age author revision description
2010-11-19 Keir Fraser 22454:b7ed352fa610 VPMU: Add the Intel CPU X7542 to the list of supported prcocessors
2010-11-19 Keir Fraser 22453:437576a0f202 consolidate custom parameter parsing routines looking for boolean values
2010-11-19 Keir Fraser 22452:ff98da15205f x86-64: one more adjustment for Fam10 MMCONF enabling
2010-11-19 Keir Fraser 22451:b0cd945b39b4 iommu: adjust section annotations in pass-through code
2010-11-19 Keir Fraser 22450:d272ae0cb1a0 x86/mm: Allocate log-dirty bitmaps from shadow/HAP memory.
2010-11-19 Keir Fraser 22449:ff989ac7cd97 x86/mm: don't override an existing shadow memory allocation when
2010-11-18 Keir Fraser 22448:7d2fdc083c9c x86 hvm: Refuse to perform __hvm_copy() work in atomic context.
2010-11-18 Keir Fraser 22447:92bc47c81fdc rcu_lock(current->domain) does not need to disable preemption.
2010-11-18 Keir Fraser 22446:0b88ccf6332d Define Linux-style <preempt.h> interface.
2010-11-18 Keir Fraser 22445:0e614c0eb4a9 waitqueue: Add license info to source file.
2010-11-17 Keir Fraser 22444:b76df6b4375a x86_64: Fix booting 32-bit dom0
2010-11-17 Keir Fraser 22443:fcb5b09babc0 x86/hvm/pmtimer: improving scalability of virtual time update
2010-11-17 Keir Fraser 22442:c1b7aae86cf5 Wait queues, allowing conditional sleep in hypervisor context.
2010-11-16 Keir Fraser 22441:deb438d43e79 Add locking-depth debugging, introduce in_atomic() boolean.
2010-11-16 Keir Fraser 22440:e1a6a9ab7ef5 x86_64: Make 32-bit-hypercall translate area per-vcpu.
2010-11-16 Keir Fraser 22439:a6f9006a1d70 x86: Clean up vcpu initialisation (especially xsave save area)
2010-11-16 Keir Fraser 22438:894d10d315c2 Make multicall state per-vcpu rather than per-cpu
2010-11-16 Keir Fraser 22437:07bbfe6dd27d x86 hvm: Make a couple of hypercall state flags per-vcpu
2010-11-16 Keir Fraser 22436:379123d8dbab x86 hvm vpmu: Print error if VPMU cannot be init'ed on this CPU.
2010-11-16 Keir Fraser 22435:9b2ca938cfe6 amd iommu: Fix HV crash with 32bit pv_ops kernel
2010-11-15 Keir Fraser 22434:87f248de5230 x2apic: Remove a panic condition in enabling x2APIC
2010-11-15 Keir Fraser 22433:8af10bd7f2d0 x86 xsave: Adding back CPUID support for Xsave (version 2)
2010-11-10 Ian Campbell 22432:388c44a63613 libxc: correct dirty_bitmap bounce size in xc_hvm_track_dirty_vram
2010-11-10 Sander Eikelenboom 22431:b0fe8260cefa tools/hotplug/Linux: supply --physdev-is-bridged in iptables runes
2010-11-10 Keir Fraser 22430:c19e3371f31b hvmloader: Fix 22383:cba667fb80cf iterating over defns 0..255
2010-11-10 Keir Fraser 22429:cba667fb80cf hvmloader: fix off-by-one-bit error when initialising PCI devices
2010-11-09 Keir Fraser 22428:a15b0a2dc276 hvmloader: Fix acpi static tables for new ACPI ioports location.
2010-11-09 Ian Campbell 22427:2bedffabbcab tools: provide explicit target for refetching/resetting qemu
2010-11-09 Anthony Perard 22426:a56433935704 firmware, qemu: Change ACPI IO values to match QEMU BIOS
2010-11-09 KUWAMURA Shin'ya 22425:c553d3035fd5 tools: libxl: fix cpuid compilation errors for ia64
2010-11-09 Ian Jackson 22424:7188d1e4b0e1 tools: libxl: Fix some "const const"s introduced in 711cb4229900
2010-11-09 Keir Fraser 22423:cf7a126298fb ia64: fix the build (again)
2010-11-09 Keir Fraser 22422:7f3ccf376aad x86: allow passing initrd to kernel without exposing it through the initial mapping
2010-11-09 Keir Fraser 22421:426f3a265784 x86: do away with the boot time low-memory 1:1 mapping
2010-11-09 Keir Fraser 22420:9997a1418633 x86 hvm: Fix MTRR physaddr-width check.
2010-11-09 Keir Fraser 22419:b1d61982112c hvmloader: Fix e820 printing routine -- addresses are 64-bit
2010-11-08 Anthony Perard 22418:985f5fa8fc59 libxc: Save the HVM_PARAM_ACPI_IOPORTS_LOCATION
2010-11-08 Ian Jackson 22417:beff430f224c QEMU_TAG update
2010-11-08 Ian Jackson 22416:711cb4229900 tools: xl: more const-correctness
2010-11-08 Jim Fehlig 22415:2c32482d8c90 Fix pci passthru in xend interface used by libvirt
2010-11-08 Keir Fraser 22414:d8b8490d73de x86: xsave save/restore support for both PV and HVM guests (version 2)
2010-11-08 Keir Fraser 22413:eceb22a210e7 x86: Fix PV guest xsave support.
2010-11-08 Keir Fraser 22412:5505388c394d hvmloader: Use ipxe 1.0.0 final rather than a release candidate.
2010-11-08 Keir Fraser 22411:592c8de97816 x86-64: more fixes for Fam10 MMCONF enabling
2010-11-04 Keir Fraser 22410:0d5f09e3728c hgignore: Rename gpxe -> ipxe
2010-11-04 Keir Fraser 22409:2cb5666a8032 hvmloader: Replace gPXE with iPXE for ethernet boot ROM
2010-11-04 Keir Fraser 22408:479abd70ebba libelf: move to init text/data when built for the hypervisor
2010-11-04 Keir Fraser 22407:cb82fbef3366 x86: clean up AMD Fam10 xenoprof IBS code
2010-11-04 Keir Fraser 22406:d9edb6b4b4a9 x86-64: enable MMCONFIG on AMD Fam10 systems even if the BIOS didn't
2010-11-04 Keir Fraser 22405:fedcd4cbcc1e [VTD] fix a typo and some minor cleanup of quirks.c
2010-11-04 Keir Fraser 22404:d508b18a6844 x86: Do not expose XSAVE/AVX to guests.
2010-11-04 Keir Fraser 22403:e72bd79b5351 Revert 22347:16093532f384 "x86: xsave save/restore support"
2010-11-03 Keir Fraser 22402:cbb6b4b17024 x86/mm: tidy up m2p checks in audit_p2m
2010-11-03 Keir Fraser 22401:0aff3b0e5e84 xenpaging: whitespace fixes after addition of __get_paged_frame
2010-11-03 Lutz Dube 22400:a5ee42d0cf2e tools: fix cpu_weight/cap loss (22000:4fc66044477d)
2010-11-03 Ian Jackson 22399:39e4f93f01a4 QEMU_TAG update
2010-11-03 Ian Campbell 22398:e464dfc8d5e9 libxc: fix bounce buffers in xc_pm_get_cx_stat and xc_pm_get_pxstat
2010-11-03 KUWAMURA Shin'ya 22397:66c0e432398f libxc, ia64: ia64 counterpart of 22275:e95dc0eb152d and 22285:36a317494429
2010-11-03 Juergen Gross 22396:477dda47486e tools: change cpumaps to uint8_t
2010-11-03 Ian Jackson 22395:3f98881703aa tools: gdbsx: Check return of write()