2010-06-23 Keir Fraser 21705:f908097d4ca4 mce: k7 cleanup
2010-06-23 Keir Fraser 21704:c362e793f0a0 tmem: skip special case in alloc_heap_pages() if tmem holds no pages
2010-06-22 Ian Jackson 21703:e2f5e4f3481c init.d: Fix xencommons init script chkconfig configuration
2010-06-22 Stefano Stabellini 21702:ce4e60aa1281 Merge
2010-06-22 Stefano Stabellini 21701:02f26e24e9ab this patch implements few missing options in xl so that it can be
2010-06-22 Stefano Stabellini 21700:32e571a3ca31 this patch adds support for xl in xendomains: if `xm list` fails all the
2010-06-22 Ian Jackson 21699:9da3abe88c90 Check "mac" address sooner in device_create function, before doing device_add.
2010-06-22 Ian Jackson 21698:2ad890d46cb8 python/xc: do not crash xend if /proc/xen/privcmd cannot be opened
2010-06-22 Ian Jackson 21697:fa809ed6f534 If xenfs is compiled as a module, now cannot complete
2010-06-22 Keir Fraser 21696:a24dbfcbdf69 perfc: Fix x86_64 build with perfc_arrays=y
2010-06-22 Keir Fraser 21695:74fa38447ad9 x86 shadow: Fix x86_32 build.