age author revision description
2010-09-13 Keir Fraser 22196:b65d1a620378 Allow easier overriding of LIBLEAFDIR_x86_64 on GNU systems
2010-09-13 Keir Fraser 22195:9c1e3863c588 Fix an IO-APIC error message
2010-09-13 Keir Fraser 22194:a254d1236c1a Fix serial interrupt's destination
2010-09-13 Keir Fraser 22193:f0a1229cb0a6 hvm: Merge MSR_EFER handling.
2010-09-13 Keir Fraser 22192:f61504f8d6e5 Disable kernel build in Xen build system.
2010-09-13 Keir Fraser 22191:35318cc05a50 xen: define raw version of set_xen_guest_handle
2010-09-13 Keir Fraser 22190:ec31bb01c424 xsm: Avoid null dereference in flask get_page_sid
2010-09-13 Keir Fraser 22189:e64710373db7 The sysctl hypercall should be callable from HVM guests.
2010-09-13 Keir Fraser 22188:e129bd122741 vmx: Unifying the CPU_BASED_VM_EXEC_CONTROL VMCS field write into a
2010-09-13 Keir Fraser 22187:b40661482e0f vmx: Unifying the SECONDARY_VM_EXEC_CONTROL VMCS field write into a
2010-09-13 Keir Fraser 22186:767e3f4366f8 vmx: Caching the VMCS field EXCEPTION_BITMAP and cleanup some unused function.
2010-09-13 Keir Fraser 22185:78b16cd326dd vmx: Rename host_vmcs to vmxon_region
2010-09-13 Keir Fraser 22184:258b93411302 libxc, tmem: Fix build after fd2e5008c2e0
2010-09-13 Keir Fraser 22183:fd2e5008c2e0 tmem (tools): move to new ABI version to handle long object-ids
2010-09-13 Keir Fraser 22182:b7f0ea22880d tmem (hv): move to new ABI version to handle long object-ids
2010-09-13 Keir Fraser 22181:69e8bb164683 page_alloc: Hold heap_lock while adjusting page states to/from PGC_state_free.
2010-09-13 Keir Fraser 22180:e300bfa3c032 x86 vmx: Add handlers for missing exit_reasons documented by Intel SDM 3B
2010-09-13 Keir Fraser 22179:9c5f084135b8 page_alloc: Check neighbouring chunks belong to same NUMA node before
2010-09-10 Ian Jackson 22178:3985fea87987 tools/xenstore: libxenstore: fix threading bug which cause xend startup hang
2010-09-10 Vincent Hanquez 22177:f694fdd471ec oxenstored: when reading / read automatically the root node.
2010-09-10 Andre Przywara 22176:862a07d67ea3 xl: Fix adding additional config cmdline parameters
2010-09-10 Andre Przywara 22175:a9f272d4ab4f xl: fix adding configuration parameters on command line
2010-09-10 Gianni Tedesco 22174:5ad5ba05e3af xl: don't leak a lot of memory in forked process in domain_create
2010-09-10 Gianni Tedesco 22173:8caf87c7a017 libxl: don't leak gc pointers to caller's structs; prevent double free
2010-09-10 Gianni Tedesco 22172:d57c33873eed xl: fix double free of domain names
2010-09-10 Ian Campbell 22171:29e9d0f2a2fd xl: remove another string literal from config struct
2010-09-09 Ian Campbell 22170:098790dd9327 xl: use xlu_cfg_replace_string in a few more places.
2010-09-09 Gianni Tedesco 22169:e9d95f7e75ab libxl, xl: don't free string literals in config structure
2010-09-08 Ian Campbell 22168:e14a3c281982 libxl: move hvm_build_set_params to libxl_dom.c [part 2]
2010-09-08 Ian Campbell 22167:4ed9f9218620 libxl: Use libxl__ namespace for internal types
2010-09-08 Ian Campbell 22166:bd331cd1e704 libxl: move hvm_build_set_params to libxl_dom.c
2010-09-08 Ian Campbell 22165:d6663c62524a libxl: Ensure all _hidden functions use libxl__ prefix (manual part)
2010-09-08 Ian Campbell 22164:23112038074f libxl: Ensure all _hidden functions use libxl__ prefix (autogenerated patch)
2010-09-08 Ian Jackson 22163:9d6fcb72ae5f xl: correct calls to dolog() (aka LOG)
2010-09-08 Ian Campbell 22162:fc866633d0eb xl: do not return to caller from monitoring daemon
2010-09-07 Mukesh Rathor 22161:cd87550cea5e tools/debugger/gdbsx: use MTF flag for HVM guests for single step
2010-09-07 Brendan Cully 22160:645b6001935f remus: remove remus kernel extensions (now distributed with pvops kernel)
2010-09-07 Brendan Cully 22159:ff512bceb394 remus: use plug qdisc for network buffering instead of queue
2010-09-07 Ian Campbell 22158:7fddb93779f7 libxc: restore: reset I/O fd to flags to back to state caller passed us
2010-09-07 Ian Campbell 22157:a936b806eae1 libxc: provide notification of final checkpoint to restore end
2010-09-07 Gianni Tedesco 22156:fc00d97c84a3 libxl: Fix NULL deref in libxl_ctx_free()
2010-09-07 Gianni Tedesco 22155:af3d0b44ebdc libxl: ship libxl_uuid.h, to unbreak out-of-tree libxl builds
2010-09-07 Ian Campbell 22154:a515de547943 libxl: include domain id in userdata path.
2010-09-07 Ian Campbell 22153:07294dbc4bb2 libxl+xend: use correct paths for PV console when running bootloader
2010-09-03 Ian Campbell 22152:5f53805b349e xl: do not run bootloader on restore.
2010-09-03 Ian Campbell 22151:fc29ec187604 libxc: use a switch statement in xc_domain_restore.c::pagebuf_get_one.
2010-09-03 Ian Campbell 22150:30c74192c361 libxc: logger: add newline when progress is complete
2010-09-03 Ian Campbell 22149:9aa2e9cc1b24 libxc: document save/restore protocol
2010-09-03 Miroslav Rezanina 22148:4e9869836091 xend: reserve vtd_mem on guest restore
2010-09-02 Ian Jackson 22147:1831912d4109 QEMU_TAG update
2010-09-02 Stefano Stabellini 22146:fde833c66948 xl: do not continue in the child and exec xenconsole in the parent
2010-09-02 Ian Campbell 22145:12558dbef034 libxl: do not log lack of guest support for suspend event channel
2010-09-02 Ian Campbell 22144:758154658bf8 xl: support console autoconnect on restore
2010-09-02 Gianni Tedesco 22143:22366e13f76d xl: randomly generate UUIDs
2010-09-02 Stefano Stabellini 22142:d37dc6401a1f xl: parse the maxvcpus config file parameter
2010-09-02 Ian Jackson 22141:81da889f671f Merge
2010-09-01 Daniel De Graaf 22140:20e01ec42aab tools/xenstore: correctly handle errors from read_message
2010-09-02 Keir Fraser 22139:0ac7307a2501 [IA64] Rename irq_cfg->domain to irq_cfg->cpu_mask
2010-09-02 Keir Fraser 22138:e0ec7b10f8ce VT-d: fix ia64 build
2010-09-02 Keir Fraser 22137:b3b6a65e75cf Disable ACPI APEI feature for ia64